We are Thankful for a Sense of Humor

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  Busy lives and crazy news, but we made it through by diligent shopping and lunching.  I know that sounds sort of shallow, but for us, our friendships support us, so it is necessary.  Plus, any excuse to hit up the ninety-nine cent room at Goodwill is OK by us.  Deb’s sister was visiting, so we did it TWICE.  You never know what you will find there.  I kid you not, I watched a lady drag out a brand new bathroom sink for 99¢.  She was remodeling her bathroom.  Made her whole day!  We got a chuckle out of it too, so it was even more fun.  And really, that is all we ask for.  Something to smile about, and to share with you, so yeah, let’s hear it for a sense of humor.

So, it is time to trot out this year’s turkeys.  You know, we save them up all year.  I think Deb might have gotten the winner here with a honest-to-goodness real live (dead?) stuffed turkey:real-honest-to-god-turkey-side-view2I gotta say, they are rather interesting birds, and sort of pretty.  In my mind, I always think of just how stupid they are, although wild ones are better; it seems a waste not to have gotten some dark meat off this fellow.  Other than on a platter, a stuffed turkey seems sort of useless.  All those feathers are going to get messed up with the gravy!

She also caught this next bird at the same flea market in Texas.  (Have you noticed how much time we have spent milking that market?  It was a bonanza!):

large-die-cut-turkeyThat is a heck of a die cut.  It’s pretty realistic, and the bird has the appropriate expression for Thanksgiving.  I don’t know whether he is grumpy about having to do all those extra dishes for company, or that he might end up as the main dish.  Either way, I wouldn’t want to cross beaks with him in a dark alley.

Considering the size of the previous die cut, we are pretty sure this one went with it:

native-american-friend-to-die-cut-turkeySorry about the photo, the lighting was just terrible in this place, and good photos were difficult to take, but at least you get the idea.  I hope that these came from some teacher’s classroom, ’cause if you were using them to decorate the windows of your home, you are trying way too hard.

I spotted this yarn recycling project last summer:

2016-11-15-13.38.03.jpg.jpgI don’t mean that they recycled yarn to make it, I mean that you should take it apart and recycle it immediately, if not sooner.  OK, I am going to grudgingly admit it is sort of cute, but seriously, a turkey pillow?  Imagine what your face would look like when you woke up from that nap.

Could be worse, you could be sporting this Turkey Day earrings:

thanksgiving-jewelryMy ears hurt just looking at the size of these, and my eyes hurt ’cause, well, just look at them.  It’s like a bundle of click-clacks sprouted pilgrims.  I have a perfectly lovely pair of turkey earrings that I wear while cooking; these are not even close.  I can’t even think of a good use for them.  Guess that is why they continue to live on their retail card.  Bet they will still be hanging around the thrift store on Nov. 25th, and there is no Black Friday sale good enough to get them out the door.

We were on the fence with this one, but desperate for a turkey or two, so it got its photo snapped:

wp-1479228291867.jpgI guess it is a turkey with a boa.  It actually might be sort of cute, but who can tell with it hiding in the wispy feathers.  Perhaps it is trying to disguise itself as a bird of paradise in hopes of avoiding the hatchet.

For those that have not mastered the art of the turkey, we have some alternate food for the day:

2016-11-15-13.48.22.jpg.jpgOK, I was just desperate to get this in the blog, so that is my excuse.  The pamphlet is dated 1946.  Bet Cream of Wheat did not have to pay as much then as someone would now to get some fun artwork for their cooking leaflet.  Here are a few of the recipes inside:

2016-11-15-13.49.15.jpg.jpgI guess in a pinch you could use Cream of Wheat for these things, but I can’t think it would make meatloaf better, and who knows about the rest.  Still, I snapped this up, as I can’t resist a good pamphlet, and this was really fun.  The condition was great too, another telltale sign of not-so-good recipes!

Hope your turkey is perfect and you don’t have to resort to hot cereal for dinner!  We will be doing a crazy craft pattern post for Black Friday, so hold on to your sense of humor for that, too!






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