Not Quite Seasonal

Life is still a bit on the odd side for me right now, but my mom is doing better.  She is in a long-term care facility for the next month or so, and the facility is in the next town over.  That means it takes a couple of hours to drive down, sit with her a while and come home.  She is making progress and they have a plan to get her home again, but it will take a while.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but there is no thrift store on the way there, so it is a boring highway drive!  I am just thankful she is doing better, and I want to thank all our readers who sent good thoughts her way.  I am also working in her bead store off and on when my dad can’t do it, so time management is not my best skill right now.  That means I crank out a blog post in any little bit of spare time I have.  Our internet is spotty right now as well.  Sheesh, 2017, can you fix yourself?  On the bright side, we still make time to go dig in the bins every Friday.  I need a break, and this is retail therapy at its finest.

The only problem with bin mining is that you get your stuff just a little bit behind the times.  I apologize in advance for the belated Christmas stuff dotting this post!

So first off, we have the pink yarn bomb tree:

pink-yarn-christmas-treeAt first we thought it was just a nice big pink cone of yarn, and as I have been knitting some “slightly” political hats, I was pleased to find it.  Then, we kept pulling and this came out.  Another in a long line of unlicensed crafting fails.  I guess if it had been wound better, and just had the sequins, we could have given it a pass, but what is the deal with the random blue yarn?  It’s like they stood back, decided it needed something else, and that was the ONLY thing left in their craft stash, so it just had to do.  I am pretty sure I could have come up with a much better use for a ball of pink yarn.

This one made us laugh:

nativity-cookie-kitSeriously?  A gingerbread nativity?  I know darn well, if these were in my house, some joker would come along and eat the baby Jesus on a regular basis.  And who wouldn’t have massive guilt trips when you bit off the Virgin Mary’s head?  Lapsed Catholics would probably need therapy for years for that one.

We actually liked this sparkly little fellow:

sequin-santaWe decided he really was a “jolly old elf”, and if our collective trees didn’t groan under the weight of too many ornaments, we might have brought him home.

Here is another “craft fail”:

yardstick-corksSo what is the deal with wine corks glued to a yardstick?  Is it supposed to be decorative?  A long skinny bulletin board?  If so, do you hang it vertically or horizontally?  The only positive thing about this one, is that the gathering of materials had to be delicious.  Well, maybe not so much the yardstick, but those corks sure were fun to amass.

Here is another yarn craft gone terribly awry:

crochet-turtleWhen we first pulled it out, we thought it might have been a hat or seat cushion adorned in the colors of our local university, but then we saw the teeny tiny head.  I think this turtle has some real anatomical problems, beyond the scary color scheme.  With a brain that small, he probably was just fine with being USED as a seat cushion.  Maybe the crafter was just running really low on yarn, and that is all that was left in the skein, but I think a trip to the store might have been in order.  Of course, I am not a sure a larger head would have made any difference in our decision to ridicule this tortoise, but you never know.

Here we have another unfortunate duo:

1980s-geese-are-looking-for-new-homesMother Goose, and her not-too-bright spouse.  At least we didn’t think they looked too with it.  They just have that dopey hick look to them.  Ma Goose at least looks a little on the industrious side, as she is equipped with her apron and hat, and is ready to face the work to be done in the kitchen.  Pa just looks ready for a nap.  We also have to give Ma credit, as just after Deb took this photo she jumped off the side of the box and into our bin of treasures that we were pushing around, as they were out of carts that day:

hey-wait-we-dont-want-youNice try.  We returned her to her estranged husband.

Hope the beginning of your year is doing way better than mine, and they will all improve!  If not, you can always join us here, or on Facebook for a laugh or a smile!Save


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2 Responses to Not Quite Seasonal

  1. Sending positive thoughts your way. Thinking of your mom. And thanks for the weekly smiles and inspiration. Safe journeys in the automobile and keep your eyes peeled for a thrift shop along the way. Maybe one will open one day soon. Happy New Year, Theadora

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