A Few Lumps in Our Thanksgiving Gravy

The interface for adding a post at WordPress really looks different this week!  The save button is tiny and positioned right above the publish button, so I put my odds of a premature post publishing at 50%.  Gak, I’m so bad at adapting to changes like this on the fly.  One thing that is interesting is the preset picture size is much larger.  Maybe that’s a good thing—let us know what you think.

Well, it’s already the week before Thanksgiving; I must be living in some time-collapsing vortex, because I could swear it’s just the week after Halloween.  But now that I look around, the yard has that bare look that I always associate with Thanksgiving.  At least the grass is still green.

What it has been around here is windy!  It was practically howling for a couple of days this week with 50 mph gusts.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the canvas cover for the gazebo down in time:

Umm, we've had some high winds around here

The good news is that we knew we weren’t going to get more than another season out of it–our summer weather, especially the sun, takes a toll on canvas.  The bad news is that I can’t use it as a pattern for a new cover.  Still hoping that I can find a replacement; it seems so wasteful to buy a whole new gazebo next year when all we need is a canopy.

While looking over our pictures, it occurred to me that Thanksgiving craft projects (this link is full of horrible fails, mostly of the food variety) are the most likely culprits to end up on our blog, although at least one thing was produced by a company that should have known better:

When turkeys look creepy

I guess it’s the turkey equivalent of those glass hens-sitting-on-nests dishes that people use for candy dishes, paperclip holders, ashtrays, dog treats, ummm decoration?  Okay, I’m getting the cart before the horse; what it’s used for isn’t the problem.  Instead, let’s focus on that snake-like protrusion that is supposed to be a beak and snood.  Ugh, that poor tom looks like an alien pod-turkey and we know nothing good can come of that!  Maybe Syfy will be inspired by this abomination and make a movie—Turknado, Turkageddon, The Turkinator, …

I could go either way on this next turkey:

Angry Birds, turkey edition

No, not whether it’s good or not—you know the answer to that question—but whether it’s a craft project or commercially produced.  It really doesn’t matter except that you might argue that professionals should be better than this—an idea that we debunk every week, but it still should be their goal.  I’m also just a bit creeped out by the squash-like feathers on the bottom half, or maybe they’re corn.  And what’s the deal with the necktie?

Ditto with this turkey being handmade, or commercially made:

All Natural Grade A Turkey   All Natural Grade A Turkey2

What do you think?  It could have been done by someone crafty with foliage, instead of a company, but the chances of me being able to make this are pretty small.  I can’t even arrange flowers in a vase, so getting pine cones, leaves, sticks, and raffia to cooperate and make a turkey would probably involve human sacrifice.  Here’s the difference between myself and the “nailed it” crafting crowd—I know my weaknesses and would not even attempt it unless there were a bonfire handy.

I kind of like this turkey, but who made him?

Mostly fun

I’ve seen these wood projects go both ways–commercial and individual wood workers.  My only problem with tom turkey is that stick nailed to his neck.  Is that supposed to be his snood (see above link), a wooden necktie, or what?  If he had come home with me, that stick would have been removed pronto, and maybe I would have made him a tiny felt puritan hat, just ’cause B.H. likes tiny hats on things.

I think these turkeys are someone’s craft project:

They're not even salt and peppers

and a pretty poor one at that.  What about turkeys says copper and silver to you?  To top it off, they aren’t even salt and pepper shakers for Pete’s sake.  The best thing you could do with this pair would be stuffing them into the cornucopia and ignoring their existence.  No need to get the giant mallet out.

No, we didn’t set this picture up:

We absolutey did not set this up!

It did make us laugh; it’s hard to even know where to start with this non-PC tableau.  It’s probably some metaphor about the state of our country that is way over my head.  I find the Native American figure particularly bad, and I get the feeling that he and the woman were part of a set from the colors used.  Hopefully it was done many, many years ago, when people just weren’t sensitive to stereotypes.  On the other hand, the turkey is the coolest thing on the table; blue-headed ones are just so unreal looking.

Just in case you haven’t had your fill of bad Thanksgiving decor:

Whole shelf of Thanksgiving trash

I know what I prefer to all of the things in this post—cute kid crafts and pictures.  I still love the drawings of their little hands with feathers.  If you want something a little more elegant, try a flower arrangement and candles.  Heck, I’m even open to gourds, dried grasses, and twigs, arranged by someone who knows what they’re doing.  Maybe the best way to decorate a table is to have smiling faces around it who understand just how lucky they are!

To all of our readers who celebrate Thanksgiving:


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6 Responses to A Few Lumps in Our Thanksgiving Gravy

  1. tkarengold says:

    There are people in the boating industry who will work with you to create a custom sized canvas cover. They’ll either tell you how to measure or will come and measure for you. Got any boat yards around? Boat shows? This is a good time as it’s not exactly their busy season.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you be thankful for more things than you can even think of!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Terri for the good idea and wishes. There is a nearby reservoir and marina, so that’s a good place to start looking. We ARE grateful for all the knowledge that our readers send our way.

  2. Karen says:

    Love your -post card- at the end, so fitting!

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    That was wonderful – so many questionable turkeys! :>) Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Steph; we sure did have more than our fair share of terrible turkeys! Hope your Thanksgiving is full warmth and blessings.

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