Spring has Sprung

The Shelley quote, “O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” pretty much sums up this winter.  Yesterday, I found one of my garden flags that had blown away two months ago, in the back yard under a bush.  Yay, I found my flag, but I can’t understand how it got blown diagonally over the house—those are some swirling winds.  I hope spring is here for good, because lots of daffodils are up and trying to bloom.  They can be such babies if they get snowed on, yet they will come up in March!

We saw this and thought of a Doll Divas friend, Susannah:

Toilet Kit

This side of the box looks pretty innocuous, but take a gander inside and you will see what we mean:

Toilet Kit2

Saucy Suwi, Susannah’s  nom de plume on Doll Divas, is fascinated with dolly toilets.  This isn’t a secret; she has posted pictures of her doll toilet collection and it’s awesome!  No judgment here—everyone needs a hobby.  We would have bought this for her, except we’re not sure if the toilet is really fashion-doll size.  I guess it could be a potty chair for the toddler-sized doll.  Does anyone else find it terrifying that the roll of t.p. is bigger than the toilet?  That’s a flood just waiting to happen in real life.

Here is a horrifying party doodad:

Ice Cube Dentures   Ice Cube Dentures back

You freeze water in them and end up with denture ice cubes.  Now who wants to see that floating in their glass?  I was confused by the Fred logo—at first I thought that might be Grandpa’s name.  But a quick internet search by B.H. showed that Fred is a novelty company that makes some pretty odd stuff.  Also, we are not impressed with the French subtitles; there is no way to class up this product.

This was confusing:

Rolling Pin Candle Holder

At first, I thought it was a real rolling pin that someone had drilled holes in to make a candle holder.  Then, after picking it up, I could see that it was only half of a pin that didn’t roll, so no, this is just a decorative item.  Besides not being particularly decorative, there are a couple other design flaws.  First it’s wood, so that could be a problem if you leave your candle merrily burning while out of the room.  Second, since there is a grid pattern carved into the rolling pin, how do you ever get the dripped wax cleaned up?

Speaking of NOT being decorative:

Horror of a couch   Horror Couch 2

This upholstery fabric is a visual representation of what happens after a drinking binge meets Taco Bell. Ughhh, I think it would be a slam-dunk winner of the ugly couch contest because it was never, ever good.  Without a slip cover, the only use for this would be a fraternity’s couch of shame.

These aren’t your usual ball chain necklaces:


You can see them in relation to my size 9.5 shoes.  I know why they’re at the thrift store; I’m just not sure why anyone would buy them in the first place.  I guess they would make sturdy ceiling fan pulls, or gate chains, but the imagination boggles otherwise.

I’m not sure what this is, or why it exists:

fast food clay

It’s made of clay that’s been fired.  I get that it’s a meal with french fries and a strange pie.  You tell me what that rolled up fajita thing at the top is, and I hope that’s not supposed to be green chili drizzled over it.  All the food is either glued or fired onto the plate, so it’s only purpose is decorative, sigh.  Waste of good clay if you ask me, but it was gone so someone wanted it.

I have a fondness for these wooden Scandinavian creatures:

ne-armed troll warrior

He’s a pretty cute troll warrior, but they wanted $3.99 for him and he’s missing his left arm.  If he were 99¢, I might have fixed him with a wooden bead that had been stained and polyurethaned, but that seems like a lot of bother for something I don’t need and isn’t a deal.

We have some animal follies coming up.  It seems like these things are feast or famine and we feasted last week:

OMG not much better     OMG someone help that duck

We could see right a way that there was a problem with the design.  I’m not comfortable with either neck position, but obviously the one on the right is downright disturbing.  Why go to all the trouble of doing such a nice paint job on this poor duck?  Might as well put lipstick on a pig!

This was a nice try on the wood burl moose:

Burl Moose and Leather Whiskey

We give them extra points for making the fringey part of the burl the moose’s antlers, but it just didn’t quite work for us.  It’s still pretty abstract, although a lovely piece of wood.  For some reason, I kept reading Uruguay as “Whiskey” on the flask next to Mr. Moose.  I even said to Kathy, “Why would anyone put their nice whiskey in that ugly flask?”  Bifocals make life an adventure when I try to read things on the top shelf.

Now, which one would you rather cuddle with:

Which one would you rather cuddle with?

the cloth fellow on the left or the resin teddy on the right?  I hope that manufacturers stop making resin teddy bears—cloth bears are superior in every way!

What is going on in this bag?

What is going on in that bag?

The poor cat looks terrorized by the bear, even though she’s much bigger.  The sorters in the back should try and pair up compatible things.  I almost bought the poor cat just to free it from this disagreeable situation.

Here is another pitiful cat—although his expression is rather scornful:

Red Hot Siamese Kitty2  Red Hot Siamese Kitty

“Why red?”, was my first thought.  He might have actually been elegant and sleek if he were black instead of the inflamed and raw look that red gives him.  I’m also a little confused about what kind of cat he or she is supposed to be:  a Siamese, Bastet, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, or some other fictional cat that I’m not aware of?  Thank goodness he didn’t have rhinestone eyes; that would have been the final nail.  Cat lover supreme, Kathy, absolutely rejected him in no uncertain terms, so you know he’s bad.

Well, thanks for reading and pass us on to anyone who might need a laugh.  I found another spring quote that seems appropriate for us:


We are cock-eyed optimists, that’s what keeps us going treasure hunting week in and out.

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6 Responses to Spring has Sprung

  1. Susannah says:

    Love the toilet!

  2. Poor little Kitties!!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Indeed, they’re pitiful! Thanks for reading Theadora and we haven’t forgotten about the climbing kitties. Garage sale season is heating up and who knows what we will find.

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Laughing so hard, here! I was looking at the red cat and thinking, “They should have done sparkly eyes…” when I then read what you wrote underneath! I almost choked on my iced coffee! And in the background of the duck thingie picture there’s a blue cat with a great expression – not sure if he’s looking at the duck, or what. The ceramic food kills me! Proof that in most cases, food is NOT art. And the two bears…well, they look pretty happy to be together. Aaaaw! :>) This was an inspired post! As always, thanks for the laughs and smiles.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thank you for making us smile with your kind comment! I didn’t even notice the photobombing kitty in the duck picture–that poor duck had my full attention. How funny, too, that we both thought about rhinestone eyes and that red cat. Have a great weekend!

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