Deb’s Top Ten

Happy New Year, everyone!  I have to admit that I kind of like this time of the year.  All the pressure is off and it’s a great time to loaf around after all the holiday decorations are put away.

I’m game to show you my bottom and top fives.  Of course, Kathy went first and used two of mine: the spine/pelvis in acrylic and the over-the-couch avocado green clock and lights.  No worries; there are plenty more to choose from.

5). I would like to nominate anything from an estate sale we went to in September.  There were many items to go with, but these were my favorites:


Why, why, why???  There is no artistic merit to these in any way, shape, or form.  They were made from dark wood and huge.  They would look terrible behind a bar at a restaurant, and they looked worse in a basement rec room.

4). As a nurse, I put plenty of dentures in glasses:

Ice Cube Dentures

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about drinking out of said glass, even if they were my teeth!  Again, why would anyone want to see teeth in their beverages?  Ick, ickety, ick!!

3). I’m not a fan of horns in decor:

horny chair Kari Stackhouse

The only places where this might look right is a bull fighting ring in Spain, or a whorehouse in Texas.  You know, I’m leaving it right there and not elaborating any more.

2).  This isn’t even a big thing, but so ugly:

Toad Statue

What a waste of resin, which is a sort of worthless material already.  If you came face to face with her unexpectedly, the encounter could stop your heart.  Conversely, I guess it might bring the dead back to life.  It’s just that bad.

My top bad thing really annoyed me:


This cosmic cat: good idea, poor execution.  The idea could have been fun and funky, but now we’re left with this mess.  Boo, hiss.

Really, fifty percent of the stuff in our blog could qualify as the worst, depending on the person writing the list.  We all have different hot buttons when it comes to our sense of taste.  Fun or good stuff is much rarer.

On to the good stuff.

5).  I really like Jadeite:


I love the color and the style of Jadeite, even if I don’t own much.  This unfortunately is a whole shelf of reproductions as my sisters told me later.  They went in to buy a couple of pieces and the tags said “repro”.  They still look lovely and kudos to the seller for being honest.

4). Shiny Brites!


We both love them and own lots and lots.

3). This isn’t the best picture:


but these chairs were lovely.  They had grace, style, and inlay.  What more would you want from a chair?

2). I really like the style of these refrigerator dishes:

Hull China for Westinghouse

They were made by Hall for Westinghouse as a giveaway in the 1940s.  I love the Deco style and utility of them.  I’m on the fence about selling them, as they are pretty cool.

Number one isn’t always about the most valuable or rare:

Hat tipping piggy bank

I do have a thing for banks and this guy almost jumped off the shelf at me.  When I saw what he did, I was sold:

Piggy Bank tipping his hat

I keep telling myself that I can sell him, but deep in my heart I know that I never ever will.  He makes me laugh every time I see him, and that’s valuable, too.

Here’s to another year of great finds.  Happy hunting!

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2 Responses to Deb’s Top Ten

  1. I would have bought the pig as well. He just makes me smile. And in the world of garage sales, thrifts stores, and estate sales… I am generally shrinking in horror from the vast amount of cheap, ugly items.

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