Love is in the Air

Love is in the air, or is that dust?  As the wind is starting its annual March thing a little early, I am going with dust, or mag chloride, or something.  What ever it is, it’s making me sneeze!  I get a little testy around this time of year, as the allergies are already starting, so forgive me if I am less than romantic this time around.  Then again, it might have something to do with the poor taste of the Valentine gifts that we have rounded up this year.

Let’s start with the ubiquitous “Love Monkey”:

i-kind-of-feel-sorry-for-himWhat is it about monkeys that make folks at the gift-giving industry think of love?  We seem to come up with a monkey every year, so I know they make them constantly.  I am hoping they are not trying to point out that all men are apes, and need love to keep them in line.  Speaking for ourselves, our hubbies are waaaaaay better than that.  At least they always have the good taste to pass right by the primates, and pick out a better gift.

Of course they are both rather into superheroes, so we are hoping they don’t spot this:

put-him-in-the-moodHoly Cup Size, Batman, it’s a nightie!  I suppose the woman who wore this, was desperate to get her fella’s nose out of the latest comic book, but I think there had better have been a mask involved too.  Most guys would rather go for Catwoman anyway.  Whatever … it obviously didn’t work, as it made the bins at Goodwill.  Maybe the next gal will have more than ninety-nine cents worth of luck with it.

Now we actually rather liked this:

valentine-hankySeriously, if my hubby gave me this and a nice card, I would be delighted.  Now, all you guys shopping for monkeys had better take note.  This is cheaper, and cute as can be.  We are pretty sure it was a charming Valentine gift for another lady in the past, but we don’t mine sharing, just more love to go around.

I know flowers are super expensive this time of year, for no good reason other than they can, but this is ridiculous:

2017-02-08-14.46.51.jpg.jpgHe just sent a photo of roses?  I guess they don’t wilt, and they probably cost a whole lot less, but we are betting this guy got the cold shoulder that evening.  I just don’t see this working out for anyone, so don’t cheap out this way.

Of course, this amphibian might not be the way to go either:


He had better turn into a heck of a prince, complete with a yacht and a summer home in Spain, if he wants my smooch.  He isn’t even so homely he passes into cute.  Just a sad little frog with a ruffled collar.  The wreath would probably be better off without him.

This last item really did it for us:

box-of-chocolateThis is the top of a lovely chocolate box, and here is the side to prove this rather large tin receptacle was full of the food of the gods:

chocolate-box-labelIt does say chocolates.  Kind of hard to read, but the sale was busy.  This box was well over 12 inches long and 4 inches tall.  That is my kind of box.  And back then, they didn’t cheap out and fill it with cardboard to make it look good.  It was obviously a pretty special gift to come in such a lovely tin.  Heck, we would take the empty tin, that is how weird we are.

Guys, take note: it really is the thought that counts, so take some time, pick something special, and I bet that gal will melt.  Actually, ladies, this goes for you too; who says the fellas have to do all the work!

Don’t forget to enter the contest from last week for the book give-a-way.  We will be doing the drawing on Valentine’s Day.  There aren’t too many entries yet, so make sure to leave a comment or a like, here or on Facebook under last week’s post!  Hope your Valentine is special!





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2 Responses to Love is in the Air

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    I usually like monkeys and frog things, but….yeah…enough with them for Valentine’s Day, right? Love that vintage card image at the end – can’t get enough of the old V-Day cards! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, ladies! ❤ ❤ ❤

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