Questions, Questions

Woo-hoo, there were garage sales last weekend.  Not sure we bought anything, but we were definitely in hog heaven looking.  It takes such small things to make us happy!  Of course, this weekend, we have a major winter storm moving in.  Snow, wind, rain, thunder.  I blame our local drive-in,  as they postponed their opening weekend a couple of weeks ago in favor of this one.  Yep, that’s it, all their fault.  I will be there supporting them anyway, just freezing my butt off.  That popcorn had better be good and hot.

Last week Deb posed our mysteries, and this week I am opening up with some more questions, both of taste and purpose.  We have no idea what this is:

It's a turkey, er sea gull, umm whatIs it a turkey on stilts?  A gull with a gland condition? A bad depiction of a passenger pigeon showing why it is extinct?  On top of that, what is it for?  Terrifying the children?  Propping open the shed door?  (You wouldn’t want it propping open a door in the house, would you?)  The world’s ugliest and biggest paperweight?  That poor little duck in the background is having to listen to music from the cellist to soothe his confusion.  One of our perennial questions is why anyone paid good money for items like this in the first place.  We have never come up with an even slightly sensible answer.

On my notes I called this a butterfly plate holder thingy:

Not sure what is going on hereThis one defies the explanation.  There was a tiny bit of space between the front and the back, but they mostly filled it with the plastic lace and flowers, so I am not sure that it really was for holding anything.  It’s not decorative no matter how hard you squint, (and who wants to come into a room squinting all the time to make your wall hangings better?)  Nobody should ever have produced lace in that color green.  I just don’t know, but that craft pamphlet had better been burned after this was completed.

You would not believe the trouble we went to to show you this next item.  Our local thrift has taken to flinging all their jewelry into bins and marking each at $1.99.  The Gordian Knot this engenders takes real dedication, if you want just one item out of the mess.  Our curiosity was such that we decided to take on the pile.  Twenty minutes later, this is what we got out of it:

belt, harness, whatsit2Deb put it on the floor next to her foot, so you could see the scale; here it is close up:

Belt harness, whatsit closeupIt was the plastic flowers and pompoms that got us.  I am sticking with some sort of elephant headgear.  It sounds romantic, even if it is just a cheap tourist belt instead.

Sometimes we do answer our own questions.  Take this for example:

Tiki ArmoireWe could not, for the life of us, figure out who would want something this crazy in their house.  It sort of looks like a refugee from Gilligan’s Island.  High decor at the Howells.  Then we decided if you had a pool, and a cabana, you would be set.  It would be cute with extra towels stored in it, so … mystery solved.

Maybe not so much with this piece of furniture:

Chair built for 3It looks pretty harmless in the photo, and appears MUCH smaller than it actually was.  You, and three of your closest friends, could rest comfortably in it.  It would take up the entire corner of your living room!  I guess it would be ideal if you had a Saint Bernard that liked to lounge on the furniture.  You both could have a comfy place to sit.  We tried to come up with a back story for it, but heading down that road led us to the swingin’ bachelor pad, and we just didn’t want to go there.

We thought this was pretty funny:

Barbie Sized Trojan HorseIt actually was a box, so you could hide something in it.  Not sure anyone is going to fall for it, as that story is pretty widely know these days.  If it hadn’t been missing a wheel, it probably would have made an awesome prop for Barbie, and we might have been tempted.

While we are talking fashion dolls, we found Francie’s prom dress in life size:

Francie's Prom dressIt was carefully stitched by hand in a yummy apricot velvet.  Check out the close-up:

Francie's Prom Dress closeupThis teen was probably the grooviest chick at her junior prom.  Mom worked so hard, and did an amazing job.  I always feel bad when dresses like this come through.  I hope they, at least, kept all the good memories.  Maybe someone will find it and make some new ones too!

Here is another cute thing:

Cool kettle and cute catWe spend so much time bashing the felines, that it was fun to find a cute one.  We loved the little grin and those big feet.  If he grows into them, he will probably be at least a bobcat!  We also liked the teapot in front.  It had a nice jazzy arc to the handle, and was surprisingly heavy for its size.  Probably would have kept your tea nice and hot, if the cat didn’t drink it first.  Maybe that is the reason for the grin–he already did!

Here is another “why?”:

Gold Plastic LionWhat did this king of beasts just eat that is causing those puckered cheeks?  Why is he painted gold, and why are those eyes bugging out?  Why would anyone keep this, and where was it for all the intervening years since its production?  What’s more, why couldn’t it just leap off the shelf and end it for all of us?  No answers, only questions.

We do understand this one:

Truthful TrivetSeems like a menu I would like to try once in a while.  They also had a sign that said the only reason they had a kitchen was it came with the house.  I know plenty of folks that this would be appropriate for.  Hubby would not be amused, but he doesn’t know what the kitchen is for, at least that must be the reason he is never in it, except to snatch food.

Well, there you have our questions for the week.  Got any answers?  Send them our way, or pose your own conundrums.  We love hearing from our readers.

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2 Responses to Questions, Questions

  1. Naomi says:

    The Trojan horse with wheels was a Home Depot Kid’s Workshop project.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It’s a cute one, and maybe the kids got to learn a little something literary too! Thanks for the info.

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