Mysterious Friday Finds

Gosh, last week we found lots of mysteries with few answers.  We also spent lots of time saying, “What … ?” and “Why … ?” to each other.  Maybe we need to invite the Scooby Gang to go with us on Fridays to help us solve these vexing puzzles, identify our mysterious finds, and finger those responsible.  Yeah, yeah, and unicorns are hiding in my backyard.

Goodwill had a shoe sale:

Shoe Sale at Goodwill

Although it’s next to impossible to even find a pair of shoes or boots in this mess.  It was also like that around the corner, plus there were giant blue bins full of footwear, too.  Honestly, how do they expect their shoppers to excavate through that mess to locate a PAIR of shoes the RIGHT size that they might want to buy?  A little organization goes a long way towards increasing sales.  Lest you think this picture was taken at the end of a crazy day, we got there within 15 minutes of their opening time.  Smh!

I want to know why these stuffed toys are all lined up when the shoes aren’t even on the racks:

Frightening lineup

Never mind, getting stuffed animals and toys organized is a much easier task than cleaning up the mess in Aisle 1.  It did make for a funny picture, so we should be grateful that someone in that thrift store enjoys a little order.

These two little sweet things were on a shelf together:

China Decals

I found it odd that the small bowl had a gilded pattern on the outside and inside was a fancy flower decal.  Someone’s kitchen wares had been disposed of or downsized, and there were lots of pretty glass serving pieces and some nice pieces of china on the shelves.  We didn’t buy any because we have rescued so many orphans that it takes something amazingly special to make the cut any more.

We saw these two vases and were surprised that they made it to the shelves intact:

Hey wait, these aren't vases

When looking for the inevitable Japan mark on the bottom, we discovered something surprising—they aren’t vases!  We’ve  wracked our brains, but can’t come up with a reason for those holes in the bottoms.  They can’t be lamps since there isn’t a second hole for cords to come through.  Does anyone know what they are, or have a theory?  I guess they could be some strange kind of vase with a plug stopping the hole, but the potential for disaster seems way too high.

[We have gotten an information about the “vases” since publishing this post: Vivianne says, “The vases did not require another hole for the cord because they most likely would have been affixed to a footed wooden stand. The cord would be passed through a hole in the stand then passed between the feet.

There is a tutorial showing the process at  Thanks Vivianne!]

This Japanese wooden hamburger press caught our collective eye:

More honest Japanes hamburger press

Don’t they usually have roosters, or chubby Italian-looking chefs decorating them?  This seems more honest, but I can’t ever recall seeing a cow on one.  A friend describes her mother making paper-thin burgers with a hamburger press; I don’t think that my mom ever had one.

I guess it’s time for a guilty confession:

Fabric covered VHS cases

I have made a few fabric covered photo albums in my day, although in my defense, not a one had as much fru-fru as these VHS tape covers have.  I look at these covers now and just want to say, “Gak!!”.  But, in the 1980s, it was very fashionable to slap a fabric cover on lots of things; we know better now.  I’m very grateful that I haven’t seen one of these things in real life.

Now here is something that I wish I hadn’t seen in real life:

Kira we hardly knew ye   Peeking up Kira's skirts

Poor Kira, Barbie’s friend, has been ridden hard and put away wet, as the saying goes.  She really is a pretty doll, although you would never know from this particular sample.  Kira is supposed to be Asian; I’m not sure what Crocheting Grandma was going for here.  The dress is just plain ugly—that many ruffles should be a real crime, not just a fashion one.

This is the strangest dinosaur statue we’ve ever seen:

Dinosaur Prayers1    Dinosaur Prayers

What in the wide world of sports is it doing?  I have two theories: 1) it’s begging like a dog for some tasty treats (some triceratots and stegasoda?) or 2) it’s praying that the big asteroid heading towards Earth misses.  I imagine that T. rexes were embarrassed by their small arms and hands, but that pose is beyond weird.

So many questions, no answers:

Plastic Clock Horrors

Why are there stairs in this clock?  Why is there a spinning movement when it has batteries?  Why is it made from silver-colored plastic?  Why didn’t someone throw it in the trash?

Why did anyone think that this is decorative?

Clear Resin Rose hip hanging thingie

It’s that clear resin, with what look to be rose hips interred inside, shaped into a wreath.  It looks more like a toilet seat than something that should be hung on a door, or God help you, a wall.

The torture is over.  I want to share something so silly and fun, that it had us laughing all through the store:

Hat tipping piggy bank   Piggy Bank tipping his hat

He is a pretty strange-looking piggy bank at first glance, and he gets stranger and funnier the more you look at him.  That uncolored bow visible behind his hat is a strange feminine touch for a vintage something with a top hat.  I wondered if there are two different piggy banks made from this one mold, and they decided to just ignore the bow.  What makes this guy special is the lever in the coin slot that tips his hat whenever you put a coin in the bank.  It still works, as you can see in the rightmost picture.  I think he might have been made in Japan—he is that lightweight plastic, and his painted face sure looks made-in-Japan strange.  There isn’t a mark on him, so he remains a delightful mystery.  I haven’t made up my mind what to do with him, but until he stops making me laugh, he’s sitting on a shelf in my house.

Thank for coming along for the fun.  See you next week with more strange and wonderful stuff.

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12 Responses to Mysterious Friday Finds

  1. The piggy bank makes me smile. I have a few items in my various collections that have the same effect on me and I bought them just because of that.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It’s so nice of you to say that and make me feel normal. If people bought things that made them smile, the world would be a whole different place!

  2. I love the little piggy bank! What a cutie pie! Great-looking hat, too.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. fran says:

    I had a piggy bank like that. it didn’t have a hat that i remember but it was yellow with the same face. It was from the 60’s. it might still be in my mom’s closet which looks like a thrift shop.

    • kathy & deb says:

      I think there might have been more than one version of this piggy bank since they didn’t paint the ribbon around the neck. Hmmm … I’ll have to look online for more examples.

  4. Maria T (PiscesSiren) says:

    True confession: My Mom has that clock too! Got it at J.C. Penneys. She loves it, what’s a daughter to do? Love the blog!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Taste is such an individual thing and we hear all the time from people who like what we cringe at. I will say that the way style swings around, that you just have to wait for things to come back into fashion. My own dear mother adores those country geese and still has them around her house. I still love her and she just shakes her head at me!

  5. Vivianne says:

    The vases did not require another hole for the cord because they most likely would have been affixed to a footed wooden stand. The cord would be passed through a hole in the stand then passed between the feet.

    There is a tutorial showing the process at

    • kathy & deb says:

      Now why didn’t we think of that! Thanks for the link and information; there is such a wealth of knowledge on the internet.

  6. Boyd Sturgess says:

    Those kitchen wares interest me, I would probably buy those. Thanks for sharing your mysterious Friday.

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