Let’s do the Time Warp Again

I’m back in Colorado after spending two weeks in Michigan with family.  Poor Kathy has been shopping on her own, which is never as much fun.  I made it back in time to get to our favorite sale at the Unitarian Church.  It’s a couple of weeks early this year for some reason, but of course we bought a lot of treasures.  I should probably add a mild clown warning for the post, further down.

In fact, I got to see something that seems to be following Kathy around Fort Collins:

Purple wool coat

Kathy saw this coat first at a garage sale while I was gone.  She is looking for a winter coat and this one was only $5, but she had some questions about whether it would be warm enough, so she passed.  Imagine her surprise when it was waiting for her at the Unitarian Church sale today.  Kathy had no choice but to buy it, since it’s obvious that she will keep seeing purple coat until she gives it a home.  A lady at the sale must have been eavesdropping on us while Kathy told me the story; she came up to us afterward and said it made her happy to know that Kathy was taking this coat home.

We are now taking a jump to the left, all the way back to June:

Bed of Nails sandals   Bed of Nails sandals New Reflex

These shoes don’t look really comfortable to me; in fact, they might be only slightly more comfortable than nails.  Made by the New Reflex company, they must be some kind of reflexology thing.  I had plantar fasciitis, so anything stabby on the bottom of my feet sounds like torture.  The person who was selling them seemed to agree with me, since there wasn’t much wear on the soles.

Taking a step to the right, and here’s something appropriate for the election cycle:

Patriotic Costumes

How funny would it have been to see people at the national conventions wearing costumes?  Everyone talks about trying to get young people into politics; maybe luring them in with the comic convention vibe would help.  Make it seem less boring and dry, and more fun.  Maybe we need to make the conventions PokeStops, too.

We’ve seen so many different clown things that we haven’t troubled you with them for a while.  This one really drove us insane:

Clown tie

Digging through the back room of Goodwill revealed this thing.  What in the heck were the makers thinking?  The only possible market for this abomination would be a clown—by profession or by inclination.  It’s a definite fail for an up and coming Wolf of Wall Street.

This vase got me in trouble with another garage sale shopper not familiar with our snarky flair:
orifice vase closeup

We were looking at a whole table of milk glass; we don’t collect it, but you know us, we’ll look at most anything.  We weren’t really paying much attention to the people around us which might be a mistake.  I saw this vase and said to Kathy that it sure reminded me of an orifice.  (What can I say?  You can’t take nurses anywhere!)  The man next to me looked at me and said something along the lines of, “You are a bad, bad woman!”  I just laughed and said that garage sale people were a tough breed.

This table of stuff reminded me of the post from Texas:

Lamp making kit

In that post I saw lamps made out of the craziest things including one of those cone ricers.  We laughingly called this one a lamp kit, if you wanted to make an ugly lamp.  Judge for yourself:

Ricer Lamp

Ugh, I would rather look at clowns!

We were at an estate sale and laughed at this box of kitchen wares:

Unique knife display

I don’t know if this is a safety move or an expression of anger; I wouldn’t like to dig through a box and grab a sharp knife.  Things weren’t very well displayed or marked at this sale, so it was probably just laziness.

Just one more thing to show you.  Kathy and I are fascinated by this kind of picture:

Fun Picture   Fun picture close up

It kind of floated my boat because of its Asian theme.  Kathy is always attracted by tiles and beads.  Now that I look at it again, I’m wondering why I didn’t drag this home.  It’s just weird and funky enough to fit into my house.

Thanks for reading; as Kathy says, if you enjoyed this post pass it along to friends or enemies—your choice.

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