16 Tons

In case you haven’t noticed, our new engrossing obsession is the ninety-nine cent room at Goodwill.  We haven’t done much else for WEEKS.  I have always said it is the thrill of the hunt that keeps rabid collectors in the game.  It isn’t what you already have that sets your little heart a-racing, it’s what MIGHT be out there waiting for you!  Luckily, along with the occasional goody for ourselves, the bins throw out plenty of blog fodder.  The only problem with this whole project, is that both of us find ourselves rubbing our aching shoulders and feeling like we have tossed well over 16 tons into the next bin.  Maybe next week we will take up singing while we do it.  Just so you have my ear worm, here is my favorite version of 16 Tons.

We have no idea what major health condition this cow is suffering from, but we are really worried:

heavenly-cowThis makes Mad Cow Disease look tame, doesn’t it?  Not only did its head forget to grow along with its body, but it is being photobombed by a comet on its side.  We refused to rescue this one and add it to the shelf to keep it from breaking.  We are hoping it died a merciful death … quickly.

Oh, the ’70s were bad:

straight-up-huggy-bear-pimp-hatAnd don’t forget to imagine it with the midi-coat and boots.  No matter how hard you tried with this, you still ended up looking like Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch.  I feel bad that I don’t have a photo for you, but trust me, the pimp look just doesn’t work.  It’s too bad, because the fabric on this hat is miraculous stuff.  Beautifully soft, and probably pretty warm, too.

While we are here, check out this coat:

vintage-mod-coatNot sure if this is late ’60s or early ’70s, but that lining is a real eye-opener.  At least you only blinded yourself with this coat, but that only works if you are into masochism.

If self-torture doesn’t work, we found this:

oh-my!-feather-love-cuffsThe box was empty, so it makes you wonder if someone was too embarrassed by the box and still wanted to surprise their sweetie, or if the donor just wanted to start odd conversations in the back of Goodwill.  ????  One never knows.

Speaking of brain teasers, this one had us scratching our heads:

cat-bagSo did a cat COME with the bag?  Are you supposed to put your current cat in the bag?  Are you supposed to draw up the drawstring nice and tight once the cat is in the bag?  When do you let the cat out of the bag?  I am pretty sure my feline would not be the least “purrrrfectly content” anywhere within a mile radius of said cat bag.  This was probably not the best seller at the local pet shop ever.  [2/24/17: an eagle-eyed reader gave us this link to explain this bag.  I’m not sure how well it would work, but okay.  Thanks Stephanie!]

I found this earlier this week, when I made a foray to the bins without my partner in crime.  Ran into another friend and her teenage daughter there.  I tried to get her to purchase this skirt.  She gave me a dirty look:

20170221_120027.jpgI get that you might have yarn scraps to use up, but please, just burn them.  Not only is it obscenely short, it is obscenely ugly.  I can’t think of any reason that anyone would have ever thought this to be good for anything.  The only word for it is UGH.

Maybe you could pair the skirt with these:

oh-those-golden-slippersI like shiny things just as much as anyone, but I draw the line at golden snow boots.  Actually, I would bet that they wouldn’t even be good for snow, so they are just useless unless you want to turn your red coat inside out and be blinding from top to bottom.  Might as well add the hat and skirt too.  OMG, I just terrified myself.

OK, after all that, you deserve something cute.  How about this adorable tea towel:

painted-day-of-the-week-towelThe design was only painted on, so not as good as it could be, and it was sadly stained, so Deb was not forced to rescue the sweet little dog in the corner and take it home.  We only found the one towel, so the rest of the days of the week were missing.  Looks like this was well-loved and well-used, which is actually the happiest thing for it.

This was kind of fun, too:

barbie-gameA vintage Barbie game.  This one saved me from myself by missing pieces.  I am so bad about dragging something home because it is “only” 99¢.  I just love the older graphics, and the ones that are even older yet are even better, but I am waiting for a vintage Queen of the Prom game to show up.  I just know for 99¢, it will happen!

And for our final head-scratcher of the week (sounds like we have fleas, doesn’t it?):

sky-portopottieWe have the flying port-a-potty.  We giggled for 10 minutes after seeing this.  The building below it is under construction, so we assumed they were moving it up the roof, so no one had to march down five stories to use the facilities, but it sure looked odd going up.  Also I am worried about having to clean it.  Will it fly again when they need to pump it out, or do they raise the truck up there, too?  We were also hoping they checked the occupancy before the crane took off.  Otherwise it might have been something straight out of a bad comedy movie.  It could inspire a lifelong fear of flying toilets!

I am going to call it quits for this week, as we had a tiny bit of snow, and for some reason our power keeps flickering.  You would think it was a blizzard instead of a half an inch of light white stuff.  Till next week.Save





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4 Responses to 16 Tons

  1. Dorothy says:

    The bull/hefer is ulgy head too small.
    Reminds me of the limerick…….
    Never saw a purple cow
    Hope I never see one.
    What I know is I rather see
    Than be one.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We weren’t too impressed with him either. I think they were trying to replicate one of those painted collectible cows (Cow Parade) and failed.

  2. Stephanie Gazell says:

    The cow was a bad attempt to make a mini version of the Art Cows in Chicago. Just Google it and click on images. Well, maybe you don’t want to! Lol… And as for the Cat Bag, don’t say I never came up with anything useful for you! :>) II thought it was going to be a bag for catnip activities, but no… https://www.campbellpet.com/products/Handling-and-Restraint/Cat-Mesh-Bag

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for the cat bag link. Hope the cats that are “bagged” don’t have claws like Kathy’s cat. I’m pretty sure the bag would last all of one minute. On the other hand, if cats look at that bag the way they look at boxes or plastic grocery bags, you’re golden. You were tons of help today; we have spots open for guest columnists!

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