Overjoyed About Estate Sales

Before we went to the estate sales in last week’s post, we’ve had a little drought as far as sales go.  Then we had a couple of good weeks going to estate sales.  That’s the way it works out, and if we found fabulous sales every week, we would be in trouble.  It’s good that it evens out over time so our wallets can recuperate.  We spent more than usual at the first estate sale in this post, and nothing at the second, but had fun looking and took some pictures.  That’s a win in our book.

The first estate sale was at a huge house—18 rooms in all.  We got there a little after 9 am and weren’t done until after 11 am.  There were so many people at this sale that we would get pinned in a corner by the press of humanity.  It was worth it, though.  This woman collected everything that we like: dolls, dishes, paper ephemera, crafts, sewing supplies, jewelry, vintage clothing, you name it!  There was so much to look at; we both came back for the half-off day and bought a few more things.

I’m not sure why she had this Edison Mimeograph machine:

Edison Mimeograph Machine   Edison Mimeograph Machine

It was still in its lovely box too.  The price was only $75, but in this digital age, we really don’t want to go back to messy mimeographs.  I can remember them from school, before Xerox became a household name.  The person in the school office frequently had purple fingers after making mimeograph copies for teachers.  On the other hand, we’re attracted to the cutting edge-technology of 100-plus years ago.  You’ll be happy to know that this was gone when I went back the last day.

We loved this traveling clock:

Very Nice Traveling Clock  nice clock, not so nice price

The leather traveling case had a few problems, and the clock wasn’t ticking when we looked at it.  We don’t know enough about clocks to make a guess as to its value; we just appreciate the aesthetic value.  We don’t usually take $75 flyers on things that we don’t know about; we’re way too cheap.

This is something that we DO know about:

We both said, “Ah, no!” $45 is way to much for a pile of filet crochet.  They could have been little doilies for under vases too!  Any more, it’s not easy selling piles of doilies; it’s mostly people our age and older who even look at them, and we have our own piles.  These would make great Barbie tablecloths, but not at that price.  The whole box was still there on the third day, and even at half off, they probably weren’t going anywhere.


The upstairs were chock-full of more things:

2 Childrens rockers

The ceiling upstairs was sloped, so people were hitting their heads all over the place.  Plus, one little closet had a very low opening, and I saw several men bonk their heads going in.  We knew there were kids in the family, so it wasn’t a surprise to see these adorable rocking chairs.  Everything was so smooshed that I couldn’t get a great picture of them from across the room.  😦   They were gone the third day, too.

In this same room was an enormous collection of vintage hats:

Ladies Hats

There were tubs of them, and they were draped all over the bed and dresser.  There were fancy ones, and these flower types, all for $5.  This next hat cracked us up:

Flying Nun Hat

Can you imagine wearing this on a windy day?  It reminded us both of Sister Bertrille’s habit.  If you wore a wig and this hat, you would probably watch your hair do a Flying Nun escape over the trees.

I did buy this hat:

Dior hat   Dior hat label

Kathy found it on the bed and said, “Here, buy this.”  When she says buy this, I do!  I feel kind of bad that the owner never even wore this fabulous turban.  It was only $5!  I think that the hats were gone on that third day too, or mostly gone.  Five bucks is a pretty good deal on vintage hats.

After paying for all of our goodies, we drove off to the next estate sale.  We knew it was going to be our kind of sale when we saw a woman walking out wearing an Asian conical hat, or as we called them in our less PC childhood, coolie hats.  We weren’t disappointed.  We walked in the front door to racks of great old clothing.  Nothing really tempted us to pull out our wallets, but we just enjoy looking, too.

Then we walked into the bedrooms of hats, shoes, and purses, oh my:

We absolutely loved this vintage beach hat.  All that crazy loose red fiber on top pushed it right over the edge.  The hats here were $5 too, but this lady’s hats were awfully big!  As you all know, storage is at a premium in our houses, so we took a picture and moved on.

Okay, we’re starting a theme here:

Fun Vintage shoes

These cute little, and I mean little, fabric shoes would have looked pretty darn cute with that hat.  While you’re at it, you should snag this purse:

Vintage Straw Purse

With a little white sundress and some jewelry, you would be all dolled up for your stroll along the boardwalk at a resort.  We heard one of the sellers say that this lady went to Hawaii every year, so the straw accessories make sense.

Then we saw these dishes:

Russell Wright dinner ware

It’s Russel Wright, the modern design icon, but I just couldn’t get over the color combination.  However, the shape of that pitcher in the back really floats my boat, no matter the color.  It was being sold as a set, so no snatching the piece you wanted.

You can see that we had a whee of a time at these estate sales.  Last week it was back to the bins, but that’s fun too.  If you want to see some of the other things I bought at the sale, head over to our Facebook page and scroll down a bit.  I got a 1964 Beatles magazine, and some unusual buttons, which I took pictures of.

Have a great week of shopping, and if you find anything Second Hand Rose worthy, just fling it our way and we’ll share for you.



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2 Responses to Overjoyed About Estate Sales

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m green with jealousy. Hats with tags? Hats without tags? What fun. How many hats did you score? And I also love the fabric wedge-rocking shoes. Purse, too. Eighteen rooms? How old was the house?

    What a great way to start the weekend. Thanks for the mini-break!

    • kathy & deb says:

      We only ended up buying the Dior hat. We have a LOT of hats and don’t seem to be wearing them as much. I’m not sure about the age of the house; it wasn’t super old, but not new either–I would probably say 1950s or ’60s. So glad you enjoyed the post–have a wonderful weekend!

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