The Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to us all.  May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. May your heart be as light as a song. May each day bring you bright, happy hours that stay with you all the year long:St Patrick's Day

We’re having the luck of the Irish as far as our weather goes.  It’s been sunny and in the high 70ºs for a couple of days.  The wind has stopped blowing for the most part, too.  I’ve been looking at reports of the eastern part of the US and it looks like March is now all lion and no lamb.  Hope everyone has power and some help with the snow shoveling.

We actually have a couple of St. Patrick’s Day related finds, which is rare for us.  This first one is actually a twofer find and neither is terribly objectionable:

St Patrick's Day twofer

A little something for either sex and we aren’t saying who might like what.  We’ve been known to wear any hats that strike our fancy, and we know lots of guys who like dolls.  It’s a wonderful world when people can play with what they like.

We both thought this was objectionable:

Begorra, away with you now

It makes me mad that I didn’t capture the goofy shamrock bobbing off his (?) hat.  I’ve decided that this is a Pinterest fail; that’s the only way I can make sense of this beastly mess.  If I had made it, it would have been used to start a fire and no one would be the wiser.  And, to be truthful, this is how I paint—at a toddler level.

I’m not sure that this knitted wonder is really associated St. Paddy’s Day:

Scary toy

But it does have green on it.  That is the only kind thing I can say about it.  I just can’t imagine what Grandma was thinking about when she made this for a grandkid.  Why didn’t she knit a monster?  So much cuter:

Knitted monster dolls

We saw this pillow and endorsed its message:

Marshmallow pillow

Maybe not marshmallows per se, but s’mores are awesome!  We’re easy.  Speaking of marshmallows, we will check out the Peep Show at the Washington Post for Easter.  Who knows what crazy things people will build with Easter Peeps?

I have to say this describes me pretty well:

Resist temptation

Kathy has a little more discipline than I do, but just barely.  We buy things that we have tons of—witness our jewelry, linen, button, bead, purse, and doll collections.

Oh dear, where do I start?

Oh, Goddess save us

To me, this looks like a melancholy, possibly impoverished mom, holding her child, while looking at said child with big sad eyes.  How is this something you want to see regularly?  It’s depressing, and that doesn’t fly in my house any more.  If B.H. went insane and brought this home, I would have to borrow a shotgun to take care of the problem.

Let’s end on a CRAZY thing:

Toaster Cover

I think this is a toaster cover, or maybe a doorstop.  Kathy, do you remember?  (Kathy: for some reason tea cozy sticks in my mind ) It doesn’t matter what it is, just that it exists.  This might qualify as the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen, although it’s hard to be sure.  We laughed, loudly, for several minutes when it popped into view.  Can you imagine the proud crafter showing this to their friends and family expecting them to ooh and aahh?  I don’t think that I could be tactful, but might instead blurt out something like, “Are you feeling okay?” in a very worried tone.  Good thing no one can see me right now; I’m still giggling at the picture!

Thanks for reading.  I’m going outside to enjoy my blooming bulbs:





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2 Responses to The Luck of the Irish

  1. Emily C says:

    the orange cow makes me think of a toaster cover.

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