Signs of Spring

It’s happening!!!  Yes, Spring is creeping around the corner.  We had a dusting of snow this week just to prove it!  Well, that is Colorado in the Spring; it always snows on my daffodils.  Never fear, though, they are still holding up their cheerful yellow heads.  We have also noticed an uptick in garage sales, and we hope to be in full swing again before too long.  We also found a couple of signs of Spring in our digging the last couple of weeks.  Take a look!

It was opening day around the country this week, and we have just the bag for it:

I am thinking you are going to have to be a die-hard fan to carry a bag that ugly.  I think it gets worse when the bag is stuffed with the extra junk that we all are guilty of cramming into our purses.  Then you just have a lumpy baseball.  The whole idea had potential, but I am afraid they “dropped the ball”.

If this dress doesn’t make you think Spring, I don’t know what will:

We are happy to announce that this was a homemade job, so someone had to have been wildly creative to put all that color together.  I know it is a product of its time, but can you imagine a whole roomful of teens rocking this look?  Just makes my brain hurt to think of it.  I totally lived through all that, but we were pretty fashion backward in my home town.  Maybe that was a good thing.

On a road I have to go down most every day, just off to the side, there is an osprey nest:

My family and I  have watched these birds for years.  The same pair comes back every year and raises two or three chicks, weather willing.  They are a proud and majestic bird, and a sure sign of Spring for us.  This is none of those things:

What the heck?  A fur-covered eagle?  We were a trifle concerned about his neck muscles and his beak has taken off for parts unknown as well.  I guess we should be thankful that some idiot didn’t feel the need to cover it in real eagle feathers, but I am thinking that skipping the whole project would have been a much nicer tribute to the symbol of our country.

On the other hand, this furry whatsit tickled our funny bones no end:

He seems to have paws, and maybe feet, not much in the way of a tail.  There is plenty of head and neck to go around, a hint of ears, and tiny eyes.  We still don’t know what it is.  If we saw it scurrying around our kitchen, we would probably be screeching like a banshee and chasing it with a broom.  But, as a stuffed whatever, it is pretty darn giggle worthy.  It was quite the effort to pull it out of a bin, and when I did get it out, it seemed like something from the Fantastic Beasts movie had wiggled into the corner of a box, just lying in wait for some unwitting soul to set it free.

We adored this sign:

Seems reasonable to us.  Actually, if you spend a couple of hours hefting cr*p from one bin to another in the back of Goodwill, you really do get a workout.  Took us a couple of times to figure out why our shoulders hurt.  We probably need matching T-shirts with this on it, so we can justify heading to lunch every time we do that.  Oh heck, who are we kidding?  Who needs an excuse for lunch?

You remember how we talk about rescuing doilies all the time?  We were too late:

These were kidnapped, bound to a jacket and spray painted with gold paint.  They would have been so much better just left tucked into a drawer.  I know they tried, and I suppose it was a noble effort, but it depressed even them, as they chucked it right into the donation bin ASAP.

Deb found these unfinished aprons:

I rather like the fabric, and it seems too bad they were never finished.  I don’t usually feel the need to don an apron while heating up a can of soup.  I am hoping they were just encouraging you to let those creative juices flow and make a green bean casserole.

This last item really worried us:

It’s a bag of assorted body parts, as best we can tell. There was at least one ear, a nose, a mustache, a mask and a few other unidentifiable things.  Either Picasso lost all of his models for his latest still life, or someone had better call in CSI.  We sometimes play games trying to decide how items come to be where they are.  Go ahead; come up with one for this!

Here’s to Spring in all its many forms, and we hope it is heading your way, or already on your doorstep.  We will have some “hare” raising adventures next week with our Easter post, so stay tuned.




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