We Light You Up

Well, it’s been an eventful two weeks for me: I helped throw my 80-year-old mother her first ever birthday party, got to reconnect with lots of friends and family, and drove nearly 3500 miles with my sister’s company.  Throw in lots of leaf raking, packing/ unpacking, changes in time zones, changes in altitude and maybe you can see why I’m writing this post Thursday evening.  Thank goodness I have lots of our kinds of finds to help me out, especially a passel of estate sale lamps later on in the post.

Thought I would share my last rose of the year:

Last Rose of summer

It’s a Peace rose, and it didn’t used to have thorns, but now, for some reason it has tons of thorns.  I don’t mind as roses are some of the most divalicious plants in the world.  One of my favorite things I’ve heard about them is, “Roses like lots of water, mainly in the form of sweat”.  Despite thorns, watering, pruning, summer doldrums, they are worth it!  By the way, my vase is a piece of lab glassware called a graduated flask.  I also have Erlenmeyer flasks in different sizes that I use as vases.  I’ve also heard of people using them for barware, which sounds like fun too.

Another lovely thing:

Fab Sugar Bowl

This sugar bowl is as sweet as the sugar it held.  I love the deco shape of the handles–it’s wonderful.  Looking at it now, I wonder why we didn’t buy it as it’s even turning purple.  I think Goodwill had it marked too high; that bothers us much more than a couple of small chips or a tiny crack.  It must have been a special set with its creamer partner.

Wow, we’re not sure what this is, exactly:


Is it a craft fail, a frame, an homage to favorite horses, all three, or none of the above?  I’m not a fan of the protruding horse collar, or the magnifying glass over the hand-drawn horses.  I kind of think it looks like a face, with one eye wearing a monocle.  On top of all the other problems, it stuck out far enough from the wall that it probably did get knocked around quite a bit.  Oh no, Mr. Ed!

I’m pretty sure these two were NOT in The Little Mermaid:

Under the Sea

They were made from resin, so they could have been any color the makers wanted, and these were the colors chosen?  The pink-face fish on the right looks surprised by his ugliness too.  They probably belong on the bottom of a none-to-clean pond to spare the rest of us.

We went to a fun estate sale in September; yes that’s how far behind we are:

Under the Sea

We haven’t been able to keep up with all the things we keep seeing.  We both agree that this summer was a treasure trove of good and bad.  No doubt that the WWII ration book is a treasure.  I don’t think that we can understand how hard it was to get food, gas, tires, fabric, you name it during the war.  It’s a sign of how careful people were with their coupon books that this one still exists.  I hope whomever bought it, gives it a good home.

We saw this pole lamp in the garage:

Pole lamp

I had to take a quick picture since someone had bought it while we were on the opposite side of the garage.  They negotiated a five dollar price for this holdover from the ’60s.  I think that it needed some work, but $5 is a good deal.

How we wish someone had bought these two lamps before we had to see them:

Bad lamps, bad!

They weren’t that well done and certainly weren’t enhanced by their huge size.  I actually like the boy and chicken more than the girl, although I don’t know about the tree stump between his legs that disappears.  The girl has tree roots between her feet, but there isn’t any follow through with a trunk appearing behind her.

We did laugh at this light:

The everything lamp

I kind of liked its ’60s flair, and Kathy loves tassels.  It was huge too as Kathy’s arm was straight out, and it nearly reached the floor.  That makes it about four feet tall by my reckoning.  It would be pretty fab in the right house.

The last find in this illuminating group is this fiberglass shade:

That's some shade

It sure belongs on the desk of a ’50s or ’60s dad.  It was in great shape and the lacing was intact.  The pin stuck in the shade is pretty fun too.  It looks like the cowboy from the Wyoming license plate and University of Wyoming sports teams.  The lamp was just a piece of wood, so thank goodness the shade was awesome!

Neither of us had ever seen a County Fair Party Kit:

State Fair Party Kit

I’m not sure you need a party kit to make a cake, and why would you ever want to make that horse’s head the other little girl is holding?  Plus, they are ignoring the fun things that go on at county fairs–butter carving, pickle judging, and watching the kids show their animals.

We love cooking pamphlets:

Meals at their best

Meals at Their Best is a strange title.  It’s like the meals can choose what they want to be made of and the poor housewives have no choice.  I hope that cake on the cover is nice and moist, because I’m not sure blueberries have enough juice without whipped cream.  I can’t remember if Kathy bought this one, but if she didn’t have it, I bet she did.

This funny chalkware plaque is the last find:

Rainbow ship

I love the shape of the frame; it’s wonderful.  Now lets talk about what’s inside that nice frame.  What is going on with the wild color scheme?  It isn’t historically accurate, AND  looks like it was hit with the ugly stick.  They’re dreaming with that price!

That’s it for this week.  Check by next week to see what we found weeks ago!

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8 Responses to We Light You Up

  1. Great finds! I love the chalk ware ship. I wonder if it was a carnival prize? Does it have any glitter on it? I’m also digging the Country Fair Party and horse shrine. Enjoy the weekend! (How was the birthday party? What fun!) ~Theadora

    • kathy & deb says:

      No glitter on the ship, but what an interesting idea that it was a carnival prize. The birthday party was awesome, and my mom had a lot of fun. despite her worries about what we might “do”. No pin the tail on the donkey, no pinata, no speechs, so no worries! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. Steph Gazell says:

    Oh, that beautiful rose! I had a bush of that rose at an apartment we lived in for 28 years. That bush put out the most lovely roses I’ve ever seen, until yours. How lucky you are! I bet it smells wonderful, too…

    • kathy & deb says:

      What a compliment for my rose bush–thank you! I moved the poor thing fifteen years ago from a shady part of the yard, where some fool planted it, to the front of the house where it gets a lot of sun. I’ve been rewarded by the most beautiful yellow flowers ever since!

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    Oh, that beautiful rose! That’s one of my favorites. I hope it smells wonderful!

  4. Love the Peace rose. Such a beauty and what a great idea for a vase. Just wonderful!

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