Tales From the Sales

Talk to any avid garage saler, and you will begin to understand that we all see it as a sport!  Really.  We train by hitting the sales every week, we train our families to understand that this is not really an option, and passing by a sale is not OK.  We wait with bated breath for the season to start, and then hit the ground running.  There are times we strike out, and times we hit a home run.  This week I thought I would share a couple of fun stories before we get into regular “stuff”.

Considering how many years we have gone to sales, we have NEVER had this happen to us:

We did

The sign said “Hug a Garage Saler Day” and they weren’t kidding.  The gentleman of the house came up to us, wished us a Happy Hug a Garage Saler day, and gave us each a hug.  Now we are pretty sure he wasn’t into chasing around middle-aged hausfraus, so we are not sure what he got out of it.  We at least got a laugh.  There was also a sign at the same sale that said they were running a special: Buy the right shoe, get the left free.  They must have quite the sense of humor.

There is also an element of competition to saling.  We wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t get some bragging rights once in a while.  A fellow saler was telling me just last week about the gold watch he just got for fifty cents.  I know him well enough to know he was not kidding.  For me, I have a small ongoing match with a longtime friend.  I went to kindergarten with this woman’s daughter, so you know how long I have known her.  We have a bad habit of hitting the same sales and buying the same kind of things, but I scored on her last week.  I had been to one sale and picked up a darling little pine needle basket:

Dickerson Basket 1

Moved on to the next sale and lo and behold, there was my “rival”.  I happened on yet another pine needle basket, which is odd, as there aren’t that many around:

Pine Needle Basket

Picked this one up as well, and she caught up with me and asked if the basket was signed.  I said “no” but it was the second basket I had found that day, and I thought the other one was signed.  We walked over to my car trunk, and sure enough the first was signed and made by a fairly famous local pair of sisters in the 1930s.  There is even a book out on these two sisters.  I have ordered the book, but it hasn’t come yet, so I will have to let you know more about them later.  Needless to say, that the baskets are collected actively by my nemesis and I beat her to this one for only a buck, plus I adore baskets and collect old ones as well.

Here is the signature on both the lid and the bottom, so if you ever see any more, you know who to call.  Not her, me!

Alice and Helen Dickerson

OK, we have some sort of normal stuff now, well, normal for us.  These don’t seem normal no matter how hard you look at them:

Hot mess flopsI don’t know if these are hot flops like they say on the bottom, but I am pretty sure they are a hot mess.  They can’t be comfortable, can they?  I am also sure there is no way these are regulation baseball shoes, and if you are a fan, surely you know better?

Speaking of NOT normal, we had a loyal reader send us this photo:

horny chair Kari StackhouseHoly Cow (pun intended)!  That is some chair.  How did they resist upholstering it in cow hide?  These chairs were really popular around the 1910s, although I can’t tell from the photo if this one is vintage.  I have seen many an Arts and Crafts western interior graced with one, although not covered in what looks to be red velvet.  Must be straight off the set of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  I am going to have to confess to being down on my knees grateful that this was not seen by my hubby, as he has always wanted one of these.  Whatever you do, don’t tell me where you saw it!  Our reader said that the owner thought it was made from sheep horns and worth over $2000 according to Antiques Roadshow.  This chair was being offered for the bargain basement price of $1000.

We had a fixer-upper doll house on Facebook a few weeks ago.  Here is another one, but this comes with an outbuilding:

Fixer upper doll housesThe house wasn’t much, but the barn sure was cute.  Good thing the scale was much too small on these.  I wouldn’t want to get saddled with the house, and the barn would need horses, and then accessories, and who knows where it would stop.

We have found that sometimes it is not a good idea to look into boxes.  Who knows what you will see:

Giant Troll BabyThere are some pretty creepy troll dolls lurking in here.  I guess they are supposed to lurk somewhere, but someone had better find these plastic likenesses a convenient bridge.  I kinda like trolls, but I am not sure how they managed to make these look quite so sketchy, as the summer intern would say.  Maybe China doesn’t know what a troll is supposed to look like either.  Then again, who does, but cute would be a good start.  By the way, you know we really WILL continue to peek into boxes, cause that gold watch is probably lurking there.

Next up, a couple of pictures.  We rather liked this kitty cat:

Nice Kitty PictureI think it might have been a portrait of an actual cat, and I once had a tortoise shell kitty, so have a soft spot for those crazy colors.  The tulips were pretty nice too.  Way better than the cheap (but not priced cheaply) garage sale art of a couple of weeks ago.  These were only a couple of bucks each, so I hope someone with some wall space got to take them home.

This picture also made us giggle:

TRex loves youI don’t know what it means when a T. rex loves you this much. He really does care and he is doing his best, or he is really just indifferent and the arm spread is about normal?  We thought this would be cute as can be in the room of any child who has a dinosaur thing, in other words, ANY kiddo’s room!  We might take the time find a new mat and frame, but it was a laugh nonetheless.

After last week’s purse post, we thought we would show you this:

Same pursagendon, different viewThis is the purse mess at our local thrift store.  Here is a close up:

Goodwill PurseagendonWe love bags, and there wasn’t a single one in this pile of c**p that we would have even considered taking home.  Just goes to show that we aren’t complete pack rats.  No, what it really shows is that they sure make a lot of VASTLY ugly purses.  Come on, designers, step it up, we need a new pocketbook.  Not really, but a girl can dream.

Well, it’s time to hit the road again.  Got to get there first!!  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook posts, you never know what you will see there either!  And if you like what you see, consider subscribing, liking, or sharing with the rest of the world.

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2 Responses to Tales From the Sales

  1. Anny says:

    Looks like a Texan made it to Colorado. I see an Alamo purse in that pile. 😄

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