Weirdly Entertaining

You will have to excuse me if Miss Cranky Pants makes another appearance.  She showed up last time when the wind had been blowing for days.  Well, now she is back to whine about the 17 inches of snow that fell on us.  Yes, I know it snows in Colorado, I’ve lived here my whole life, and sometimes it snows a lot, and sometimes it doesn’t, but I think I am just getting grumpier about it all.  There is so much ice packed onto the road where I live that the neighbors have named the glacier.  Seriously, that groundhog had better be right!

Luckily, there are plenty of things to grouse about and work out my frustrations.

This was definitely one of those WTF things:

Squash GarlandWho would need a squash garland and what the heck for?  Drape it over your doorway?  Deck the mantel?  Use it for a jump rope?  The scary thing was, there were more than one of these.  You could have yards of gourds for your decorating pleasure.  The crazy leaves and twigs sticking out at odd angles pretty much polished off any hope of there being any redeeming value to this,  never mind those oddball pine cones.  Take a look:

Squash Garland close upIn general, we refrain from making too much fun of beginner ceramics, especially if we feel they were done by a kid, but this was just to big a target not to take a swing at:

Demonic Squirrel Cookie JarIt’s the Zombie Christmas Squirrel, everyone!  Or maybe it’s the blind squirrel that finds a nut once in a while to prove the old saying.  I actually saw a documentary that said that squirrels are able to find over 90% of the nuts they hide.  Who knew?  But, I digress.  It was probably self-defense, as I can’t seem to think of even one good thing to say about this.  We did turn it around to find that they had attempted to paint an eye on the other side:

It's really not much better from this sideIt looks a tiny bit better, but I think the best solution would have been to have it explode in the firing process.  To make matters worse, this one doesn’t even have the charm of coming from a child’s tiny hands.  Nope, nothing good.

As Deb is a former nurse (can you ever be a former nurse?), things like this catch our eye:

Nurse statuesWe thought they were charming.  Nicely made in Japan and painted really well, but why?  I suppose they would make a sweet gift, if your nurse were into that kind of thing, but what they probably want is a thank you and giant cup of coffee.  Imagine how many they could receive if they got one for every baby’s birth?  Oddly enough, two of them sold right away, leaving one poor girl on vigil by herself.  She must have drawn the short straw.

We are not sure why we keep finding Raggedy Anns, unless someone dumped an entire collection at the thrift store, and they are putting it out in dribs and drabs to keep from terrifying the general public.  Pity the poor child with this hanging on her wall:

Giant Fabric Raggedy AnnShe is missing the cute eyes and smile of the regular Raggedy, and has to contend with this unruly mop of hair:

The full 3D effectThat sure is a lot of surface to catch dust.  Of course, you could take it off the wall, drag it over the furniture, and save the trip to the cleaning cupboard to get the feather duster.  I find it amazing that someone was so proud of it they signed it.  I would have tried to sneak it off my craft table and hope someone else took the credit for it.

Here is another head scratcher:

Clothing SaunaIs it a space age changing room?  A pop-up telephone booth for Superman? (By the way, what does that poor man do these days?  Hide behind an iPad and hope no one notices the transformation?)  A time out box for your little princess?  Well, after careful consideration, and walking around it, we noticed a spot on the side that says “steam”, so we are betting it’s a sauna for your clothes.  Just think how relaxed they will be.  I suppose it was really for getting the wrinkles out of clothes, but somehow, even I, think an iron would be a whole lot less trouble.

We sort of feel bad that the fad for these seems to have passed:

Pair o' head vasesWe are seeing more of them at thrifts.  That could be because of the prices; these were priced at around $9 each and they both had some issues.  We actually like the pink one best, as she is really a wall pocket.  We enjoyed seeing other folks’ collections of these, and thankfully neither of us had to drag them home.

I always make a quick note to myself, after looking at the media files, so I know what I am going to write about this week.  For some reason half the stuff on my list is described as weird.  Can’t imagine why—take this for example:

Eye lashes plus color equals failNow surely the instructions for this could NOT have looked like this.  Otherwise, no one in their right mind would ever make it.  Of course, I don’t know how you could change it to make it any better.  Maybe some other color yarn; that mauvy pink is pretty disgusting.  Perhaps lose the eyelashes, but then again, how would you know it is a girl whatsis?  All I know is that the grandchild gifted with this, managed to lose it in the thrift store box just as fast as possible, and who could blame them?

Our Goodwill gets castoff stuff from stores on a regular basis.  Usually, there are scads of the same thing that give us our clue.  In this case, I saw something similar at a store, so I knew this was a discard.  I am not asking why they got rid of it, just asking why there were some still in the store?

Weird wood shaving flower frameIt seems like it belongs on the island of Misfit Toys, as it is a square wreath.  To make matters worse, it is made with dyed wood shavings wrapped around dowels and shoved into a base.  See:

Wood shaving frame close upI guess I should not forget to mention the ubiquitous glitter, but I think you can see that for yourself.  It’s pretty much an all around ugh!

Just to make us all better, I am going to end with a cutie:

Kid's record playerEven with the clowns and sort of scary dolls, we liked this child’s record player:

Kid's record player 2I’m wondering what the speeds in the bottom left-hand corner are.  I get the 33 and 45 rpm, but what does the “N” mean?  Neutral, naughty, nuclear?  Wasn’t it a much simpler time when, with this and a record, life would be good?  You could even play this one:

Bobby Sherman LivesI am going to have to place the blame for this one on Deb, as I am just that much younger than she is, so never drug the Bobby Sherman record home!  [Deb here:  I’ve never dragged one of his albums home either!  I just know who he is. 😉 ]

We hope winter is easing her icy grip on the world where you live!  If you haven’t been watching our Facebook page, you might want to give it a peek, as we are posting some really cute 1930s Valentines there every day till the 14th.  Stay tuned next week for our annual Valentine post.

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