Tip-Toe Thru’ the Tulips with Me

Well, we had just about every kind of weather last week, excluding tornadoes and hurricanes.  It did snow in our neck of Colorado, just lots less than Denver and the mountains.  Most of my yard was in bloom, but everything just shrugged off the snow and cold temperatures:

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

including the tulips and grape hyacinths.  I might even get apples this year because the apple blossom petals aren’t falling like brown-edged snow.  That’s a definite yay, since friends and family like applesauce bread for Christmas, and it tastes best with homemade applesauce from my apple tree.

I’m pretty sure I’m just procrastinating, so it’s time to get on with it:

Animal Tea pots

For a change we got to gaze on these two CUTE teapots—how weird is that—and they were right next to each other!  The law of averages has finally kicked in; instead of bigger awful things sucking smaller awful things into their orbits, good things made contact.

I’m on a roll because here’s another good thing, at least in my warped opinion:

Fancy Pink Plastic Box  Fancy Pink Plastic Box open

Wouldn’t it look perfect in your pink bathroom?  It’s plastic, of course, and made in the good old USA by Celebrity in New York, New York.  I have a thing for boxes, but vintage plastic tends to have some issues at this point in their life cycle.  This box is in pretty good shape, but not worth $6 to me.  It was gone the next week, so I’m happy someone snagged it.

Now we’re sort of slipping into the weird zone with this straw bag:

Crafty Summer Straw Bag  Crafty Summer Straw Bag closeup

We like it, but we’re both strange that way and have summer straw purses with equally oddball decorations.  I think I have one of those purses with shells under plastic, I’m running back to the purse closet right now to check:

Straw purse and shells  Straw purse and shells close up

Of course I do, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kathy has something similar.  ( Deb has forgotten, but this purse is one of a matching pair that I purchased, so we each have EXACTLY the same bag! )  In fact I had to decide which peculiarly decorated straw purse I wanted to take a picture of—it’s that bad in my purse closet.  Now I know what I’m writing an emergency post about: Purses, Part Two.

Now I’m just spoiling you all because here’s another picture of interesting, nonhorrible things:

Pricey old tins

They were priced at $4 each, so we didn’t buy any of them.  The only one I really thought was worth it was the cylindrical one in the center containing black pepper.  Its condition is pretty rough, so we passed.  The pipe tin towards the right of the picture has nice graphics too, but the rest of them are kind of blah.

Now we’re back on track: a basket decorated with a duck:

Duck Basket

I’m not sure why there is that strange willow arch over the duck plaque—the plaque certainly doesn’t deserve to be featured.  That duck kind of looks like a cinnamon teal duck minus the teal mask, but really, if you have to go to all that effort to figure out what it is, it’s a fail.

This clock made us laugh:

Fishing Clock   Fishing Clock2

It has real fishing action and sounds—says so right on the front.  You know, if you want real fishing action and sounds, you don’t have to rely on a clock.  Go FISHING!!!  I feel confident saying that whatever that clock does, it’s not going to feel “reel” to a fisherman.

We saw this sitting on top of a bookcase in Goodwill:

4 foot golden plastic monstrosity

There was never anything good about this huge hunk of plastic.  Bad color on top of bad design; of course it was gone the next week.  I’m kind of hoping that a set decorator snagged it for a high school production involving a 1970s grandma.

Dang it, we’re back to something kind of good again:

Chalkware Piggy Bank  Chalkware Piggy Bank2

I’m not sure why this honking big chalkware piggy bank has a morning glory on its chest, but if you have arms of steel to lift it when it’s full, then you could certainly do worse.  I would put it on the floor since Porky was over two feet tall, and at least if it was on the floor, you probably wouldn’t drop it.

This bear has some definite snark to her:

Angry Bear

I totally get it—who wants to be dressed up in lace, net, and pearls all the time?  But there is even more going on to upset her:

Why Angry Bear is Angry

At least snarky bear has a reason to be snarky.  At this point, I’m obliged to admit that I made a couple of these kinds of bears, sans basket, back when I didn’t know better.  But, in my defense, I always dressed the small ones, and I stopped after a couple.  Oh, those crafty 1980s and ’90s have something to apologize for, too.

This picture was at an estate sale and it’s not going to sell for their price; check back on half-off day:

Fabric Chinese Pheasants

These kinds of embellished fabric pictures were moderately popular from the 1950s through the ’70s, which this example looks to represent, given its palette of browns.  Some are really well done, but these poor ?pheasants? have a couple of problems.  I’m wondering if that’s a crest or a beige halo on his head, and I hope he realizes how lucky he is that his mate’s branch is on the ground.  It would take some effort to drag that big-ass tail up into a tree.  I’m not a big fan of the colors, or the birds, but if your thing is quirky vintage decorations, this would be a unique addition to your home.

I’m leaving you with a picture of my redbud which also made it through the snow:

Still blooming

Have a wonderful weekend!



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2 Responses to Tip-Toe Thru’ the Tulips with Me

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    That monkey and bananas teapot is adorable! I’d have been hard-pressed not to buy that if I’d seen it. :>) The straw purses are so wonderful – don’t you just want to cover a whole wall with them? The first Pig Bank picture shows a little china bear behind the pig – it looks a little surprised, but not displeased. So cute!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Steph; we’re so glad that you enjoyed the post. I’m going to take pictures of my straw purses and write a post–I love them too!

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