Quit Your Witching

Hooray, it is that time of year of again.  For those readers who haven’t discovered it already, I am a total Halloween Geek.  I literally have enough decorations to do two or three houses, and I am not talking just slap some cutouts on the wall and call it good.  It took Hubby and me most of a day to set up 15 blowups in the yard.  This does not count the cemetery items, or the dripping blood lights etc.  Then I had to move on to the inside.  You get the picture.  I might not have done as good a job as usual this year, owning to having a cold with a 101ºF temperature, and having to try and finish laying the tile floor in my kitchen, but I got it done enough to still be impressive for my ladies’ Bunko group, whew!

So, for this post, we have some good and bad.  First up, today’s motto:

Sign of the TimesI thought this was quite funny.  I think I need to make my own version of this in some sort of more crafty way.  Of course, it is never going to work around my place—I witch all year long.  I do some other things, too, but we won’t talk about that.

Deb and I went to this outrageous sale a couple of weeks ago; take a look at the back yard:

crazy-backyard-saleEvery one of those bins was full to the brim with holiday stuff.  There was Halloween, Easter, and TONS of Christmas.  Most of it brand new, still in the box!  We are pretty sure this woman had a problem of some sort.  (Just a minor one, mind you, glass houses and all.)  We tried to help out the family by taking some stuff home, but it sure was hard.  By diligent digging, we were able to come up with a couple of small vintage Christmas things that we will share closer to the season.  I also found one measly Halloween item that is not even amusing enough to share here.

At least we didn’t run into anything like this:

fake-ear-ocornAre you kidding me?  Giant Styrofoam corn?  Come on, real charming Indian Corn can be had at any farmers’ market or even your local grocery store this time of year.  Pitch that thing in the trash (only thing you can do, can’t even recycle it) and get something worth having.  When you are done with it for decoration, put it out for the squirrels and everyone wins.  Much of the time, progress is just not worth it.

While we are pitching for the real thing, here is another fake that needs to go somewhere else:

wp-1476895653558.jpgWell, they made it themselves.  Used up some orange yarn, and wasted some felt.  It is not even cute.  Not good for pumpkin bowling, and the squirrels wouldn’t like it either.  Unravel it and make your dog a pumpkin costume.  Maybe that would work?  [Deb here:  I have seen some knitted pumpkins that were pretty cute; not saying this is one of them!]

We have to grudgingly admit that we liked this toad:

love-this-toadI don’t know why.  He just looks worried that the witch is on her way back.  He is clutching the broom and hoping she won’t find it to sweep him into a potion.  We were both able to resist, Deb because she is not a nutcase like me, and me because, well, see above, three houses worth of decorations!

I am going to share some fun things I did buy this past year.  I am even more enamored of vintage Halloween than just regular stuff, and it is rare enough that it is a wonder to come upon any of it, so I snap it up when able.

I like honeycomb decorations of any sort, so these were a slam dunk:

paper-pumpkinsThey are tiny: the witch is only about two inches tall, and made in Japan.  Storing things like this is difficult, as they have to live in their own box, so as not to get crushed.  That is why so few of them survive.  They all need to come to my house to be rescued!

Here is another really cool item:

noisemakerI should really put this out there as a “what is it”, as I would never have guessed.  I purchased this from a wonderful dealer called Don and Chris’ Old Stuff Only.  I can highly recommend them for great old unused stock.  I have bought things from them for years, and when these came up, had to have one.  I just looked and there are some still in stock, in case you need your own.  Have you guessed it yet?  No?  I would have had no clue either.  It was listed on the main box as a Halloween Noise maker.  The red balls clap against the metal, and you can bend the metal with your hand to change the pitch.  It comes out sort of sounding like a chiming saw.  It is wildly amusing and the summer intern and I have spent hours wandering around the house making odd noises.  I just wish this had some vintage graphics to liven it up, but it is still amusing.

At a sale this summer, I also picked up this darling paper napkin:

Napkin 1Again, paper items are too scarce to ever pass up.  This was one corner of it with everyone heading out in good company.  I am not sure what happened, but someone got irritated, and then it looked like this:

Napkin 2I guess witchy-poo just lost her temper, and let that old broom fly!  This is incredibly fragile, and I have to keep it tucked away in a plastic sleeve, so this may be the only time it is ever out to be photographed, or in this case scanned.

Next week, we are going to share a bunch of really fun postcards and vintage Halloween items from our Pinterest pages.  If you are not following us over there, you are missing out on some zany things.  We have terrific pages on Vintage Holidays Postcards and Jewelry we love that are well worth visiting.  Here is a cute preview post card that actually came from the same sale as the napkin:

Pumpkin CardI am not sure who is scaring whom, but that little princess in pink looks like she is coming out on the winning side.  I love that it wishes you luck for Halloween.  Like St. Paddy’s and Halloween combined!

Tune in next week to see what we have!  And if you know a Halloween Queen, pass this post along to them!





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2 Responses to Quit Your Witching

  1. Anny says:

    I have Bunko tomorrow night and I can totally identify with your drive to get ready. I’m moving furniture and hubby is helping me with it all. Good man. 😊 I try to sign up for October Bunko so I can decorate witchy.

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