Both of us have work spaces in our respective homes.  It’s where we play, craft, take photos, etc.  Mine has been a disaster area since we moved two years ago, as it is only a temporary area in the basement till we get the basement done.  It has also been a repository of “things I am going to get to”.  The busier I am, the worse it gets.  I decided to dive in a week or so ago, and see if I could find enough room to at least accomplish something.  While digging through the detritus, I found several things set aside that I wanted to scan for the blog.  As the pile kept growing, I knew I was in business!  There are some dolly things included, so for our non-doll readers, read on, as I think there is something for everyone.

I think I will start with a couple of cookbooks.  All are the pamphlet style that we love so well.  First off we have Tips for Teens from Carnation:

scan0004This swell-looking teen reminds one of the Francie doll from Mattel, doesn’t she?  I swear the same artist did some of the fashion booklets.  The book is a little preachy on saving your allowance, looking attractive, hosting parties and helping around the house, but it really was pretty spot-on advice, and it was probably better coming from here than from Mom.  And when all was said and done, you could host a groovy party to entice your favorite beau:


This next cookbook had such wonderful mid-century graphics that it was irresistible:

scan0006I think cooks should be praised at all times, especially when I am cooking.

This picture actually reminded me of Barbie, as here she is in all her ponytailed glory.  Am I right?

scan0008Of course, this is after she settles down, marries Ken, and has those 2.4 children, a dog and this cat:

scan0007Oops, sorry, I cropped the recipe for corndogs, but I bet you can get by without it, although this feline seems to have visions of them dancing in his head.

Maybe I will finish out the dolly references, so you can move on, for those not interested.  A friend recently gave me one of the early Barbie magazines, and I was tickled to see some outfits that never made it into production.  Wonder if these were real prototypes?  First off, we have Ken’s matching costume from Japan:

scan0011It’s a great match, and doesn’t look too hard to produce.  Wonder why they never made it?

And here is the answer to a puzzler that every Barbie collector has had.  What the heck was supposed to go with that darn wolf head in Little Red Riding Hood.  In the produced model there was only the wolf mask, leaving Ken naked from the neck down.  Here is our answer:

scan0010A furry top and checkered pants.  And for dressing up as granny:

scan0009Add a cap, blanket and furry slippers.  It would have been a pretty amazing set, and it was a shame it never hit the market.  Makes you wonder what else Mattel was hiding up their sleeves, or under their wolf mask.

Before we head back to some more cooking, how about some “instant” crafts:

scan0016Seriously, they claim these are made up in a jiffy.  Here is the back cover too:

scan0017I did macrame, long ago in those crazy tween years, when it was in fashion, and I tell you, there is NOTHING instant about either of these.  I bet there are a least a dozen of each of these packed away in a closet somewhere, half finished (if they made it that far) and waiting for those final knots to be placed.  It’s never gonna happen.  I am going to go out a limb here and admit that I kinda like both of them, but I always did have a thing for fringe.  Not that I am heading out for some yarn to get started.  By the way, in case you were wondering, the date on the book is 1971.

OK,  a bit more cooking here.  I always get a kick out of vintage cookbooks claiming to be Mexican.  Most of the time they make a regular meat and potatoes dish, add 1/8th of a teaspoon of chili powder, and warn that you can use less, if it is too spicy.  This one actually might have gotten you a Mexican dish:

scan0014They used chili by the tablespoon!  Of course, it was from San Antonio, a little closer to the source, so it has a much better chance of being authentic.  What I really liked here was on the back cover:

scan0015You may have to click on the picture to read the contents, but it was a whole boxed dinner for $1.00.  You got chili con carne, beans, tamales, deviled chili meat (for the life of me I don’t know what that is) and a bottle of their chili powder in a lovely souvenir box.  What deal.  Mexican delivered to your door in 1923!  Probably scared them to death in Vermont.

Here we have one of the earliest Jell-O cookbooks I have seen:

scan0012This is the back of the booklet, as the front has the same photo, but in worse shape.  This one is dated 1930, and is probably the beginning of the jelled food salad craze that comes to its zenith in the ’50s.  Doesn’t this make you want to run right out and grab a box of Jell-O?

scan0013Frankly, the whole idea just scares me.  I think most of these salads would make great props in the cantina scene in Star Wars.  Either the old film, or the new one, take your pick.  See, we aren’t above riding the fanatic fan wave either!

I picked up this last item at the same sale as the Jell-O and Gebhart’s cookbooks.  I wish it had been in better shape, but it was so unusual, that I took it home anyway.  I think it was all of a quarter, so what the heck.

scan0018This was a small envelope with recipe cards from Log Cabin Maple syrup.  The envelope claimed two dozen ways to use Log Cabin.  I think they were reaching when they suggested I put it on my grapefruit.

I cheated a bit on this last one, as it is a photo and a scan, but you do what you can.  I apologize for the ear worm in advance, and for those that don’t know it, click here:

Adams GameI loved this show, and I never knew there was a game!  Of course around this time TV shows dominated the toy market, and if was popular on TV, you can bet there was some sort of toy attached to it.  I seem to remember a box that had a battery operated Thing in it at one time, but it could be wishful thinking.  Here is a quick look at some of the cards inside:

scan0001I love that Fester and Lurch are “Wild”.  We have not attempted to play it yet, but it may be a fantastic thing for the next Halloween party.

Well, at least that is one stack of fun stuff that can be put away, and maybe there will be a tiny bit of open space on the craft desk!  Thanks for reading, and if you know someone that might get a kick out of our blog, please pass it along, we would love to get a whole bunch of new readers in 2016!

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17 Responses to Scanners

  1. tkarengold says:

    Hmmmm….mayonnaise and jello…..I don’t think so. I have never made nor have I ever seen or been served a jello salad. I would taste it but I do prefer my salad crispy.

    I do love these old pamphlets. The graphics are divine. I can’t imagine what the Tips for Teens were back in the day.


    • kathy & deb says:

      We got jello salads at Grandma’s house and church dinners. Believe me, you aren’t missing a thing! I do remember liking jello fruit salads, which is a whole ‘nother animal. I’ve even had coleslaw in orange flavored jello—ghastly!

  2. Barbara says:

    I remember eating Jello Salads. I can’t remember if I liked them or not but the fruit ones are better. Love the cookbooks.

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    I so enjoyed this post – love the doll photos – the “Francie” art and the macrame pics – oh, my past is calling – I had so many macrame vests! ;>) Say, I have a Chili’d Meat card image that you might enjoy – of course, it might be from the inside of the Gebhardt cookbook. Anyway, email me if you’d like it!

  4. Karen says:

    WOW, those are so interesting! I got a kick out of the Ken in wolf-granny clothes! Today I’m back in Northglen, Co. There’s a Mile high thrift store here, very neat and I clean store and so much to see! I found a small bar b-que set that will be cool with 12″ dolls! Thanks for sharing your fun blog.

    • kathy & deb says:

      That magazine with the Barbie and Ken sets was so interesting to us too. Wish they had made some of those outfits. Yay, glad you got some thrifting in. Hope it wasn’t snowing too hard in Northglen.

  5. giarte says:

    i seem to recall a “thing” hand type bank, that would grab a coin you put in front of it.

  6. Steph Gazell says:

    I’m not sure if a picture will work here, but I’ll try it anyway! Here’s the Deviled Chili Meat card:


  7. Vivianne says:

    The Addams Family “Thing” box was a bank and can be seen at the following links:

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