All By Myself

The flip side of Deb heading to Michigan, is that I am left here by myself to drag my bored body miserably through the thrift store aisles.  I don’t even have the company of the summer intern in the winter, as these past weeks he was either in school or home sick with a nasty cold.  Neither of which make him good company.  I do find that I start a few more conversations with random thrift store shoppers, or they start them with me, but it is still not the same.  I am afraid to point out that this thing is the most hideous thing ever made, for fear that our tastes won’t match, and I will offend someone mortally.  It took me three Fridays to come up with this lot, and they are pretty darn bad, as it is harder to think of things to giggle about when you are by yourself, but here we go.

I don’t know where to start with this:

20160226_093204.jpgIt’s purple.  Is that enough?  Looking at the photo, I remember it being a little more magenta-y, but either way, that is one wild color combo.  How did they find that many different colors of purple crochet thread?  I was glad the person in charge of making this gave up before they starched those ruffles into their full wavy glory.  Especially, as the doily was well over 18″ across.  It could turn the most beautiful antique table into something that any self-respecting guest would turn their gaze from in disgust.  Hope no one decides that this is just what they need, but I bet it will be gone next week.

Many of this week’s finds are just head scratchers.  Take this for example:

20160219_094757.jpgI am of the generation that had to have one of these for all my earrings (Now it takes an entire HUGE box, but I digress.), but why a GREEN lion?  At least I think it is a lion.  I was assuming the band on his head was part of a crown, so you would at least figure out that he is the king of beasts, but I could be wrong.  I had a perfectly normal pink cat.  Oh, maybe that explains the whole thing.  They were all weird-colored animals?  What color was yours?  [Deb here: my earring holder is a perfectly normal pink poodle.]

As I was gazing out across the store, I got a kick out of the displays on top of the racks:

20160219_095300.jpgIt hit me as looking like nothing so much as baskets of Tribbles just waiting for some Quadrotriticale to reproduce even more than they already had.  I did check and they didn’t purr.  I was terribly disappointed.  Sorry, there is some latent geek in me that gets out once in a while.

This picture tried so hard:

20160224_114658.jpgIt’s a three-dimensional ceramic plaque.  The framing job was pretty amazing, but one wonders why you would go to all the effort.  I thought it might have some amazing mark on the back and be collectible and all that.  Nope, zip, nada.  Just a big old piece of odd colored ceramic in a nice frame.  Just one of those WTF things.

Here is another nice thing ruined by a bad thing.  In this case the frame is the culprit:

20160212_092943.jpgThe butterflies were very pretty, and if you were into that sort of thing, it could be nice, but what is with the gravel glued around it?  It’s a wonder the insects didn’t fold up their wings in shame.  Honestly.  Now I suppose if you could take the butterflies and put them in the frame from the plaque and vice versa, then you could keep one thing and use the other for target practice.  Not a doable solution, but still a thought.

I spent far too many minutes of my life trying to figure out how they made this:

20160212_092207.jpgYeah, I get that they stuffed some ugly flowers in an ugly basket, but the flowers themselves stumped me.  Take a closer look:

20160212_092152.jpgIt’s like they were some sort of gooey clay dunked in lacquer to make them shiny.  I suppose if we dig down deep enough into the archives of craft pamphlets there will probably be directions for them somewhere, but I am not quite crazy enough to do that.  I certainly wouldn’t want to replicate the process.  I also wondered if, perhaps, at some earlier date they were brighter colors as well.  Not saying that would be better, just wondering.

These aren’t necessarily bad, but not necessarily good either.  I spotted this one first:

20160212_092736.jpgSomeone had dropped off a pig collection, as there were way too many porkers on the shelf.  This one was the most relaxed, though.  Just a couple of steps down the aisle I saw this:

20160212_092750.jpgWell, at least the bear is still awake while reading his book.  What is up with animals, books and chairs?  Neither of these would have caught my attention, if there hadn’t been both of them.  Just thought it was odd.  Wonder what they are reading?  (Probably the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks, right?) I guess we know which story was better.

I will grant that these are fabulous, but they make my feet hurt just looking at them:

20160212_091017.jpgNow the funny thing is, you are not seeing the other shoe behind the first one.  That odd platform is part of the same shoe!  I guess they felt the need to have more room for rhinestones?  I think these look like a twisted ankle and a bunion just waiting to happen.  Bet they didn’t get a whole lot of wear.  I always thought there was something to be said for sedan chairs.  Then you could wear outrageous shoes, and never really have to walk in them.  Someone should get right on that.

After you have waded through all the above craziness, you deserve a picture of something cute.  How about this:

20151023_095658.jpgThis adorable little dolly bed was about two feet long.  Just right for your favorite baby doll or teddy bear.  It was in remarkable shape.  I found it listing to one side, but the missing caster was carefully put with it, so it could be repaired and ready to go in no time.  I felt bad leaving it there, but wished it a speedy journey to a special home to be a place for a special toy.

Well, Deb has returned, so the world had better watch out on Friday, as we are baaaaack!

We did the drawing for the swizzle sticks and the winners are:  Fran (from Doll Divas), Stephanie Gazell, and Brenda Burns-Jalowiec.  Please contact us at or leave a comment here with your address.  Thanks to all that played.

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