Estate Sale Overload

Well, that title may be a bit misleading, as we truly do not think there is such a thing, but we did have two really good ones in a row, and that does tend to overload our wallets.  So much so, that sometimes we have to tippy-toe past the husbands to hustle our treasures into the house.  I am going to handle the first one this week, and Deb will catch the other one next week.  Sound like a plan?

Our favorite thing about this sale were the Velveeta cheese boxes full of crazy things.  We each drug a few home.  In one of mine, there were six pairs of vintage Barbie shoes, so whatever happened, I felt OK.  We were able to leave the following goodie boxes alone:

Deb actually has a fondness for those metal flower pins in the center, so I don’t know how she resisted, other than the fact that she would have had to assemble them all again.  We weren’t sure why the owner felt the need to dismantle all those pins.  Some permanent “he loves me, loves me not” thing?  The box of quilling paper in the front was intriguing, but I already had several boxes of stuff, and if I owned it, I would have to quill, and who has the time?

This woman did every craft under the sun, and a few she shouldn’t have.  Check out the afghan closet:I bet she had this stash for any emergency gift-giving situation.  I am sure her entire family let her know weeks in advance when their birthdays were coming up, just to avoid getting one of these.  After you crochet all those afghans, what could you do with all those leftover scraps of yarn?  Why, cover every hanger in the house, of course:

Deb swears that clothes stay on those really well, but I just couldn’t face seeing that cacophony of colors in my closet.  I think they clash with EVERYTHING I own.  In fact, I am sure of it.

This at least made us laugh:

Frankly, I am glad to have been given permission to gobble down every cookie in the jar.  It is way better than making you feel guilty.  And no, seeing that piggy face does not slow me down.  Especially if the cookies are homemade!

We also liked these paper dolls:

You can see there are some regular-sized dolls in the front, so the two standing up were really large.  I don’t remember ever seeing any in this big of a format before.  There were no clothes for the large cuties in the photo, so we passed.  Deb got a vintage Barbie set, though, so we felt like we had gotten our paper doll fix.  I really did love paper dolls as a kid.  I don’t know how today’s children are going to fare missing out on some of these simple quiet pleasures we grew up with.

Looking at the above photo, I now notice that the corner shelves were adorned with pom-pom trim too.  Take a look at the window treatments:

I guess, now that I look closer, it was all shelving, but still, it made for a lot of pom-poms.  They go so well with the giant cabbage roses on the curtains:

Roses and pom-poms a ’60’s housewife decorating dream.

Sometimes when we are wandering thought the house grabbing all those silly things that we feel the need to drag home, we forget to look at the house, but this time we did notice the kitchen floor:

This “honest to goodness” linoleum was in near perfect shape.  The real deal wears like iron, and with just a little care can last for decades.  I sure hope that whoever buys the house has the good sense to mop this floor and keep it intact.  It’s good for at least one more owner.  They really don’t make them like they used to.  Actually, I believe you can still purchase real linoleum, but it is ungodly expensive!

Since we liked the flooring, how could we not take a shot of the bathroom scale:

More linoleum on the biggest,baddest, scale I have ever seen.  I would be terrified to gain even one ounce, as it might come to life like the vintage sci-fi robot it resembles and take me to task for eating all those cookies out of the piggy jar!

We are keeping things short for these next few weeks as many of you are enjoying spring breaks, and we don’t want you to have too much to catch up on!  Have a great week, and let us know if you find anything fabulous at an estate sale your area!


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2 Responses to Estate Sale Overload

  1. Dorothy says:

    Love the dingle berry aka pom pom trim with the vintage curtains. As a crafter of the 60s I purchased enough to trim a wooden purse.

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