Busy, Busy, Busy

We always say we are busy, and somehow it seems to be true.  Even with Deb off visiting her family, I still don’t seem to have time to get things done.  And now, I have just noticed that school is coming up, (the summer intern is NOT happy) and once that starts, it’s a landslide into the holiday season.  Sorry, I know I should not be mentioning that, but I go whole hog decorating for Halloween, so that seems just right around the corner.  In that spirit, and knowing how busy you all are as well, this will be another quickie post.  We will get back to posting longer diatribes when the weather cools, and we are all huddled inside with more time to read, and to write.

Let’s start off with this odd teapot:

Sea shell teapotThis was a puzzler.  It looks sort of modern and sort of old.  We had to tip it up to see the mark:

Otagiri mark

It’s marked Japan, so it has a bit of age to it.  That is about all you can say for it.  If you had an enemy (surely not a friend?) that collected teapots, you could bet they wouldn’t have one like this.  I suppose if you were REALLY into a seashore theme you might need this as well.  I have a friend who is pretty fond of the beach, but she will be delighted that I resisted this on her behalf.  [Deb here to say that my sister who loves teapots said, “No thanks” to this one!]

Next up, another odd travel souvenir, I think:

Strange wooden pedal carIt is made of wood and designed to hang on the wall.  It’s a good thing you might hang it up, as the way the perspective is shown, there is no way this thing could actually travel down a road.  The back wheel seems pretty wonky to me.  Aw well, it could always be firewood.

For those of you really into world travel, we have the lamp of the world:

Traveling LampIf it’s supposed to make you look sophisticated and globally savvy, it failed.  Miserably.  Don’t be fooled, it just makes you look like all your taste is in your mouth!

And now for something large:

Weird CanisterThat’s it, just large.  We don’t know what it’s for.  Hopefully something more fun than the ashes of your annoying neighbors.  Pretty sure cookies stored in this wouldn’t even taste good.  And to top it all off, the price is going to deter even the most determined thifters.  Bet it spends a good long time on the shelf.

We have been doing some massive grumbling at the prices at thrift stores recently.  Our local Goodwill, sensing this (perhaps by noticing the huge amount of stuff they are NOT selling), has begun a 99¢ room in the back.  Unsorted, unmarked, you dig it, you buy it.  OK, now we are talking.  We have been having a good time dredging through it on occasion.  There are some people who have begun to make a career of it, and they can be a bit annoying, but we still have a good time, as do others.  This is all leading up to this photo:

Shopping BuddiesWe did get a kick out of the ‘6os crewel work kangaroos, but we were more delighted with the two ladies behind them.  The one in the awesome colored hair was practically head first into the boxes, and coming up with some pretty cool stuff.  She and her friend were having even more fun than us … maybe.  Back to the kangaroos.  They are groovy ’60s at their quirkiest best.  Even in the avocado green frame.

While the ’60s lounge music is playing in the background (no really, put on some Martin Denny and groove with me).  We loved the graphics on this serving tray:

Vintage serving trayIt was kind of a strange tray with the glass insert, the tile, and the spot for the knives, but a closeup of the tile areas reveals just how suave it is:

Vintage serving tray graphicsWe would like to think we are the sophisticated women in the little red dresses, our hubbies sporting berets and drinking martinis.  Alas, we are not (hubbies just refuse the headgear!), but we like the accoutrements of the time.

We hope your summer is moving on 33 rpm, or just nice and laid back.  If not, we’re glad you took the time to visit with us.  Don’t forget to catch the extras on Facebook, and we post some other stuff on Pinterest as well.  Lots of vintage postcards etc. so if you have some time, take a look.  Don’t forget to comment and pass us along to those enemies with the teapots!



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