Kathy’s Top Ten

So, just for fun this week, and possibly next, if Deb feels motivated, we thought we would share our top picks for best and worst from our blog for the past year.  We will do five absolute worst things and five things we like in spite of ourselves.  (That last could be a really long list, if we didn’t limit it to five.  We are impossible that way!).  Here are the worst for me in order of worst to absolute worst, if that makes any sense.

First up the Fake Cake:

Fake Cake

One, it would be impossibly rude to have this around sans cake, and two, you spend most of your time hoping the cake inside does NOT look like this.  Blech!

Fiber optics can just about always make the list.  I know they are fun and all that, but please just stop:

Fiber optic egg1

And just in case you might still think it was harmless, remember, it was well over a foot and a half tall.  Please don’t make the Easter Bunny sorry he stopped by your house.

This one falls into the “please get a license before crafting” category:

Not sure what is going on here

Mostly it screamed the question “why” so many times, it made our head spin.  We just couldn’t come up with one useful thing about this.  Wouldn’t even make a good Frisbee; it would be off balance.

Here is our candidate for WTF of the year, at least if you ask me:

3M Medical Display backside

Bones encased in heavy, and I mean heavy acrylic.  Um … we didn’t know if it was a bad paperweight, or a teaching tool, but it never seemed useful.

And my top in the bad beyond bad category:

HIdeous clock and wall decor2

The picture, lights, clock, flower holder, thingy.   This almost landed in another category, as I had a mad desire to fix it so it all worked, but then it would be much harder to justify the trip to the landfill, if it was in working order.


The best of the worst is a tricky category.  I should just wander around the house and see the items I actually bought, and a couple of these fall into this category.  There are many more things we take a picture and leave, which satisfies us just as well.

First up, the cow bottle opener:

Hefer opener

Yes, this one came home.  So sue me, I’m weird.

This dress was very outrageous, but it really caught our eyes, and we loved it:

Francie's Prom dress

It was handmade with lots of love, and we are hoping that whoever wore it had a fabulous time wherever she went.

What is not to love about the over-the-top-ness of a vintage accordion?


I always thought that they made them fancy to ameliorate the shame of having to take accordion lessons, and of actually playing an accordion.

I believe that we have posted more than once that these appeal to us:

Fun Picture

This is a particularly nice example of these rock picture kits, and whoever did it, did a good job.  Thank goodness we are usually able to take a pic and pass them by.  Not one of these has come home … yet.

And my favorite crazy thing this year has to be the Oxfam tea towel.  Cats and Cleopatra, what’s not to like?


I have this hanging on the wall of my sewing room, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  That’s what the best stuff does.

Hope you had fun with these.  Did any make your lists?  Stop in next week, and see what Deb picks out, and don’t forget Facebook and Pinterest, for new items during the week.  And hey, we have been at 99 likes on Facebook for a couple of months.  How about liking us and putting us over 100?  Yeah, we are sad that way.

We also want to wish you a Happy and Peaceful New Year.  May your sorrows be few and your joys be many.







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