It’s Not All Black This Friday

Being avid shoppers, you might think Deb and I weather the craziness of Black Friday.  Nope.  Not until they have Black Friday Estate Sales R Us are we going to join the insanity.  When that happens, all bets are off!  Until then, we will be staying home quietly toasting our toes in a warm houses, especially since we are due for some really chilly weather and snow.  We are going to enjoy a nice little mid-week shopping trip on Wed.  But … never fear, we always have a ton of photos stashed away to cheer you up while you are out there waiting in line for that 27-inch super screen TV, that is probably out of stock already, for $100.

Since we are talking colors, let’s start with some gold:

We give up, what were they trying for?Now this might have started out being a so-so craft project.  The gold box looks nicely made, and the gold was done pretty well.  The burlap on the lid … eh, but what is that mare’s nest that came to perch on the top?  I get that they probably had some leftover beads and old jewelry, but what sort of effect were they trying for?  Looks to me like some tangled-up mess I would find in an old bag of jewelry, and spend three hours trying to take it apart to make something useful.  I guess they just skipped that step.  To add insult to injury, the screw eye for the catch is a particularly cheap cop-out.  They couldn’t wait till morning and a quick trip to the craft store for ANYTHING better?

We give this candy dish high marks for being colorful:

Blue and Green Candy DishThat’s about where it stops.  I have seen these multiple times in this color combo and an eye-popping orange and red as well.  It would have been so much prettier in just blue, or just green.  It does weigh a ton, so the cat can’t knock it off easily (drat!).  I suppose if you put enough chocolate in anything, it becomes bearable, right?  Luckily the thrifts have not decided these are priceless antiques and marked them at $29.99 … yet.

We don’t know why anyone would buy the previous dish, when this was available:

Pink Serving DishIs that some fabulous mid-century modern or what?  Casserole goes oven to table by just popping it into the nifty wood-handled holder.  Keeps your food hot and your table cool, plus it makes your table LOOK cool.  It’s enough to make you grab a cookbook and take some liberties with peas.  We would have snatched this up, but there was a pretty major crack in it, so it really couldn’t be used.  We are glad sometimes to just have a camera nearby to make sure we can share something fun with you, and it keeps us from buying something more to stash on a shelf.

Back to something not so good, in fact it is awful:

yarn wreathI am sure it was touted as a “stashbuster” craft sure to delight all and sundry.  The scary thing was, there were more than one of these.  Actually, more than two or three.  I forget how many there actually were, but way more than the world ever need, as I am pretty sure the world didn’t even need one.   It sure was a lot of work for ugly.  I suppose if you hung one on your front door, it would keep everyone away.  It might even scare off the odd vacuum cleaner salesman.  Actually, if it didn’t scare them away, you can bet they were color-blind.

We know that patterns for linens come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Heck, we both have the stashes of them (both patterns and linens) to prove it, but this tea towel was a new one on us:

Aztec LinensWe have to ask, why?  I guess we should be happy that it did not come with a  matching one with an Aztec human sacrifice on it to brighten up the kitchen.  Do you think it was some enterprising young miss’s history project?  It combines information with a useful every day item?  Or was it just someone who couldn’t stand the thought of one more adorable Scottie to dry their dishes.

Feeling blue?  This darling lamp set should cheer you right up:

20151017_094227.jpgThe two standing lamps were for the bedside, and the one lying down was designed to hang on the headboard of your bed.  How clever was that?  Not bad for the 1940s.  I am betting these were the pride and joy of some clever housewife.  She probably had a sweet crocheted bedspread with blue ribbons threaded through it, and a cute ribbon heart-shaped pillow to round off her decorating look.  I really liked these, but hubby vetoed them.  Oh well.

I guess before he said no, he should have taken a look at this sign:

Wife signWe loved this, although we might criticize the format in which the communication is delivered.  I think they could have made it a bit more fun, but hey with a message like that, it is still good for some laughs, no matter how badly it’s lettered.  We’re not crazy about their spelling, either.

Since our colors are fading to black, we have one more item:

20151009_133035.jpgI was on the fence about whether this was good or bad.  I think it could go either way.  In the box, it is pretty kitschy and cute, but maybe all set up on your picnic table, it might just look sad.  We will never know, as we didn’t buy it, and after all these years, it was still living in its original box.  Wonder how long it would have taken to make a whole meal on that itty bitty hibachi?  Bet someone got up at 4 a.m. on Black Friday to stand in line for it, and this is the thanks they get.

Whether you stay home and dig into the leftover turkey and football, or brave the crowds, have a great Friday, and we hope all the best bargains are still out there waiting for you.


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2 Responses to It’s Not All Black This Friday

  1. Andrea says:

    I was at home. I’m always at home when I comes to the known crazy shopping days. I can’t stand the crowds. Nope, I’d rather sit at home and waste time reading blogs. Only, it’s not wasted time if the content is awesome. And although I’m not looking for a plaque to put on my wall, I am going to stash that statement for what I’m sure will be an excellent retaliation in the near future.

    • kathy & deb says:

      You’re a woman after our heart. We’re saving that plaque as the last word during a spousal exchange of opinions. 😉

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