Autumn’s the Mellow Time

I’m going to continue with the current trend of shorter posts.  If we’re talking about something we’re super excited about, however, all bets are off!  I’m slow getting started writing a post in a timely manner, with the beautiful weather we are having.  Who knows how long it will last?  Our typical first frost comes about September 15th, but I’m still harvesting tomatoes and basil from my garden.

As long as the weather keeps cooperating, we’ll be going to garage sales where we see lots of stuff like this:


We aren’t sure that’s a win!  Here’s a table of mostly bad—look at all of those plastic picture frames, and awfully bad—looking at you, crochet doll!  I rather like the teapot, but that’s small consolation for having to look at that wretched collection of crap!  It’s rare that I’m happy when a picture has so much glare; my camera just said, “You’re welcome”.

Okay, I’m back after mixing a gin and tonic; hopefully that will make me a little less b*tchy.

Before the drink does its thing, though, I need to talk about this picture:


The only thing worse than ugly crocheted afghans would be ugly crocheted clowns!  It’s just as easy to make something pretty, so why don’t they?  I also don’t understand why all of those thrifty, use-up-all-of-the-leftover yarn and the ’70s themed throws won’t go away?  You never see them in the checkout lane at thrift stores or garage sales.  Maybe they need to be relegated to moving blankets and dog beds so we don’t have to think about them any more!

This display made us laugh:

neat-tie-display   neat-tie-display

The sign below says, “Tie One On  $2.99 each”.  It seems a shame to ruin the cool display by pulling a tie out of the middle.  Also, from our observation, it’s hard to sell a tie for $1, let alone nearly three times that.

We just can’t help it:

he-cannisters-are-much-better-than-the-desk   hmm-these-cannisters

The pink and black 1950s canisters are so much cuter than the 1970s wood-look bunch, although the fake wood canisters have a cool shape.  I do have to admit that we’ve seen MUCH worse ’70s canisters (think orange mushrooms and avocado green ceramics) so these don’t raise much vitriol.  We just prefer the 1950s decor of our grandmothers, to the 1970s decor we grew up with.  Sorry, Mom!

Owls had a resurgence in popularity a few years back.  This is the first time we’ve seen one used this way:


I can’t think that it would make a terribly convenient drawer pull; I would hit my hand on it all the time.  It would be easy to find in the dark, though, if this were a bedside stand.  You would think that it would be paired with a snazzier piece of furniture with a little color or an interesting design.  It’s a bad sign when the hardware is the most interesting thing about a stand.

This also made us laugh:


Nothing like a three-foot lamp with a six-inch shade.  I’m sure this is the work of a “helpful” shopper, but this thrift store never seems to set foot in the basement.  They must toss things down the stairs and “helpful” shoppers set things up.  It’s one of the craziest display areas we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something.

We look at tools because we actually use them from time to time:


I don’t ever recall seeing wrenches this large before.  You can get an idea about their size by comparing them to the pipe wrenches in the foreground.  If you could heft the things, you sure would get some amazing leverage.  They might also be useful as self-defense; if you were carrying one of these babies down a street, I’m sure people would cross the street to avoid you.

Saw this sign at a thrift store:


Every now and then, joining the circus sounds a lot more restful than our lives!  B.H. points out that it’s easier to run away now that we own cars.

I think Kathy has the tutorial ready to roll for next week.  If not, we have lots more bad, so-bad-it’s good, and plain old good to show you.  If you have a topic you would like us to write about, leave a comment or email us.


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2 Responses to Autumn’s the Mellow Time

  1. My mom had the mushroom canisters. I think she finally got rid of them when they redid the kitchen ten years ago….

    • kathy & deb says:

      Well, they’re gone now and that’s a good thing! I have to confess that my mom still likes those ’80s country sheep on things!

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