Odder Ends

Oh my gosh, the holiday rush is upon us.  How did that happen?  I am actually not very “rushy” as, being the devoted thrifting fans we are, we shop all year.  Thank goodness most of my family has some sort of vintagey habit that I can feed in my weekly forays.  My gift list is pretty limited as well, so I really don’t panic much.  I still have decorating, wrapping, cards, baking … OK, better panic.  We will probably do one or two more regular posts before the holiday weirdness pops into the blog, so for now, here are some odds and ends that haven’t made it into posts before.

I am going to start with a “goodie”.  Well, I think it’s one:

far-out-tea-towelI absolutely adored this tea towel.  What’s not to love?  Antony and Cleopatra, mod colors and even cats.  I loved it a lot, but not enough to pay the $18 price tag on it.  Betting on others reluctance to pay that much, I came back the next day and was able to snag it for half price, but I had to stand in line for over an hour to pay for it.  I did want it bad.  Doing some research on it, I was able to find out about the artist.  Her name was Belinda Lyon, and she did many designs for Oxfam.  Here is a link to an article about her:  Belinda Lyon.  I have the towel hanging in my craft room.  Nope, not gonna use it.  It’s art.

Next up, a whatsis:

is-it-a-whisk?We are going with some sort of whisk, but not entirely sure.  Anyone with a definitive answer, just give us a shout out, and we will credit you with the info.  Whisks seem to come in all shapes and sizes, but we think it is just designers having some fun, as none of them seem to work as well as the plain old original design.

Now that I think of it, this is probably a whatsis too:

one-of-everything-but-tasteI wrote down in my notes, “pine cone Luau”, seems about as descriptive as anything.  It looks sort of Hawaiian, but not many pine cones come from there, so I am not sure why.  And I definitely have no clue what it is for.  We will bow to our readers on this one, as well.

We sort of liked this, too:

basement-artFor me, it is a love/hate thing. I rather like the lute and the music, but could totally live without old Comedy and Tragedy mucking up the design.  I don’t know why we are both attracted to the do-it-yourself pebble-strewn decor of the mid century, but there you are.  At least we have not started to drag them home.  If I ever find an undone kit though, all bets are off.

I will probably go off on a rant about this one:

all-ready-for-the-4th-of-julyWe both have a mad jewelry addiction.  We don’t even differentiate old from new, as long as it’s cool, a dog, a cat, enameled … the list could go on, we drag it home and wear it.  This junk should be banned on five continents.  Seriously.  They could be rather cool, but they are so poorly made, they fall apart the minute you put them on.  Probably full of lead and other nasty things as well.  For pity’s sake don’t make any more of these—I don’t care how in fashion they are.  Heck, the stones are plastic, and not even good for a Christmas tree out of junk jewelry.  Just say no.

At least this piece was honest:

funky-plastic-necklace-is-3-99Goofy, but honest.  This is the height of that “summer jewelry” which was so popular in the ’50s and ’60s.  The pieces were designed to wear for a season and with one specific outfit.  Lightweight and easy to wear.  Well, if you don’t mind being poked with little plastic spikes.  It’s still silly, but it made us smile, and no, we didn’t bring it home.  A girl has got to have some standards and we don’t have the right outfit.

We dug this out of a 99¢ bin.  Yet another souvenir gone bad:

does-it-play-"roadrunner-the-coyote's-after-you?"Actually, we don’t know if it is good or bad, as it was still hermetically sealed.  The recipient didn’t even care enough to open it.  The box is kinda fun though.  Deb wants to know if it plays the Roadrunner theme song.  If they could manage that, we probably would have had to fight for it!

We have a friend with a travel animal who goes to cons and stuff with her.  Imagine our surprise when we caught him sneaking around the 99¢ bins:

an-old-acquantance-at-the-99-cent-roomEither that or it is Casbah’s evil twin!  I used to know someone who went Geocaching with a travel animal.  There was never a photo of anything but the stuffed animal.  It took us years to find out whether the cacher was a man or woman.  Finally met them at an event and were proved wrong, as we had guessed a woman staying more anonymous.  Maybe the Second Hand Roses should find ourselves some mascots, as you are never going to see our mugs out there.  Our hands, our feet, but that is about it.  We threatened to take a photo of back sides dumpster diving, but figured you wouldn’t want to see that either!

Whether you see us or not, never fear, we are out there, shopping for the best, and the best of the worst.  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook feed, and our Pinterest boards for more fun stuff.  Right now Deb has been pinning some awesome mid century Christmas cards, so go take a peek, and stay tuned for future holiday madness.





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4 Responses to Odder Ends

  1. You found Kasbah’s little brother! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • kathy & deb says:

      In the 99 cent room of the Goodwill of all places! He looked happy and was gone the next time we went in so no worries. 🙂

  2. Vivianne says:

    The odd kitchen utensil appears to be a Cutco Mix-Stir:
    Apparently it is good for everything from mashing potatoes and scrambling eggs to mixing drinks.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It better be good–did you see the price? $48 seems kind of steep! I guess we should have jumped on it for 99 cents–we find the darndest things in the Goodwill backroom. Thanks for the info!

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