Phoning It In

I was in New Orleans with my sisters this last week, so I had to write the post waaay ahead of time (eight days is impossibly far in the future in my world).  This is usually the point where we do crazy crafts, collections, or book review posts.  Those are timeless kinds of articles that you can plug in wherever you need them.  If only I had some pictures ready to roll—poor planning and procrastination is my motto, as opposed to Kathy who has things done weeks before her deadline.  Opposites attract!  Luckily, I remembered that I had a whole folder of camera phone pictures of my own.  So, consider this a companion piece to Kathy’s post Phoney Pictures.  BTW, if I find enough cool things in New Orleans, I’ll do a post about my trip.

I took this set of four pictures at two separate thrift stores months apart:

Rope Burro without Bling2     Rope Burro without Bling

and then:

Rope Burro2  Rope Burro

Obviously they’re the same pattern that has been interpreted by different crafters.  I found both of them sooo cute in their own weird ways.  I have seen similar craft patterns, but had never run into the finished product before.  I didn’t bring either of them home because they don’t fit into any of my collections, and, seriously, there is no room at the inn!

This vintage tape dispenser was pretty amusing:

Scotch Dispenser   Scotch Dispenser2

It was made in the time when things were made to last forever!  As you can see, it’s still rolling out the sticky stuff after 50+ years.  The downside of this kind of office supplies is that these items are heavy and bulky.  Plus, I’m not sure if you can even find a roll of tape to fit this monster.  On the other hand, don’t you love the label on the end?

I think that I posted this on FB, asking folks what they thought this set of bowls was designed for:

Dishes   Dish Closeup

I don’t think anyone had any real insight, although it looks vaguely like a seafood dish to me.  Now that I’m looking at them again, it sort of looks like a wide open fish mouth, so that’s probably where the seafood association comes from.  Plus, those pointy bits kind of look like the tips of shells.  That color is what I call knock-out red.

We think these figurines are way too close to clowns:

Pearls on a pig   Lipstick on a pig

I know that Red Skeleton played a character, Freddie the Freeloader, in the 1950s where he was sort of a loveable bum.  That was probably the heyday of the Bum Chic movement in interior design, may it rest in peace.  Wish they had included these figurines in the funeral service!  Also, the addition of rhinestones is as effective as putting lipstick on pigs—just stop it!

I’ve totally blocked the memory of seeing this thing:

Oh dear God

I’m thinking that if I had really reacted to the horror of this poor kitty, I might have had some sort of seizure and knocked it off the shelf, putting all of us out of the misery of its existence.  The creators of this kind of figurine need to perform significant community service to balance their karmic scale.  Gak!

Here’s another animal that has a legitimate gripe against its creator:


Poor Frakenbunny was  never good—NEVER!  I pity the poor child who had this thing in their room, night after terrifying night.  Maybe it was an Easter decoration, which meant that it only saw the light of day only a few times a year.  That was more than enough.  Hopefully, the thrift store came to their senses and dropped this nightmare in a trash bin.

We saw this 3-D string art project at a garage sale:

3D string art for 10 and the chair is 4

We appreciate the effort that goes into making these kinds of pictures.  I like them better when kids do them in art class; I have several examples that my niece gave me and I treasure them.  The price tag, $10, is pretty puzzling when you consider the wooden chair behind it was only $4.  Seems like a much better deal to me.

If you’re going to make a macrame owl–this is the one you want:

Macrame Owl

It’s nicely made, looks like an owl, and isn’t too big—well done, crafter, well done.  I like the wrought-iron stand it’s hanging from also; wonder why one of us didn’t buy it?

ARC has a lot of fun with their mannequins at the entryway of their store:

I miss Mankini

Obviously, this picture came from last summer.  Love the confidence of the male figurine; reminds me of Mankini from The Soup, sniff sniff.

Well, that’s it for my camera pictures, but there are a few orphans floating around that I should use up:

We saw a few souvenir things, both good and bad:

Souvenir Plate

We frequently are amused by the National Parks and state souvenir plates.  The best things about them are the scenes that are chosen to represent the state or park.  This one is pretty representative of Yellowstone Park, and is even gilded.  I’ve seen state plates of Iowa, Indiana, and the Dakotas which celebrate bridges, churches, businesses and other everyday scenes.  I’ve seen S. Dakota and Iowa souvenir plates that predominately feature corn.  Why don’t they take pictures of some of the lovely natural scenes, rivers, etc. that exist in those fine states and use them?

I think that these are drink glasses you can get at touristy sorts of restaurants and bars:

Sounveir Drink Glasses

What I’m confused about is why you would keep them afterward?  Honestly, the only one that I could look at again might be the geisha.  These are the types of glasses that I use to root plants when forced to take them home.

Lastly, all three of these were on the shelf next to each other:

What's the odds all this was together on a shelf?

At first we were interested in the peacock picture made from pinecones? bark? or something of that nature.  It’s kind of cool, especially if you have a peacock fetish.  Then we glanced down and saw the shell hell right next to it.  I find the necklace on the left particularly heinous; that big old leopard shell as a pendant is so awkward.  I guess the elephant shell creature is okay, but not really necessary.

Thanks for stopping by.  We’ll be doing Christmas finds soon, so tune in for that.


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8 Responses to Phoning It In

  1. Debbie Miller says:

    The peacock is made of coconut shell-it goes thru a process when used for crafting, jewelry, etc.

  2. Meerkat says:

    The cat beats the bunny rabbit you first posted for astounding ugliness! Really impressive find. Congratulations. 😀 The tape despensor was pretty cool though.

    • kathy & deb says:

      We try to find only the best whether it’s the nicest or the uglies! Maybe we can rotate the bunny and the kitty in the showcase of the ugliest things ever on the front of the blog. The tape dispensor was to balance our shopping karma. 😉

  3. Andrea says:

    You really had me laughing, and so I had to explain myself to my fellow passengers here in our packed car. I just showed them the rabbit. “shell hell”, that is too funny, and all too common unfortunately.

  4. Vivianne says:

    Those [dishes] are vintage “Deviled Crab Baking Shells” for individual servings of Crab Imperial, also known as Deviled Crab. Below are links to two recipes for the dish and In the first link there is a photo of the same dishes.

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