Kathy and Deb’s Excellent Estate Sale Adventures

Along with the garage sales and thrift stores, we’ve been to several estate sales over the last couple of weeks.  In fact, that’s all we did last week, since one of them was in a small town about 15 miles down the road.  Estate sales are my favorites, even more than garage sales because they are the whole shebang, not just those things that someone wants to get rid of.  I should probably warn you that in the middle of this post is a potentially NSFW set of pictures; I left empty spaces so you can sneak a peek and decide for yourself.

An interesting thing about estate sales is the glimpse you get into another person’s life.  For instance:

Fall Decorations   Fall Cappezios

I’ve never had a pair of shoes decorated just for the fall.  There is always the possibility that she had other ornaments for them and they got lost after she stopped wearing these sweet little vintage Capezio high heels.  Of course, I’m excited about the idea of jewelry for shoes; too bad that I never wear anything but Dansko or running shoes.  The 1950s and early ’60s seem like another lifetime with all the rules about being dressed up to leave the house.  I laugh all the time when I see people at the grocery store in their pj bottoms.

It’s a good day when you can combine two of your favorite things:

Faces in Places

Yay–estate sales and Faces in Places!  Look how happy that ?toothbrush holder? is.  He loves his job and isn’t afraid to show it.  Sort of like that song, err, earworm, Everything is Awesome from The LEGO Movie.

I’m back, and a little breathless after dancing around the living room to that darn happy song!

Am I the only one that is surprised that this picture wasn’t painted on velvet?

Golfing Dogs

It was an amusing variation on Dogs Playing Poker, but I think that dogs playing any ball sports would be problematic.  I can’t imagine how angry a golfer would be if one of your foursome just up and ran off with your ball, especially if it were on the green.

This next set of pictures is NSFW, depending on where you work.  I’m going to give you a little space so you can sneak a peek and not get in trouble:





Spencer's gifts has a lot to answer for   Spencer's gifts has a lot to answer for2

I’m not sure why you would give these “gag” gifts, but I’m sure there are some people that think they are a hoot.  My problem is keeping them for years and years.  As a side note, the people running the sale said that the homeowner kept everything, and they spent a long time just throwing things away.  They might have made a mistake by not giving these two things the old heave-ho.

For Pete’s sake, how hard is it to make an attractive lamp?

Conquistador lamp   Conquistador lamp base

The horrible lamps we see make it clear that there are so many things that can go wrong while trying to add a bulb and shade to a base.  The only possible use for this lamp is in a campy, fun, crazy decor, and even then I might paint some lipstick on it and add a huge feather to that hat.

Let’s look at something that’s more on the fun side of the scale:

Tropical gown  Tropical Gown close up

How could you feel sad in this dress?  I’m pretty sure that if you wore it on the patio after sundown, you would provide as much light as a tiki torch.  Even as I say this stuff about it, If this was my size, I would wear it.  You would be the belle of the luau.

There was lots of barware at the sales.  We didn’t buy any of it because it was mostly bad, or big.  That doesn’t work any more.

Bad before good:

vintage barware

What’s more offensive—the bow-legged caricature in front, or the little boy in the back peeing your drink out?  It would shock us if either of them sold, ick!

Vintage Barware2

Here are some bad 1960s bar things.  We don’t like hobo clowns, and the homeless problem is sad, so why would we want a sad, drunken homeless person/clown in our homes?  That might make us sad drunks too.  Then there is the W.C. Fields character leaning against a light pole; why would anyone want a light with someone else’s name painted on it?  The best thing is the car that you’re supposed to put a bottle in; I would have liked a snazzier car than that broken down jalopy.  This is just a collection of junky barware that has limited appeal.  Not good enough to be desirable; not bad enough to be good.

Here is something good:

More Vintage Barware

I love that the whole set is still together—all the glasses and the ice bucket.  I already have a big set of glasses and a shaker, and Kathy doesn’t really have room for this set.  The price was right, only $10, so hopefully it went home with someone who loved it.

I’m just going to throw in a couple of thrift store finds to round out the post:

Horse fighting rug

If you had a velvet Poker Dog painting hanging on the wall, you might want to add the fighting (??) horse decorative rug to the mix.  Might as well go for broke at that point.  ARC had this hanging behind the check out area, where they put all there most valuable items.  Surprisingly, it was gone the next time I went in.  Maybe someone bought it for their stable.

All I can think of when I see this toad, is Jabba the Hutt in lipstick and hat:

Toad Statue

It was one of those things that made us say, “Why?????” in unison.  Who would want this in their homes or gardens?  It makes me clench!  I guess it could work as a scarecrow in your garden; no self-respecting crow, rabbit, or deer would be caught dead in the scary lady toad’s company.

Thanks for reading; please don’t forget to take a look at our Facebook page and subscribe if you’re amused.  We actually put mostly good things there and share what we buy, both fun and crazy.

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