Pumpkin Spice Blog Post

’Tis the season, right?  If I see one more pumpkin spice whatever, I think I will scream.   I think I saw someone advertising pumpkin spice tires the other day.  That might have been creative, or just desperate, like me!  And at least there are plenty of pumpkins in the post; whether they are spicy or not, I will leave to you.

Looks like Disney is cashing in on the Halloween craze:

Disney PumpkinsThis seems only right, as I noticed a web site the other day asking about your scariest movie memory from when you were a child.  It was amazing how many Disney movies have scared the crap out of children.  I suppose your dreams would be safe enough with this trio, and maybe the shoe is on the other foot, considering that ghostly apparition lurking behind them.  Watch out, Mickey!

And another Disney-themed decor item:

Woody Pumpkin KitLooks to me like Woody has put on a bit of weight here.  He is positively round!  Probably too many Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  We noticed this was still firmly in the package.  No matter how hard parents try to get out of carving pumpkins, there is nothing as satisfying as plunging that old knife into a gourd.  I am supremely thankful that those nifty carving saws came into being before the summer intern got to the age of carving.  At least I didn’t lose three years of my life watching him handle a knife.  Nor did I have to try and bribe him with stick-in pumpkin kits.

Those were pretty mild for Halloween, but here we have a real terror:

Screaming Pumpkin Woman Bowl1This is a basket: no, really, look:

Screaming Pumpkin Woman BowlCommercially made, no less.  I don’t think any party would be enlivened by biscuits cradled in this monstrosity.  I know Halloween is supposed to be scary, but give me a break.  I guess we should just be thankful that there are no crafty directions floating around in cyberspace to make your own, even though it has that look.  This is definitely a time when I would love to know what was going on in the designer’s head.  I am betting this was conceived after a good old-fashioned four (pumpkin spice) martini lunch.

Now, for a near miss:

Plastic Pumpkin ClownJack here was really trying to grow up, run away and join the circus.  We are only a cone-shaped hat and some floppy shoes away from having to issue a clown alert.  At this point he still looks mostly harmless, so hopefully someone doesn’t take him home and complete the transformation.  Maybe they could just take him home and fill his head with candy, and make everyone happy.  Splurging on the sugar filling is in this fellow’s future, too:

Zombie Vulture Pinata says Please ask for assistanceWe have to admit to having a good laugh about the buzzard piñata.  In a really warped way, we kinda like him, so we hope someone has a lovely party and gives him a sound whack so he can fulfill his destiny, like a good vulture.

Sometimes we are never quite sure where people are coming from:

The Christmas Ghost looks a little differentAnd before you start, I do know my Dickens, and yes, I know there are Christmas ghosts, but somehow, I just don’t think this is one of them.  At least it is a “simple” pattern for Christmas; wouldn’t want to have to work too hard on it.   We need only add the turkey centerpiece pattern underneath to cover the major fall/winter holidays.  Maybe they buried the turkey in the grave, and he arose as a Halloween ghost to haunt all trick-or-treaters, but misjudged the time, and ended up on Dec. 25th?  Or maybe it’s for those procrastinating crafters who start on time, but somehow their projects are always a month or two late (or like me, a year or two!)

This is about the only time of year I don’t mind rats, but maybe this glamorous creature could change my mind at other times of the year, too:

Fabulous RatThat is one blingy rodent.  I am not sure where it fits in the average holiday decorating scheme, but it would certainly light up a corner, and it is less intimidating that this one:

Crazy Plastic RatHere is the stuff nightmares are made of.  I can just picture him chasing me down a dark alley, paws reaching for me, and sharp teeth coming my way.  Arghhhhh.  OK, wake up now, he is only rubber, and fairly small at that.  Still, for you more traditional decorators, this is the rat for you.

While we are being a bit more scary we found this:

Marcus the CarcusWhile this is a pretty ordinary item, we’ve seen lots of variations on it, we did get a kick out of the name.  We sort of felt like he needed to come with his own engraved headstone, so everyone knew his name.  I might tempted to make one myself, if I owned this.  Maybe that is why he is still in the box?  No mater how you look at it, he was totally ghoul!

Here is another pumpkin creation:

Jack-pumpkin-head.jpgI am pretty sure he is a commercially made decoration as well, but I liked his softly grinning face, and he does at least have the good taste to be wearing a kitty necklace.  I myself have been known to don a kitty or two around Halloween.  Actually, I have to start wearing my Halloween jewelry a good three weeks before the holiday to give it all a turn.

Here are a couple of recent finds:

Happy Haunting FindsVintage Halloween is very scarce, as we haven’t celebrated it for that long in the scheme of things, and many of the early decorations were paper like these.  Finding old stuff is difficult, and old stuff in good shape even harder.  The two pressed paperboard pumpkins on the left are German, and in excellent shape.  The paper lantern has not fared so well, but it is very fragile, so you can understand.  I will have to work on it a bit, but it was worth the time spent diving through stuff at a recent sale.  Thank goodness we have battery-powered candles these days, as with a real flame inside that cardboard and tissue lantern, you can just guess how many went up in smoke.

We hope everything that comes you way on the 31st are treats!  Enjoy the kiddies and fun, and Happy Halloween.

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9 Responses to Pumpkin Spice Blog Post

  1. tkarengold says:

    For me, the best part of Halloween is when people dress up their pets. That is so much fun.

  2. A Perfect Post! A pumpkin wearing a Kitty necklace? I agree. Excellent taste! (So you have a Halloween jewelry collection? Wow. I am impressed. That’s post-worthy! My paws are crossed.)
    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    Great Halloween post!

  4. Andrea says:

    Oh, I had a good chuckle reading this post. Great Halloween finds. That basket was the best. Or the worst, I suppose. I’m not a big fan of the Disney characters face shaped jacks. Although, they did remind me of the Disney Halloween specials I watched every year growing up. The character kits they put out with just the limbs and head are weird. They look terrible. A pumpkin body is not a good look for a Disney princess. We seen a couple of them, and it looked like she had been mostly devoured by the pumpkin. Hey, maybe I’ll buy one of those kits, and stick the limbs between the teeth of a mean looking jack. Could be great.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Ha ha, that’s a great idea of what to do with those kits; a mean pumpkin would eat one of those characters up! I think that the Disney princesses would almost look pregnant having a big round body. Thanks for reading!

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