Old Business For the New Year

Whew, got it mostly done, wrapped, and mailed by Christmas—even with our lovely house guests from Texas.  In fact, I just need to do a little sewing and it’s all good.  Well, that and write a blog post since Kathy wrote last week’s post.

There is a real mishmash of finds in this post: one Christmas leftover, some estate sales, and even a couple of thrift store treasures.

This craft is a twofer—an estate sale and Christmas picture:

Wooden Spoon Reindeer

He looks kind of goofy, but I think this is a craft project with possibilities.  Kids, or the young at heart, wouldn’t have many problems gluing wooden spoons together.  The rest is just glue, pompoms, felt, and imagination.  I still have my clothespin reindeer that my nephew made me oh-so-many years ago.

Let’s look at some estate sale finds from a couple of months ago:

Monogrammed case

This nice monogrammed leather case was mysterious.  What would you use it for?  Here is a picture of the inside:

nside monogrammed case

Do you think it could be for ties?  It was about a one and a half feet long, but you could fold your ties over the hanger at the top and snap the strap over to keep things in place.  You would have to be devoted to your ties to carry a special case while traveling.  On the other hand, I recognized the name monogrammed on the case as a retired urologist.  I hope this isn’t a traveling case for the tools of his trade!  Although, plaid can make anything classy.

We saw this room divider at the same estate sale that had the leather case.  It reminded me of being in a seraglio:

Looking out the seraglio window

But given the glare from the windows, maybe the wooden screens are a good idea.  Plus, it provides a little privacy without cutting out all the light.

We knew what this was the minute we saw it:

Hair Art

The way my hair falls out, I could make one of these pictures monthly.  It was one of the biggest hair art pictures we’ve ever seen.  I kind of want a piece of Victorian hair jewelry—but I would rather do a treasure hunt kind of purchase.  We enjoy those so much!  Here’s a close-up of the picture design:

Hair details

The idea of using hair to make art or jewelry creeps some people out (I see you, B.H.) but I think it’s kind of cool.  I have to confess that I dragged B.H. to the Capuchin crypt in Rome to see the designs made from the bones of the friars buried there; it’s possible that I might have a different threshold for creepy!

Here is something that I bought at an estate sale, and it isn’t creepy:

Estate Sale Pin   Estate sale pin side shot

I think that the stone might be a piece of rock crystal, but it’s hard for me to tell.  It has a lot of facets, but I’m not fooling myself that it’s a diamond.  The whole pin is only about an inch and a half long.  It looks Victorian to me in style; best of all it was only $2.

Why would anyone do this to a poor polar bear?

Sad Polar Bear Lamp

The lamp hardware comes right out of the top of his head and inserts you know where!  I would love to see the lampshade; does it look like snow, is it furry, is it an igloo?  The possibilities are endless.

This pile was just the tip of the Lifesaver iceberg:

Life savers anyone?

There were boxes full of Life Savers in the basement of this house.  It would be a lifetime supply for most candy stores; we weren’t sure why anyone would have that many rolls stacked up in the basement.  He certainly wasn’t a doomsday prepper unless he lived on air and candy.

Well, onward and upward–let’s look at some old thrift store finds:

Aluminum Tray ready to ruin

We’ve never seen an undecorated aluminum tray before.  In fact, we just assumed that all of those trays were commercially made.  Shows what we know!  Love the name—Maid-o’-Metal; it’s Fun! it’s Easy! it’s Cheesy!  It was pretty sturdy, so you would have to etch it to decorate.  I guess you might be able to emboss it if you were Superman.

It has been a pretty harmless post right up until now.  Does it help if I apologize in advance?

Toxic Cookie Jar  Topless Raggedy Ann

I think that either of these cookie jars would scare the bejeebus out of the cookies inside, not to mention the poor, defenseless children who would have to touch them to obtain sugar nirvana.  Little “I’m a real boy” on the left looks like a Raggedy Andy made by someone who had only had Andy described to them, but had never seen a picture of one.  Poor, topless Raggedy Ann on the right would turn your cookies to stones in arid Colorado.  The lid does serve a purpose besides insulating your goodies from the horror that is your cookie jar.  If you had these jars on your counter for kiddos, I guess you could console yourself with the thought that you were teaching them a life lesson: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Sorry, the horror isn’t over just yet:

Isn't she lovely?

OMG, if you’re going to make something this hideous, just make it in neutral colors so we aren’t forced to look at it!  I don’t know any kids that would want to play with this sexed-up monkey, and if I got this for Valentine’s Day, I would set it on fire right in front of the giver!  I apologize for all the exclamation points, but those lips forced me to type them!

As an apology, I have two nice things to end with:

Napkin Umbrella

It’s still in the box, and I bet they never even used it.  What a sweet way to handle napkins at your bridge party or a shower.  We’ve taken pictures of the napkin girls, but I’m not sure we’ve showed off an umbrella before.

I’ve always liked the look of this kind dishes:

Aluminum Dessert cups

We always admire the aluminum ware, and then leave it sitting there on the shelf.  I hope the set was taken home by someone who loved them.

Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us throughout the year.  We appreciate you all, and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!




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4 Responses to Old Business For the New Year

  1. Even with my husband’s fondness of monkeys… I would never bestow this sexed up version upon him.

  2. Vivianne says:

    Good eye, as that is a travel case for men’s ties and was used exactly as described. Such cases are still used and sold by many leather good stores. Here (http://www.theinternationalman.com/img/categories/hermes-tiebox.jpg) is a link to a photo of a modern case from Hermès that is very similar to the one in your photo.

    Happy New Year and I look forward to another great year of your discoveries!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Vivianne for the link. B.H. refuses to wear ties (except for funerals) so needless, to say we don’t take ties on trips. We appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge; you didn’t hear it here, but we don’t know everything! 😉 Happy New Year! Deb and Kathy

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