The Witching Hour

First off, sorry everyone for the false alarm last Wednesday.  I was saving a draft and some how, some way, it (the &@*!% computer) published the unfinished, raw post instead.  I went back and looked at the add post page and saw that the publish and save draft buttons have been reversed, so maybe the computer was doing what I asked it to do.  The only way to get it off the blog was to delete it.  There’s no way I want anyone to read one of my unedited posts!

The air is crisp and cool, the trees are changing or changed, so it must be getting close to one of our favorite holidays.  The big heavyweight holidays are coming; it’s nice to have Halloween as an appetizer.  This time of the year is all about the fun–you don’t have as many family expectations and no presents–that just leaves parties, costumes, and decorations!

This is how one of the local thrift stores decorated their entryway:

ARC Halloween Display

Oh, to be able to decorate with the resources of a thrift store.  I’m sure they have piles of fun clothes, housewares, bits and bobs in the back all ready to be put to good use.  This is quite the display–although I wish they didn’t feel the need for all the signs.  Honestly, people should keep an eye on their kids so they don’t demolish other people’s hard work.

We saw lots of fun pieces to use for costumes:

How busy is my jacket?

I know this jacket doesn’t look as bright as it really was–thank my camera for your reprieve.  However, you can get a taste by looking at the close-up and extrapolating.  We were walking by and just the sleeve grabbed our eyeballs amidst all the other unusual garments hanging there.

fabric close up     busy label

I’m not sure what’s the deal with the zipper near the label.  For goodness sakes, there are buttons all over the front–why do they need zippers too?  If the buttons are just for show, they why didn’t they use prettier ones?  So many questions and no answers.  When I get back to Colorado, I need to try and find this coat and take a second look.

I’m not sure why the store background looks so pink in this picture; even the rhinestones look pink and they weren’t:

Super Duper Sparkler

It’s a super-duper glamorous dress.  With a Zsa Zsa Gabor type swagger you would look fabulous, dahling.  Here’s a close-up of the bodice:

Super Duper Sparkler Close up

Unless you’re a 38DD, you might want to invest in double-sided tape to prevent any loss of modesty.  All of the sequins, rhinestones, and sequins weigh a ton; the potential for finding your bodice around your waist is pretty high.  Of course, that might be what you’re looking for, if so, this dress is for you!  À chacun son … To each his own.

If I were having a Halloween party, this would be my kind of costume:

Don't forget the tail!

You would have to make some ears, I suppose, but you can talk, move, and cook in this getup.  Could you imagine being a hostess all dressed up with panniers, a huge wig, or clown shoes?  I would probably hurt someone wearing clown shoes or panniers.

This pattern was amusing:


We didn’t think the costume themselves were funny; it was the poses of the models.  The guy in the upper right looks more like the Cowardly Lion rather than the King of the Beasts–rahwr.  On the other hand, I think that the little bunny in the lower right corner is darling.

These shoes are NOT darling:

Shoes looking innocuous    Dead Gold fish shoes

They look pretty ordinary from the front, but turn these babies around and it’s another story.  They would work as a mean nurse costume–like Nurse Ratched.  She would let her goldfish die, and then just let it flop around in her fishbowl heels to creep people out.  You could also dress up like a Saturday Night Fever character who was down on their luck.  They couldn’t even keep the fish alive.  What about a Killer Klown costume?  No need to even worry about how a dead plastic fish would fit into that outfit.

This wig package raises more questions than it answers:

Cryptic Wigs, what does that mean

I’m totally confused about how this rather ordinary wig could be considered “Cryptic”.  I guess that name gives it an aura of mystery, but wigs are already a gateway to a whole new you.  I can remember in the 1960s that my mother, who was maybe 30 years old, loving her frosted wig, which made it look like she had gray hair.  I could never understand why she wanted gray hair before her darling daughters gave it to her as teenagers.

I guess this hat simplifies your pirate costume:

Pirate Pete has more than one problem

Maybe they should attach small plastic peg legs, cutlasses, and pirate flags so the hat would be the whole costume.  I think the parrot bursting out of the hat, like an Alien baby out of a chest, takes the pirate hat to a whole new level.  No, I’m not adding a link to THAT scene–it scared me to death!

We’re all out of costume ideas, but if you’re still stuck, here’s a link to some fun projects on Pinterest.

I wanted to end with one of the WTFiest thing we’ve seen in a long time:

What the heck is the life like motion-ette holding     Better look at what Life Like is holding

Okay, I get a tanned Dracula, after all, George Hamilton played him in Love at First Bite.  The hair makes sense too, since it’s really hard to keep your hair looking good when you don’t have a reflection.  Black nails, check, it’s all part of the look.  I should also mention that the way his forearms attach directly to his shoulders is so wrong and creepy.  But, you tell me what that white thing in his hand looks like.  It can’t be what we think it is, because Dracula didn’t need any electrical assistance to enslave women.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising fraternity has bought this for their Halloween party centerpiece.  Holy Mackerel!!!

We still have more pictures, so tune in next week for another episode of Halloween Horror.

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4 Responses to The Witching Hour

  1. Sadly, I think what Dracula is holding is exactly what we think it is.

  2. Ruth says:

    I think he should be holding something and this might be a light or battery pack for something other than what we all first thought!!! LOL but it sure had me laughing!!!!!!!!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Our minds are in the gutter; we just couldn’t think what else it could have been. A light sounds very likely and much more PC! Thanks for reading Ruth. 🙂

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