Just One Sale

I carefully plan out each Friday’s pile of garage sales with my trusty Craig’s List and my ridiculous knowledge of our town, aided by a trip to map quest now and then.  OK, I really am not that careful, but just jot down what looks good, and we take a gander.  Some days we find one sale that is so good, that we just don’t care about anything else.  This sale wasn’t it.  It was the mother load for photos though.  We might have taken even more, but it was pretty dark in the house, and seriously, we really didn’t want to damage our readers forever.

This family owned a local Mexican restaurant for years.  Apparently, when it closed down, they felt the need to bring it all home.  Take these for instance:

old-awful-seventies-picturesMaybe semi-harmless in a restaurant setting, especially if you have had a couple of stiff margaritas to make them palatable, but in your home.  Eh, not so much.  I can’t remember if they were real wood or not, and I am not sure why it matters, unless it was a thought in the back of my mind towards adding them to a camp fire.  Burn conquistador, burn.  This might be a time when the Inquisition would be a blessing.

We think these must have been behind the bar:

more-dark-wood-wall-art-only-20-bucks-eachThank goodness these WERE real wood, so not available to chop off the head of unreasonable customers.  They even brought the extra paint home to lay a coat on the basement walls.  It was all we could do to get it light enough to shoot these.  It was sort of like descending into Hades, but we braved it thinking there had to be something good down there.  No such luck

After rising from hell, we discovered these upstairs:

ginormous-harliquin-wall-artginormous-harliquin-wall-art-40-bucks                                                                                                                                                                       About all we could say on their behalf, was OMG they are huge!  I don’t suppose these ruined the appetites of anyone.  Must have saved the best stuff for home.

Even the patio furniture matched the general awfulness of the whole mess:

patio-furnitureI am not sure that new cushions would help. I am going to put my pessimism down to general crabiness of the day.  I mean take a gander at the stuff on the wall.  Now imagine an entire house filled with just that quality and style of stuff.  And I am talking a HUGE house.

This owl and pussycat would be right at home there, but I am pretty sure we didn’t see them on that day:

the-owl-and-the-pussycat-went-to-seaIt was pretty funny, we tried to like things there, we truly did, but we left with a terrified feeling knowing that much of that stuff was going back out to infect other people’s homes with bad taste.  If you are ever faced with a sale like that, just back away, and then take off running.  There has to be another sale out there!

I am going to leave you with a couple of fun things, just to wipe the aftertaste out of your mouth, so here we go.  I know these are crazy, but we both thought they were actually sort of cute.  They just tickled our funny bone.  Not enough to bring them home, but enough to get a smile from each of us.  Those are candles on their heads, and they are paper mache, which seems like a tactical error, but apparently, the previous owner was smart enough to hide the matches.

candle-holdersAnd lastly just wanted to share one of the lovely planters in one of our town squares.  This is close to the place where we have lunch every week, and our town does such a good job with them:

downtown-flowersWe are living in denial that we are past the average date of our first frost, and winter is coming.  The only good part is, we might just avoid another sale like the one above.  Oh wait, estate sales happen all winter.  Wish us luck!

We have a nice tutorial coming up in the next couple of weeks, and there is still plenty of thrift store, and garage sale craziness to keep us writing.  Like it is ever going to stop.  Don’t forget to check out the extras on Facebook, and we have lots of fun things pinned over on Pinterest too, so if you need a fix, head on over there!



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