Friday Finds, as Usual

I am not even going to mention the weather this week, other than to say it is spring in Colorado, and it is crimping our garage sale style.  Even the estate sales have been few and far between, and the last one I went to was the most boring thing I have ever seen.  They even had boring sewing stuff.  How is that possible?  All I can say, is let the sun shine, and have at those garages full of junk; we need a fix!

Never fear, though, the thrifts had plenty of the normal kind of stuff to keep us amused, or at least horrified.  You know the person responsible for inventing plastic has a lot to answer for, like this:

Bad Asian PictureMAYBE if this still life was a well executed watercolor, it might be bearable.  I am probably going out a limb saying that, but as a giant petroleum-based wall dust catcher, it is ghastly.  I bet at some time in the past it had a slightly altered mirror image friend.  We can only be pleased that it managed to lose itself before it hit the store.  Surely a blank wall would be a better choice?

Frankly, I ignored this next item last time I wrote a post, hoping my partner in crime would take it to write about, because honestly, it terrifies me:

Nurse ClockIt was fairly large, made of resin, and we were not sure if the head was supposed to move to the ticking of the clock or not, but at this point in its life, it was wobbling rather alarmingly.  Something like this in my doctor’s office would be enough to convince me to never set foot in there again, even if I was having a massive stroke at the time.  Or perhaps this would be the cause of said stroke.  This is another one of those things that really makes you wonder who would buy it in the first place?  As a point of information, it was gone the next week.  Yeah, I am worried too.

Now we thought this was rather fun:

Awesome tin can artI could totally see this on my patio with a nice candle in it.  Preferably citronella, just in case those skeeters can fly in the wind that is howling around here.   (Said I wasn’t going to … I lied.)  We thought that someone was terribly crafty and made this themself.  Imagine our surprise to find a commercial label on the bottom.  It’s still fun.  We hope they used recycled cans to make them, just to make it eco-friendly too.

We swear we don’t set these up:

Least sensitive ethnic displayFor heaven’s sake.  The Native Americans are lovely people with wonderful art and culture, and this is what you do to them?  The two figures in front are pretty goggle-eyed about the whole thing.  Looking at the photo, I remember the animal as being a buffalo, but it is one ODD looking buffalo.  Sort of like a bighorn sheep headed buffalo.  Weird.  Guess you would be pretty wide-eyed, if that were standing behind you too.

Just to prove we have hit a couple of sales here and there, these next two pix came from the same sale.  This little fridge was cute as a button:

Old FrigidaireAnd here are the innards:

Old Frigidaire insideIt was only about 4 and 1/2 feet tall.  Can you imagine that being all the fridge space you need?  This one is old enough, it could have been someone’s first real refrigerator.   My mom remembers still having an icebox in the ’40s, as they lived way out on a ranch.  I always think of how excited that housewife was to have this delivered to her home all shiny and new.  Must have been quite the day.

She was probably pretty excited about this too:

Interesting old mink coatIs that a spiffy coat or what?  A real mink collar and that lovely brocade.  Whip out your little black gloves and nifty hat with a jaunty feather, and you were ready for a night on the town.  I hope someone who was going to wear it picked up this one.  It sure is fun.

We just couldn’t figure out what was going on with these:

Weird PotsI understand why you would rather be fishing than looking at this odd pot with bizarre symbols on it and some fake greenery coming out of the top.  I don’t think you have to announce it though.  Just go … and take the pot with you.  I guess the other one is supposed to be a wishing well with some climbing roses.  It’s pretty useless as a pot with that bucket twist-tied in the way.  I don’t remember if we picked it up to check, but it sure looks like your basic Capodimonte.  Sometimes those Italians should be ashamed of themselves.

Frequently footwear is not a pretty thing, or a comfortable one:

Why?Who doesn’t need furry high-heeled zebra boots?  Apparently, a whole lot of folks, as I believe we found these in the 99¢ room at Goodwill.   This is another instance where the photo is not nearly as bad as the actual item.  Take my word for it.  Ugh.  I have never understood high-heeled boots anyway.  Could be that I am from a place where it gets snow and ice, but if you ask me, those are just a broken ankle waiting to happen.  And if I were wearing them, the result would be completely inevitable.

Looking back on my notes, I realized this is another one of those posts where I described most things, as “bad” or ” weird”  Even this next one was listed as “weird”:

Painted Wooden Russian BankPainted Wooden Russian Bank2                                                                                                                                                                We actually thought it was kind of cute, but the fact that it was a bank struck us as rather odd.  It was fairly small, and the hole inside probably wouldn’t have held more that 15 to 20 pennies, so I guess you had better not be saving up for a big ticket item, as you are never going to make it on that pile of change.  The little ladybug on the side still made us smile, but we think those Russians had better stick to their nesting dolls, and leave the banks to your basic piggy variety.

If you have been following our Facebook feed (If you haven’t, why not?  Check out the link and subscribe.  Make sure you mark to get notifications, as otherwise you only see about half our posts!), we have been featuring some fun vintage Valentine and Easter cards.  Since Deb and I are both April babies, we thought we would share some of the birthday cards that came from the same place as the others:

1930s and 1940s Birthday CardsI would have been thrilled to get any of these on my special day!  Heck, I was tickled to buy the whole batch to share with you!

Hope you find some good things this week, and if you don’t, you know where to send the evidence!


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