Puttin’ on the Brakes

Well, Halloween is over.  Sigh … I hate having to take down all the decorations, not only because it takes me DAYS, but I miss them.  Lucky for you, it is chilly this morning and the blowups are still damp, so I have plenty of time to write a post.  Now that Halloween is over, the retail establishments have come to the conclusion that Thanksgiving no longer exists and it is time for Xmas all the time.  We promise there will be no Christmas at our house, or on our blog, till after the turkey has trotted!  Our pledge to you!  Now if we could just get the rest of the world to put the brakes on it!

This next item has the right colors for fall, but that is where it stops:

old-piece-of-ironThere are a pair of these, and right now you may be saying that they don’t look too bad, well, except for that rather bilious pumpkin color, but see what they are made out of:

old-piece-of-iron2Yep, someone took a pair of perfectly innocent cast-iron trivets and turned them into wall sconces.  We are filing this under WTF?  We actually wasted a good long time trying to decide if this was the result of an over-zealous clever handyman, or if they were commercially produced.  We didn’t come to any concrete solution.  Although, to my mind, the absolute best solution would be to remove the candle holder parts, and paint what’s left black.  Oh look, then you would have trivets.  Hoo-ray!

Here is another thing that was not improved by paint:

painting-it-yellow-didnt-helpI can’t decide just how color-blind a person would have to be to think that nasty neon yellow color was a good idea.  I am not saying the underlying copper plate was any sort of a winner, but they took a bad thing and made it worse.  Who knew it was possible?  Thank goodness that copper could be recycled, as there is not much else you could do with it.  It was too heavy for a Frisbee, and too ugly for anything else.

We have another couple of entries in the bad lamp category.  What is it about lighting that makes designers bring out their worst?

We are sort of on the fence about this one, as it was almost so bad that it was good, but then again, maybe not:

funky-old-lampWe were, however, amazed that it was sold already and there was someone at the sale who was completely disappointed by that fact.  At least it went well with the starving artist prints in the background.  (I have always known why they were starving: get a day job!)

This lamp didn’t even pretend to have ANY redeeming qualities:

another-ugly-lampJust honking big and honking ugly.  We were relieved that the shade was missing.  It had to be just horrible, too.  There is no way that it could not have been objectionable.  Deb’s camera tried to blind itself with the light, but we forced it to take a photo.  How cruel are we?

I don’t remember if both of these were lamps:

bad-ceramic-project-badBut one of them does have a cord, and I am assuming that they both came from the same place.  Do you suppose they were one on each side of the bed, or did they pollute two bedrooms with these?  Both of these girls have some sort of head issue and don’t even get me started on the eyes.  Maybe an exorcism is in order?  Strike that, we are sure of it.

OK, time for a break.  We thought these were adorable:

his-and-hers-roller-skatesHis and hers roller-skates!!  There were his and hers bowling balls too, so we were pretty sure this was one very attached couple.  We liked them just from looking at their stuff.  I hope someone came along and took both pairs.  After all these years, it would be a shame to break them up.

We loved this pair of chairs as well:

awesome-old-chairsThey were so sweet and dainty.  Also a little on the rickety side, so I would hesitate to have them where someone who weighed over 90 pounds could sit on them, but they were lovely.  Here is a closeup of the inlay:

chair-marquetryWe are not big furniture buffs, so we have no idea when they were made.  Probably a job for the Keno Brothers.  Neither of us have so much as an inch of space for chairs that can not be sat upon, so there they stayed.

Back to business as usual.  Hummingbirds are cute, or not:

nasty-resin-hummingbird-statueOh good heavens, what doesn’t it have, well, other than taste?  It was just one big pile of nasty.  I guess it does make an interesting crossover for those who collect plates AND snow-globes, but was it really necessary?  I don’t expect any sort of answer about that, because, as we have said before, any and all resin stuff should be immediately chucked into the nearest dumpster, or better yet, never made.

This one appealed to us, but perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea:

cool-old-hat2We found it amusing, and I am pretty sure Queen Elizabeth would have added it to her hat collection in a jiffy when it was in fashion.  What better recommendation could you have?  It’s a good thing that most vintage hats are priced with rather ridiculous prices at thrift stores, or we would both have way too many.  As it is, we have more than we can ever wear, especially as we never wear any of them!  If we showed up at the thrifts in our hats and gloves, they really would cart us off to the loony bin.

We have some really fun photos of a cool estate sale that we attended coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I am sure we have some turkeys for Turkey Day, so stay tuned!


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2 Responses to Puttin’ on the Brakes

  1. tkarengold says:

    It’s very disappointing to have the stores stocked for Christmas on November 1. I looked through everything anyway. No resistance here. And I bought a wreath hanger because last week I bought a wreath. It’s people like me who encourage this early retail experience. Sorry. 😛

    • kathy & deb says:

      Well, for all of our saltiness about early Christmas displays, we did look at Tuesday Morning’s ornaments last week. I blame the stores; we wouldn’t look and buy if they didn’t have it out. Darn those stores for being good at selling things.

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