That’s the Way the Bunnies Shop

Oh my, it sure is beautiful here in sunny Colorado.  My trees are in bloom, even the red bud, the flowering shrubs are blooming, and the air smells so sweet.  My tulips are up and open, blooming next to the daffodils.  The best part is that there are no snowstorms on the horizon, which is what usually happens when everything is in bloom at once.  You have one beautiful day, and then everything is frozen.  The worst thing that has happened is the 40 mph wind that is blowing crab apple blossoms right off the trees as they open.

Since it’s the rejuvenation season, let’s have a look at our Easter finds.

Did your mom, or do you make an Easter cake?

Bunny cake pan

I’m not quite sure why there is so little frosting.  Seems like the baker could decorate on top of a white coconut-covered frosting!  My mom used to bake a bunny cake with coconut for the fur and jelly beans for the eyes, nose, and teeth and whiskers made from black licorice (the only yucky part of the cake).

We just went to a moving sale:

They loved EasterLooks like either they had so many Easter decorations they decided to part with some, or maybe they’re starting over with the move.  Any hoo, this accumulation puts my Easter decorating to shame.  None of it was awful, we just didn’t feel like dragging any of it home.

I saw this wreath at ARC:

Easter wreath

It looked pretty cheap. being all plastic ribbons and decorations.  I think if someone made this out of pink fabric strips, pink ribbon, or even pink pom-poms and decorated it with better eggs, it could be fun.  There are the seeds of an idea here, but the finished wreath doesn’t work for me.

Kathy titled this picture, “Ewe’s fat”:

Ewes Fat

and I have to agree.  Those are some fluffy bunnies.  I think that they’re resin, but their fur looks like it was applied with a decorative frosting nozzle.  Bunny fur is so soft and silky; this fur looks wet and clumpy.  I also think that they missed the boat on the ribbon color.  Given those colors, mauvey pink and country blue,  I’m guessing these were made in the 1980s or ’90s.  Seems like mint green and yellow are more Eastery; failing that, make the pink and blue colors brighter.  I suppose if I wanted these for my yard, I could always paint the ribbon and polyurethane the bodies.

I have the same complaint about this bunny as the wreath:

Pink N Plastic

Pink plastic is the cheapest way for a manufacturer to go.  He is cute, but how much more adorable and cuddly would he be if he were furry?  Who wants to snuggle with glittery Styrofoam-looking plastic?

I sure hope the maker of this bowl doesn’t think it’s decorative:

Easter bowl

Every year we seem to find a deranged bunny and here’s this year’s version.  I can’t quite put my finger on it—is it his expression, those mascara-darkened whiskers, or the eyes?  Wouldn’t you hate to be spooning your way to the bottom of the sweet potatoes and come face to face with this?  Might give Granny a heart attack!

I saved the cutest thing for last:

Cute Bunny Family

I like everything about these bunnies.  They’re minimalist in design, their shapes are pleasing, and they make me smile.  I probably should have bought them because I only have this bunny to decorate my table:

Cute Bunny Family

I tried to dye Easter eggs with some silk ties with middling success.  The egg behind the doll is an ostrich egg I bought for some crazy reason at a thrift store.

Happy Easter, everyone.  I’m sad to say that the Washington Post isn’t doing their Peep Diorama contest any more.  This makes us sad; we looked forward to the energy and artistry people put into their creations.  Plus, what else are Peeps good for?


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