Winter Blahs

Ugh.  The holidays are over and now that snow is just wet mushy slop that gets tracked into the house.  On top of that we had a health scare with my mother.  She is still in intensive care, but on the road to recovery.  Sigh …  How many days till spring?  As I am rather busy right now (We are still having to do inventory in my mom’s shop.  She has a bead store.  How many beads are in there?  Don’t ask!), this will be a short, not-so-sweet post.

I love tatting—to the point of even teaching myself to do needle tatting.  Still haven’t learned with a shuttle, but one of these days I will find someone who knows how to do that and can show me, BUT no matter how much I love it, this stuff stayed put:tit-for-tatUnless you are using this as trim on your safety vest, this has no good use.  That yellow could blind you, if you look at it too long, and who knows what inspired that Pepto-Bismol pink.  Even I was not tempted to rescue this entire bag for 99 cents.  Some things are just better left alone.

Now, for some reason this item rather amused us:

old-hair-dryer-caseEveryone needs a pink, egg-shaped, wig holder.  Can’t you just see that ’70s jet-setting mama toting this along with her pink Samsonite luggage through the airport?  I went on a school trip once with a guy who was saddled with that same luggage, as his dad was on a business trip.  If I remember right, he spent the whole trip trying to carry someone else’s  luggage, and get them to carry his.

This fabric might have come from the same attic as the wig holder:

mod-printThis should have never made it out of the attic, closet, or whatever.  No muumuu would be safe made of this stuff.  It could cause traffic accidents at 100 paces.  I have spent some quality time squinting at it, to see if it would be better in different colors, but I really don’t think so.  Vintage or not, the rag bag is the only spot for it.

This poor fellow crawled out of the bins too:

got-those-doggy-bluesWe aren’t sure if he’s a fox, a squirrel, a long-tailed bunny or a whatsis.  About all we can say on his behalf is that he is green and furry.  Come to think of it, that in itself is pretty darn scary.  If the exterminator told you the house was infested with green and furry, you would move immediately.  He really is a tiny bit cute, but we just don’t know what to call him.

Oh no, the unlicensed crafter has struck again:

lepurchan-with-his-bunniesI am going to have to be fair and guess this was a commercial pattern or kit, but that means there are more folks responsible for this.  Really, it’s not cute; it’s not really very Hummel-y looking, and that lace has got to go.  Those poor bunnies are probably spending all their time trying to make a break for it, and go off to a better-looking owner.

Next up a couple of not-so-horrible travel souvenirs:

pictures-running-the-gamut-from-a-to-zThe paper cutting on the right is pretty amazing.  I am not sure what you do with it, but it is intriguing.  The psuedo-tiki beach photo is really rather fun in a super kitschy sort of way.  I think the frame would make a fun reminder of a tropical vacation with a personal photo placed in it.  Sadly, I am going no place tropical any time soon.  Heavy sigh.

After two weeks of aborted attempts to go shopping, Deb and I are heading out again this week.  Wish us good luck, or bad luck sometimes works too.  Gotta have that blog fodder!  Stay warm, and try not to shovel too much.Save


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