More From The Summer Scrap Heap

We’re still writing about our summer finds, but out the window it looks more like fall.  The temperatures are mild, so people are still having garage sales—yay!  I’m glad that we will have a little bit of extra stored up for when garage sale season is over.

One side effect of writing this blog is that we get some interesting email from people under the misapprehension that we know what we’re talking about.  Or, that we have memories of things that we photographed three years ago.  I always answer the email admitting our general ignorance, but I can’t help but feel that we are failing our readers.  We usually tell you what we know about a subject when we write a post, and then we edit in our readers’ comments when they have some knowledge to share.  This week, it was someone who had just bought a vintage washing machine.  A Google search led him to us, since we have taken a few pictures of washers.  We feel for you all, and you can still email us; maybe we’ll know something (doubtful), or maybe we can direct you to a more knowledgeable source (more likely).

I wish that we didn’t have ANY knowledge of this:

Lacey Basket Front   Lacey Basket

The amount of lace, ribbon, and foofles on this might be enough for a whole other wedding.  I say wedding because what other event brings out the secret Victorian urges of mothers, planners, and female participants?  I have been guilty of lacy excesses during the ’90s, but I had the decency to burn them in a barrel!

This brass and enamel thingie might have been right at home in the above wedding:

Strange Enamel and Brass thingie

We like enamel, and even painted metal, if it’s tasteful and attractive.  The biggest problem with this thingie is the bird.  It’s not the right scale, unless the flowers are Audrey II, and, really, the flowers are enough—what does that soaring brass bird add?  I think this would be better with the gentle application of wire cutters.

The first two things have lowered my spirits.  Let’s look at something cute:

Sweet little Miss February

I looked it up and this little birthday statue has it right; violets are February’s birth flower, honest to Google!  She is sweet as a lump of sugar.  The only February birthday in my family is my sister’s, and this isn’t her thing.  We always smile at these little Napco or Josefesque birthday figurines wherever we find them.

I kind of liked this box of hanging lights:

Woven Globe Hanging Lights

The whole box was $5, and if you didn’t like the colors, I’m sure you could dye them somehow.  If you had a beachy-themed patio, or garden room, these would be fun.

If we still have time after garage sales, we’ve been heading over to Goodwill’s 99¢ room.  Imagine our surprise when they posted some rules:


Now I want to call the 99¢ room Fight Club.  You cannot imagine the chaos when new bins are wheeled into the room.  The employee has to yell at people to get out of the way and not try to grab things out of the five-foot tall cardboard boxes of donations until they are off the forklift and against the wall.  People practically climb over each other to be the first one into the box.  Kathy and I stay way on the other side of the room for our personal safety.  It’s not worth a black eye to get first crack.  The funny thing is that we usually find a ton of stuff there (here’s a pic from Facebook) without all the pushing and shoving.  In fact, it’s kind of dangerous to be the first (or even second or third) to stick your hands in a pile of stuff.  We’ve found fish hooks, unsheathed knives, and broken glass mixed up in goods before.  Plus, why would you risk your life for a jacket like this:


I titled this picture:  Halloween called and they want their sports jacket back.  We saw the matching rust-colored polyester pants a couple of bins down.  Here’s a costume all ready to roll.  All you need to do is add a porn ’stache and a fat tie with a contrasting pattern and you could be a leading man from the ’70s.  B.H. points out that Herb Tarlek from WKRP in Cincinnati wore a similar jacket.

I feel like we’ve tortured you enough, so let’s end on a good note:


If we had room in our houses for rocking chairs, one or both of us would have snatched these up.  They were so cool and reasonably priced; someone got a bargain.  This is our kind of garage sale find.

Thanks for reading.  We’re going to write a couple of how-to posts and publish them; we don’t have all the details worked out, but be on the look out for them.




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6 Responses to More From The Summer Scrap Heap

  1. I love the little birthday cutie! Years ago, my grandfather gave me one. I loved it then. I love it now. In fact, I still have it. (Great-looking rockers!)

    Enjoy the weekend!

    • kathy & deb says:

      What a sweet little present; I bet you think of your grandfather when you look at it. Thanks for reading and hope your weekend is fun! Deb and Kathy

  2. The jacket indeed harkens back to Herb Tarlek. That show was one of the few great things to come out of the 70’s. And I also guiltily raise my hand when it comes to bedecking something with lace…. and it was during the early 90’s. Hopefully the recipient has disposed of it by now.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I know we still laugh about the great turkey giveaway–oh the humanity! We forgive you for your lace trespasses because we have our own dirty little crafting secrets. 😉

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Love the February figurine! It’s my month and I love collecting china with violets or purple coloring that is associated with Feb. And the rocking chairs are awesome – wow!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for reading! A couple of people like those figurines too. Maybe we should be buying them and doing giveaways for people during their birthday months.

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