You’d Better Sit Down

Actually, we have always assumed that most of our savvy readers are sitting down while reading our posts, but with the new fad for stand-up desks, you never know.  We recommend a little rest while reading our blog, only because when you turn your head sideways to try and make sense of some things, you are less likely to lose your balance.  Also makes for an easier time knee-slapping, and forehead-hitting when something needs that sort of reaction.

While we recommend sitting for short periods of time, neither of us have been tempted to do it on “old Bossy”:

Hi-Yo Bossie AwayWe thought this was just another case of the clerks at the local thrift being silly, but when we picked up the figurine, we realized it was made that way.  On top of that, we have real concerns about this poor bovine’s udder.  Somehow, I don’t think they are supposed to be attached to the SIDE of the cow.  Maybe that little cherub is heavier than he thinks and caused a veterinary emergency.   We do commend the person who sent the whole lot to the thrift store.  That much sugar all at once could cause some real health problems.

Here is an example of where NOT to sit:

Antler ChairI have a problem with these chairs even when they are real and antique.  Hubby adores them, and I live in fear of the day he comes across one at some estate sale.  I will have to swallow my good taste, and say “yes dear” sweetly, when he wants to bring it home.  If you love me, you will say a little prayer that the day never comes.  I was lucky that 1. hubby wasn’t with me this day, and 2.  it was fake and resin, so he still wouldn’t have brought it home.  Whew, dodged a bullet there.

Now, if this sweet little thing had been a teensy bit less expensive, I might have slipped it into the back of the truck:

children's corner chairIt is hard to tell in the photo, but this charming little corner chair was child size.  It wasn’t old or anything, but it was just cute.  The summer intern is long past fitting into something like this, but it would be adorable with a teddy or a larger doll in it.  It is always handy when my cheapness saves me from cluttering up my house some more.

At the same sale, we came across this:

This is a really ODD thing!Deb called it a really odd thing, and I called it a bird thingy in my notes, as I was deciding what to put in the blog.  I have now noticed the “creepy” sign behind it, and maybe they should be sold as a set.  Actually, it’s not too creepy, unless that beak was the reason for the skull resting on the rock.  Maybe the whole thing should just have a big old warning sign on it.  Actually, the more I look at it the more it grows on me.  Now who needs the creepy sign?

We have noticed that this year the peacock is the bird of choice.  Sorry, owls, your day in the sun is over. (Probably better that way, as they can now go hunting at night like they should!)  That being said, how do you make such a pretty bird a nightmare?

Peacocks must be inYou take a fairly cool piece of embroidery and stick it in a gosh-awful frame.  Being modest needle-workers ourselves, we are always fascinated with amazing embroidery.  We loved this, but a simple black frame, if you please.  This one looks like it was made for the back room of a Chinese bordello.

Peacocks have an excuse for gilding the lily, look at that tail, but sometimes it is better to know when to say when:

Oh that lamp shadeWith both of us being a “certain age” we can remember lamps like these from various and sundry aunts’ houses.  They never would have shown up in our own homes, because even as kids, we had better taste, and that stupid ruffle would have bit the dust early on.  There is just never anything good to say about these, unless it is to point out that if you forget to put a light bulb in there, they will show up less.

Speaking of nothing good.  WTF?:

He digs and passes gas? I want one!Aren’t you glad I asked you to sit down?  No, really, he digs AND passes gas?  What’s not to love?  Anyone who has ever had a dog realizes that these are not the fun parts of owning a dog.  How come he doesn’t sit up and wag his tail, shake paws, or look at you with soulful adoring eyes?  No, they made one with unpleasant bodily functions who digs up your tulips.  Pretty sure we know why he is still in the box, and at the thrift store.

While we are wondering about things, we have a whatsis:

What the heck is this?There it sits, just as we found it.  An encrusted wine bottle with a beaded foofy instead of a cork.  It wasn’t even full of wine.  Why, Why, Why?  They worked really hard on it; check out the fantastic grouting job:

The Whatsis baseWe still don’t know why they worked on it.  It was gone almost immediately, so we must just be missing the point.  If anyone does know if this has any sensible use (heck, we would settle for just a note lettings know what it is), drop us a line.  We also accept silly conjectures, and downright goofy musings.

While I know I have you in a position that will not cause bodily harm when you see something awful, I wanted to share this:

Oh HoneyPlease read closely what they felt was necessary to put in a can.  Thank goodness it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to prepare.  Then you won’t be put out when your family goes on strike en masse, and refuses to eat it.  OK, I will admit I love these little pamphlet cookbooks, we both do, and buy them by the handfuls, literally.  Sometimes I have been know to give the recipes a go, but I am more than thankful that this was one product that must have bit the dust really early on (I wonder why?  snort).  Then no one was subjected to these tasty recipes included inside:

Not so hotHey, at least I didn’t scan the “yummy” salads on the back.

Well, now that you have had a rest, and hopefully a good laugh, feel free to stand up and go about your business!!  If you haven’t had a chance to follow us on Facebook, make sure you do, as there are more fun things posted there every week, that didn’t make the blog.  Don’t miss out!

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4 Responses to You’d Better Sit Down

  1. tkarengold says:

    The “Future Food Technicians?” Would that be the manufacturer’s children? The label on that can was obviously printed in the days before regulations were in place.

    Regarding the exploding wine bottle thing…that’s what happens when you have extra foofys around. It gets dangerous.

    • kathy & deb says:

      The future food technicians phrase made me wonder if Honey Boy meal-in-a-can was a prototype for Soylent Green; anyone who would eat canned peas, macaroni, and salmon, would eat anything!

      Well, we’ve been warned about the dangers of extra foofys–we’ll probably be up to our eyeballs in crazy wine bottles any day now! Thanks for reading, Terri. 😉

  2. Andrea says:

    Everything you wrote made me smile, but that dog had me busting a gut! So weird. As for that wine bottle, I have no idea. Sculpture?

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’m a dog lover and I wouldn’t buy that dog thingie! Someone thought that the wine bottle explosion might have been due to having extra “foofys” around. If so, we’re in big trouble! Thanks for reading and glad you got a laugh.

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