Another Week Mining the Bins

We’ve been having trouble with a mouse, who we named “Brain“.  Thank goodness, we haven’t found that there is a Pinky, yet.  Brain would not get into one of our live traps, and we have five different kinds; they were all out and loaded with peanut butter and dog food.  We did finally catch him by starving him out, but afterwards, while looking in a drawer of kitchen linens, I found evidence of mousey invasion.  ICK!!  So, I had to take the kitchen linens and wash them with bleach, which is a chore.  But, I also had a lot of vintage linens in the same drawer that couldn’t be washed in the washer or dried in the dryer.  They had to be washed by hand in a weak bleach solution, hung on the clothesline (it was only 39ºF), and then ironed dry.  I spent about six hours doing this and now have even more sympathy for the person doing the washing by hand, all the time.  It also does unspeakable things to your hands.

In comparison, writing a blog post is a walk in the park.  This is a regular post, but keep an eye peeled (ouch!) for a book review and giveaway post in a couple of weeks.

The bins at Goodwill are the gift that keeps on giving.  Where else could you find this?

one-of-us-almost-bought-this   wreath-close-up

Vintage plastic Christmas greenery evokes an unusual positive response from me.  I know most people don’t find it amusing, but I have quite a bit of it, usually associated with those fabric elves or wind chimes.  As you can see in this picture, this wreath was in our cart before I came to my senses and sternly told myself that a picture would be good enough!  It’s a lot harder to make that argument when the treasure only costs 99¢.  I really liked the plastic snowmen, too.  Thank goodness, it was gone the next week; I probably couldn’t have held out again.

I’m not sure any of you remember these:

aerobics-album   aeroobics-album-liner

I had Jane Fonda’s aerobics album.  It was such a novel idea to exercise at your convenience in the privacy of your house.  I have to say that there is a problem with playing a record and doing aerobics.  I was very enthusiastic and did lots of jumping around which made my record skip—a lot.  You had to stop and move the arm back to wherever it should have been and then try to remember what you were doing.  I’m sure that things would have gone a little more smoothly, if I kept my record player on a sturdy piece of furniture and not the floor.

We liked the clean lines of this vintage purse:

classy-purse   classy-interior

I wonder what was wrong with it?  It was in pristine condition so obviously she didn’t love it.  We have sooo many purses that we left it behind to be snatched up by someone who would use it.

When this top was first spotted in a bin, we thought it was a ’70s towel:

terry-cloth-mod-shirt  terry-cloth-close-up

After we got it pulled out, we were surprised to see a shirt!  The fabric is still scary, but if it were the world’s shortest beach cover up, at least you wouldn’t have to face it every day like a towel.  OMG, the ’70s have a lot to answer for.

Obviously someone decided to de-seventies their house because we found this, too:


What were they thinking!?  Even in the ’70s this drapery panel would have made people say, “Whoa!”  Again, the only sane use would be for a safety vest, or maybe a pillow for a narcoleptic.  The colors are much too loud to allow any sleep in its vicinity.  Thank goodness there was only one panel; two might have caused a meltdown in your two favorite thrifters.

It’s so sad when crafts fail:


I would think that even an eight-year-old My-Little-Pony-loving girl would quail at this bedroom decoration.  BH mentions that these are Twilight Sparkle colors.  It was about three feet tall before adding in the yarn it hung from.  I’m not sure why the balloon was created by using strips of unadorned plastic canvas, but there you are.  Hopefully, some well-adjusted shopper walked this over to the trash can and made a deposit.  We obviously couldn’t after taking its picture.



This dolly in a pail was disturbing when dragged upwards from the depths of a bin.  It’s perilously close to a clown, so it gave me the heebie-jeebies.

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2 Responses to Another Week Mining the Bins

  1. Anny says:

    Awesome vintage purse. And I roared at your take on the “pillow for a narcoleptic.”

    • kathy & deb says:

      i’m not surprised that you liked the purse ;-), and we’re glad that we could make you laugh. Thank you for commenting and making us smile!

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