Facts is Facts

Well, there’s no use denying it, fall is here for reals.  We still haven’t had a freeze yet, but things are turning at an alarming rate.  Witness my birch tree and burning bush:

golden-birch-leaves   burning-bush

I love the fall and wish it lasted for about five months of the year.  That would leave one month for winter around Christmas, and the rest can be spring and summer.  I would even support taking a month from summer, but I doubt that will happen with the way the climate is changing.

And now onto your regularly scheduled post …

This poor gnome had so many problems:

enormous-stuffed-gnome2    enormous-stuffed-gnome

He’s a fabric gnome so he will not work outside, which is the best place to keep your gnome collection.  In the second picture I tried to put him near a piece of baby furniture for size reference, but I can’t really tell how big that piece of furniture is!  The gnome was pretty near four feet tall—he was the first thing I saw from the car.  The worst problem was his price; they wanted $20 for him, but would take $15.  I’m pretty sure he laid there the whole darn day and is back up in the attic.  If he were made from a weather-resistant material, then I might have been interested in him for $10 because my neighbor likes to hide gnomes in my yard and payback’s a bitch.

Here’s another thing with size and price tag problems:

grapes-of-wrath  grapes-of-wrath2

Just imagine three feet of bad fake leaves and stone grapes gracing your dining room.  They wanted $39.99 for it as is.  I think that there were some broken or missing grapes and how on earth would you fix that?  I have no grapes carved from polished stone lying around the house, believe it or not.

We found this while rooting around in one of Goodwill’s 99¢ bins:

nothing-says-mom-like-a ... stocking

Wow, what about this says Christmas stocking?  If it isn’t a Christmas stocking, what the heck is it?  Poor Mom, can you imagine her face when she unwrapped this?  My go-to phrase for this situation is, “Oh, you shouldn’t have!”  Truthful and discreet, usually.  It’s gotten me through years of awkward situations.

Let’s just take a deep breath and look at something cool:


So sorry about the picture.  We saw this rocking horse at an estate sale, and there was a big bright window behind the horse, and lots of people around.  I really liked its mane and tail, and wasn’t all that crazy about the price tag.  This is the estate sale group that we frequently visit their sales after lunch since their wares are wildly overpriced for the most part.  If I hadn’t been stuffed full of yummy Indian food, I would have taken a picture of the price tag.

Break time is over; time to get back on the job.  We had to laugh at these cookie cutters:


I have given up on this kind of cutters.  Even when greased up and floured, they refuse to release important parts of your cookie.  They always end up looking like Frankenstein’s monster, which is a particularly bad look for a Precious Moments anything.  I’m not even going to talk about the redundancy of Precious Moments sugar cookies.

We’re not sure what’s going on with these cups:


Only on the It’s a Small World ride would these qualify as soufflé cups.  They are about 5% bigger than the average pill cup used in hospitals and nursing homes.  The only things they have going for them are their happening colors, and the fact that it’s hard for a one-ounce soufflé to fall.

We saw these two at ARC:

why-are-these-in-a-locked-case?!Again, I’m sorry for the bad picture.  They were locked away on the top shelf of a case and I couldn’t get too close.  Sadly, the light reflected off the glass obnoxiously.  I think they are a pair of handmade scarecrows, not that I was willing to show in any interest in them by having the case unlocked.  Just like a clown, if I saw these two posed by the edge of a woods, I would run for my life; they’re just that creepy.  With all the unsettling things going on in the world, we do not need sinister scarecrows on the loose.

We were in a thrift store and found quite a few old patterns:

cute-old-pattern   fun-old-pattern

Love that the girls on the left got to be kicky and fun, while Mrs. Junior League was all buttoned up.  I think they would be fun Halloween costumes to make, if you were a seamstress.

Sadly we didn’t find any little boy’s patterns:

girls-and-their-dollies-patterns   dont-leave-the-guys-out-pattern

We loved that the little girls could have matching outfits for their dollies.  Those dresses are all pretty darn cute.  As opposed to the late 1960s and early ’70s fashions for men.  I just can’t get over how fugly that tie is; the combination of shirt and tie is almost lethal!  I’m not sure why we didn’t buy these, since the price was right.  Some days we fling quarters around, and some days we don’t. ( Kathy here, I did buy the little girls and dolly one, it is sitting on my desk as we speak )

Thanks for reading!  In your copious free time head over to our Facebook and/or Pinterest pages.  There are lots of things there that we don’t post over here.  Now get outside and kick some leaves around before it starts snowing.



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