False Alarm

When you look in the dictionary, under the definition of “cockeyed optimists”, you will probably see a photo of us.  That is why the first time a daffodil or crocus pokes its head out, we will call it spring.  It’s supposed to snow this Friday.  OK, maybe it was a false alarm.  Nope, we are still going to call it spring, and go fling our bodies over our precious flowers, or at least cut the daffodils and bring them inside, so we can still pretend while the snow swirls in eddies around the house.  However, there is one thing we CAN rely on: a never-ending supply of stuff to keep us, and hopefully our readers, amused.  We were totally caught up on pictures, and were worried we wouldn’t find enough for a post.  Ha, that will never happen, so here we go.

Here is one for the avid sportsman in your life:

Colorado Pine FishI don’t know why Colorado would have the monopoly on this creature.  I bet he can be caught in other streams besides our pure mountain waters.  I have to admit, I found this funny.  I would have brought it home, but hubby would not have been least bit amused.  Sometimes he has no sense of humor.  I think that all those serious fisherfolk would not care for this.  They take their trout without giggles, thank you very much.

I actually like Bisquick and use it pretty regularly.  I also love their pamphlet cookbooks, and I think I even have a biscuit cutter of theirs somewhere.  They can have this tin back:

Hey Bisquick the 1970s called and they want their tin backOMG, all the worst ’70s colors all in one place—gold, avocado and brown.  The ONLY saving grace to this whole thing was the recipe on the other side.  At least that might have been useful.  I guess I will also give them brownie points for a canister big enough to store an entire box of Bisquick in.  What is it with people making flour canisters that won’t hold a whole five-pound bag of flour?  Same with sugar.  What use is a canister if you still have a bag of said item sitting on your pantry shelf?  Sorry, tiny pet peeve coming to the forefront.

This not only made us laugh, but we got at least one other customer going with our chortling:

You need a book for this?Well, if you have to buy the book, seems like you are defeating the entire purpose.  Now I see it says you should know these techniques by heart, but seriously, this was a pretty hefty book.  By the time I memorized it, I would be so done with cooking that I would never set foot in a kitchen again.  I suppose this just hit me as funny, as I cook without a book all the time; I thought that just came with the territory.  I should probably not make fun of folks who don’t cook, but I do, so slap me 100 times with a wet noodle.

Hold onto your hats, we found another one:

OMG there is another oneRemember last week?

OMG not much betterOne loyal reader suggested this was a holder for wine, but with this week’s totally square model, I think that idea is no good.  I think I am going to go back to the idea that this might be to hold napkins down on a windy picnic table.  Rather than a duck with a broken neck, I think a rock would be just a dandy solution.

We thought this was rather special:

Elegant Covered Serving DishIt was a beautiful gravy boat with a sweet subtle pattern of white on white.  It was dainty, luxurious, and marked Haviland, unfortunately, it had a little accident:

Elegant Haviland Serving Dish repairsThose silver pieces are staples.  This was an accepted way to repair china back in the day.  At least they were still able to match the plates.  We actually love it when something is so precious that folks take the time to lovingly repair it.  In this day of throw-it-away, that is a rarity indeed.

We can bet that no one wore this apron while serving a meal out of the above china:

Crazy old Gingham apronThis seems like a pretty crazy conglomeration of gingham.  We are hoping they raided the scrap bag, and didn’t go out on purpose to buy these colors.  This is one apron that might look better after you cooked a while in it.  Wonder if she used a book?  To cook or to craft!

Someone mentioned that they thought last week’s cat needed jeweled eyes, well we found one to fit the bill:

Poor little kittyWhat made this one particularly funny was the offset placement of the blue rhinestones.  Good thing there weren’t pupils involved, or that would be one cross-eyed cat.  I spent some time squinting at this trying to decide if it would be any better with no eyes at all.  I think it would be a tiny bit better, but still only fit for target practice.  I have seen much cuter calico cats.  Heck, probably even drug some home!

We thought this was pretty funny, too:

Relic of a time gone byAnd yes, it was still in the box:

Relic of a time gone by 2The amazing thing about this was how much it weighed.  I am pretty sure it came in at more than my regular iron weighs!  I know fabrics were less forgiving, and there was no way you were supposed to be seen in public at less than your best, but I think if I had to schlep this through the airport, I would take wrinkles any day.  I bet it does work like a champ, though.  We probably should have snagged it, as many modern irons don’t get nearly hot enough for linens, etc.

While on the subject of travel, we did find a cutie patootie souvenir:

Super cute German BearIsn’t this just the cutest German bear?  We wondered why it was at the thrift store.  Someone FINALLY took our advice, brought home something cute, and it was rejected.  It’s a wonder this poor girl is still smiling.  Seriously people, you are lucky you didn’t get a plastic statue of a beer stein.  You should be grateful!

I thought I would end with something green in honor of the Irish Holiday that just passed.  I warn you now, it is not Irish, just green, and then some:

Over the top lampThe acid green shown in the photo is pretty darn close to the actual color.  It’s OK, just take deep breaths and relax.  The seizure will pass.  I have to admit for a fondness for those nifty fiberglass shades, but I wasn’t tempted by this green one, or the lamp whose topper it was.  I even avoided bringing  home the nice pair shown in the back.  I actually have one almost like those just waiting for me to rewire a lamp for it.  One of these days, I will finish that project, and see about sharing it with you all.

Hope you are not too hung over from all the green beer yesterday, and that spring really is on the way in your neck of the woods.  Our Easter post is coming up next week, as it falls unusually early this year, so be prepared for some crazy bunnies.

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6 Responses to False Alarm

  1. Karen says:

    I still use my Bisquick recipes, too! Love the pancake one! The shades are like the ones my mom used. Except no green, that’s weird!

    • kathy & deb says:

      That green shade was a darn strange color. The lamp was also pretty ugly and huge. There was no good angle to take a picture of it, which is a good thing for everyone. Bisquick pancakes are my whole childhood, but I don’t remember that canister, thankfully. Thanks for reading!

  2. tkarengold says:

    I was into collecting chalkware back in the day – ballerinas. I have a beautiful lamp in my bedroom. Her shade is not vintage, however, but I sure would love to get one of those – in good condition. I may start hunting one down. Sadly, they are so fragile.
    Cooking without a book. Hmmm…that’s too funny. How could a publisher even think that was a good idea?
    Great post, as always. I don’t always comment but I do read you every week!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Terri, so glad you’re hanging in there with us. We see those shades fairly often; they frequently need a little help, but they do make vintage lamps look “right”.

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Wow, to the green lamp! I’m imagining the room it once was in. *shiver* Love the shades, though – very cool. Poor little bear….what is on its ear? That calico kitty seems to have eyes set very poorly – I think it might walk in a circle! Want to say thanks for the wonderful swizzle sticks! They were a big hit with hubby, who enjoyed looking at them and is happy to have them displayed in something yet to be chosen, in the kitchen. We both especially love the Mr. Peanut one! Again, thank you for being so kind and sharing your treasures with us!

    • kathy & deb says:

      So glad the swizzle sticks made it safely to you and that you and your hubby like them. Having drawings helps our shopping karma so we thank you for entering the drawing! The bear had a bow with some sort of stag charm sewn to it. We are on a bad cat tear–but none are as bad as the poor calico kitty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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