A Picture’s Worth 99 Cents?

This post is going to start out with a doozy of a true confession.  We like junk, no, wait, you probably already knew that.  Oh well, maybe not such an earth shaker, but we did want to share this photo with you:

99cents worth of fun at GoodwillOur local Goodwill, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to open up the back room to browsing.  We had no idea where to start, but Deb, her two sisters, and I, were up for the challenge.  A lesser quartet might have been defeated by the piles, but for 99 cents an item, how can you go wrong?  After two hours of digging we came up with multiple items of both good and dubious quality, and we had a good time.  There were cute outfits for one sister’s grandkids, and everyone found at least one nifty item to add to their own wardrobe.  Sheer digging heaven.  Now, I might not be up for this every week, but once in a while it fits our bargain-hunting bill.

OK, now on to the regular miscellany.  We were amused to see this placement on the shelves in the front rooms of our thrift:

Wench photobombed by a clownSee the clown lurking in the background.  We are pretty sure where he is looking.  I guess if you flaunt it, they will stare.  Poor girl, she doesn’t have any arms to cover up, even if she were so inclined.  To compound her sins, she is just too darn big and ugly to live in any decent place, so she’s probably doomed to be a trailer trash bust.

This was funny, but we don’t know why anyone would want it:

Norwegian Two SeaterNorwegian Two Seater Dibs on top!Deb called dibs on the top hole, but I can’t think of anyone dumb enough to want the bottom one.  This is one of those things you can substitute any race, creed, or color and offend everyone at once.  Seriously though, do you want this on your coffee table?  And just what sort of conversation are you looking to start?  Better hope that a big handsome hunk named Sven, with muscles on his muscles, doesn’t drop by and see this, or he will drill you into the ground so far, that the bottom hole will be your only choice!

This stroller was kinda cool:

Old Tyme Baby Stroller2We thought it was a little odd that it came with its own umbrella.  We know it’s a good idea to keep those little tots out of the sun, but we doubt they cared much about that when this was made.  We also wonder whose idea it was to give a toddler what amounts to essentially a stick?  You know there are going to be some poked shins on passersby, as well as older sister getting a whack on the head every time Mom’s back is turned.

At least we have a cure for what ails Sis:

Apple Cider Vinegar is a cure allShe’s not pudgy, just a little under-tall, and this book is here to help her!  OK, I am a big fan of cider vinegar, and I know it’s good for a lot of things, but I think they are reaching here.  Maybe you should just clean the bathroom and then go to the kitchen and make a salad with it.  Eat enough of those, and I guess you would be thinner, but I might blame the lettuce and not the vinegar, or maybe the exercise from cleaning the house.

These cracked us up:

Mannequins?I guess we should have been braver and asked what the intended use was, but we had already made up our minds that they were crash test dummy mannequins.  Sporting the latest styles for all your headless, safety minded, duct tape wrapped figures.  At least the male is personable; see him waving at you?  We bet they spent hours outside the Mythbusters studio just waiting for Buster to make an appearance.  Hope he came through with an autograph, and they weren’t just invited in to make an explosive appearance.

Sometimes we just have to take photos of things to keep ourselves from buying them:

Camel DecanterI had a heck of a time walking away from the camel tea set.  We have never seen anything quite like it.  All the tails were handles, and large camel poured the tea from his mouth.  (That is probably better than what usually comes from a camel’s mouth.  They always spit at me.)  There were no marks, but we were betting Japan, and fairly early as the quality was good.  Between not being able to figure out why I needed a camel tea set, and the price of it, I was able to leave it alone, but we did take a photo for posterity.

Deb posted a pic on Facebook, of a charming beaded purse she bought.  At the same sale, the lady was selling off quite a bit of her doll collection:

Doll Collection for sale2There were oodles of lovely dolls from many of her and her mother’s travels.  Neither of us could think of a single thing we needed any of these for, as one of these days our houses will probably explode, if we move another doll through the door.   We did think our readers would get a kick out of seeing how cute they all were, though.  We wished each and every one of these sweet dollies a good chance of finding a new home.  We don’t know if it happened, but we would like to think they didn’t end up in one of the bins in the first photo of this post.

As a preview for our next couple of posts, featuring my all-time favorite holiday, may we present Frankenduck:

Frankenduck“It’s alive, it’s alive!”  Well, no, not really, this poor fellow looks to be pretty dead in the water.  We have no idea where this crafter was headed, but they should have taken a big ole U-turn at the first opportunity.  We can not think of one single thing that could make him any better, other than a quick nudge off the shelf.  Apparently, no one else could either, cause last time we looked, he was still skulking about on the shelf.

Deb is off to celebrate her dear mother’s 80th birthday for a couple of weeks, but never fear, we always have a few things saved up, and waiting in the wings just for you!!  If you haven’t followed us here or on Facebook, please do; we would love to see our numbers get a boost, and you can help!

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7 Responses to A Picture’s Worth 99 Cents?

  1. {whimper} Kasbah would have loooooved the camel tea set! (Okay, maybe I would have, too…)

  2. sandy henninger says:

    years ago there was an antique show out of NY city called FX something and they had the camel and “shot glasses”, or cups. They valued the camel decanter for $300 and said the set was from Germany or somewhere there. It was a set of wine decanter with cups.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Sandy thanks so much for sharing this information! Looks like the camel set was a screaming deal and maybe we should have bought it! Hope whomever bought it appreciates what they got.

  3. Shelby says:

    I was doing google searches for a “camel demitasse/camel decanter/camel drink set” because I wanted info on the set I have from my grandmother: it is the EXACT ONE you have pictured (only 4 cups)! I have never seen anything like it anywhere, and regret never finding out how my grandmother came to possess it or if she had any history on it. She owned it for as long as I could remember, but she also worked for years in antique stores and collected many things. But there are no markings and nothing that I can figure out about it. I just appreciate coming across your photo!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Did you see this comment posted a short while before you commented? Sandy said, “years ago there was an antique show out of NY city called FX something and they had the camel and “shot glasses”, or cups. They valued the camel decanter for $300 and said the set was from Germany or somewhere there. It was a set of wine decanter with cups” Hope this helped. Does your set have a mark?

  4. Shelby says:

    No markings at all:( But that is great info from the previous commenter. Thank you!

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