March is Roaring Like a Lion

Not the weather, which has gone back to unseasonably warm (60ish °F and sunny all weekend, yay!), but our finds have been roaring lately.  We find the weirdest things at the bins, plus we went to a far-out estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  I should warn you right now that there is a horrendous clown in this post, but at least he comes with a story of sorts.

How about bins first and then estate sale?

bird mask

This mask has WTF written all over it!  I think it might be a mascot, or a monster in a game, or … ?  I did an image web search and it came up with “orange”.  How helpful.  There wasn’t a body with the hood, but the way things get separated in the bins, that’s not surprising.  If any of you recognize and want to admit it semi-publicly, let us know what it is, please.

In our quest to document all the neon, weird crochet throws out there, here’s our latest entry:


I’m trying to be a kinder person, so here goes: it looks warm, I like blue, and we’ve seen worse.  They say it takes practice to adopt new behaviors, but I don’t think we can do that with our blog finds dogging us.

I’m not sure what the aim was here:


Someone took beer bottle caps and attached them to a belt, okay.  But the buckle is a seat belt buckle from a GM car.  I have a couple of observations about this.  Wouldn’t it be heavy enough to pull your pants down if you aren’t careful?  Do you make them to size, because I don’t see how you could tighten this belt, which would send me back to my first thought.

There were tubs of these cases:

what-was-in-the-of-bins-of-what  bins-of-what?

Well, Lauren Hutton is a fashion icon, but they weren’t really big enough for sun glasses.  I see from a brief Google search that she has many makeup lines, so this case might be related to makeup.  But they were all empty!  Plus, this is Fort Collins, CO so where did hundreds of empty leather cases stamped with Lauren Hutton’s name come from?  Sigh, another mystery that is likely never to be resolved.

Along with crochet throws, we are pretty darned annoyed by ugly quilts:

Ugly quilt  ugly-quilt-closeup

Just like crochet projects, if you’re going to go to all the trouble to produce something, why can’t it at least be presentable?  We’re not asking for works of art, but look at some of the color combinations in this quilt.  And you know that some of the fabric was polyester.  The closeup shows our favorite piece of fabric in the quilt— the red background with little men lined up in patterns.  So much nicer than that acid green and flowered fabric right next to it.  Plus, this quilt, with its wavy edges, took some skill to cut and piece.  The quilter needs a color wheel and the willingness to throw away scraps of ugly fabric.  If the fabric is cotton, you can compost it so you don’t feel guilty about throwing it away.

You know, I’m not sure what we hated the most in this picture:

clown pants or pillow

those giant stripey pants, or the icky green velour pillow?  I’m a plus-sized gal, and I would feel like a big top wearing those pants.  I don’t have a problem with a subtle pattern on my slacks, but this has all the subtlety of an air horn.  I’m not saying anything else about the pillow.  You all know our opinion of Seventies decor.

I’m posting an imminent clown warning right here.  If you scroll down past this next picture you’re going to be face-to-face with it.

Sometimes, when you grab a cord and pull, something unexpected arises from the depths of a bin:


That is one heavy, old-fashioned desk lamp.  I should have snagged it for 99¢ to use   for seedlings.  It still had its fluorescent bulb and I’m sure it still works; you can’t kill those things.

We still are going to estate sales, usually after lunch if it’s from this company.  This was held in a big fancy house, so the clown in the garage was pretty surprising, and not in a good way:

estate-sale-horror  200-dollar-clown

Honestly, I might have said the “F” word when stepping into the garage.  You can see how big it was from the plastic bin below it and the yellow backpack next to it.  As if its size and gaping maw weren’t enough to scare you, it has devil horns, just what I’ve always suspected that all evil clowns have under all that hair.

Turns out that this clown is “famous”:


Well, sorta.  The movie, Drive Thru features Horny, the clown who offs teenagers with his “meat cleaver from Hell”.  The script is visible next to the clown head, but seriously, who would pay $200 to be frightened over and over again in their own home?  I love bad movies and I don’t know if I could watch this mess.  IMDB agrees with me because it was rated 4.6 stars and I didn’t see that they made any money on the film.  If you want to see a bad, campy movie about clowns, I recommend Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  Or, B.H. recommended Shakes, the Clown as the best of the alcoholic clown genre movies.

Now, this is the same estate sale that Kathy and I bought jewelry, buttons, and assorted things from as you can see from our early February posts on FB, so to call them eclectic is an understatement.

This old converted clock case was interesting:


I kind of liked the bird picture highlighted.  I’m sorry the picture is so back-lit that you can’t see the details of the clock case.  If I had a nice tile, or a fine art picture, I wouldn’t mind framing it this way.

These two waffle irons made us laugh:


You could make big mama waffles or little baby waffles.  The little one looked like a serious waffle iron and not a child’s toy.  It was too heavy for a kid to play with.

Finally, this piece of “art” was in the bathroom:


It was weird, but if you are a free-spirit, then you might like this staring at you before your first cup of coffee.  At least it isn’t a 3-D clown!

Thanks for reading.  We have a post coming up soon about our en tremblant jewels, as the French call jewelry that trembles.  We’re including jewelry that moves in other ways, because that’s cool, too.  Plus, just in time for garage sale season, Kathy wrote a piece on her top 10 garage sales tips.



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