It’s in the Bag

We’ve had few pretty darn cool, crisp mornings around here.  We think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.  With the end of summer comes the end of garage sale season, except for the occasional estate sale run by some of the local companies that do them indoors.  You will begin to hear us carping more about prices, and a whole lot less of what a great bargain we got.  It’s a good thing we have some garage sale photos saved up, not that the thrift stores aren’t full of fabulous stuff, but sometimes it is harder to see it.  This week we seem to be on a purse kick, so the first few photos are some that we were able to leave for various reasons.  (If you were to see our closets, you would know why this is a minor miracle.  Our husbands ask constantly if we really NEED another purse.  The answer is usually YES.)

This first purse is a lovely 1910s number:

Vintage Peacock PurseThese bags are made out of high-quality leather and sport terrific Art Deco, or Nouveau decorations on them.  They open by twisting the little tab at the top.  I actually own three bags by this same company, but I have never been able to determine who made them.  If anyone has any info, we would love to have it.  Check out our Facebook page later in the week, and I will see if I can get a pic of my three up there, so you can see those too.

We were not sure where the idea for the decorations on this purse came from:

Sword PurseScheherazade is alive and well?  We have seen pins with this same motif that date to around the same time (’50s), but we have never known where to lay the blame.  It seems a sort of an odd thing to put on a purse, especially one of that size.  If you were trying to warn someone of what you had in there, a gun seems a better choice for what might really fit, and a pretty flower seems like a more elegant idea all the way around.

This teeny tiny bag caught our eyes as well:

Fabulous Strawberry purseHow cute is the tiny little strawberry bag?  It dates to the 1920s and was fragile as could be, as it was made of silk, but darling none the less.  I am trying to remember if we did buy a purse at this sale [Deb: We didn’t].  I know I picked up a purse frame here, I don’t know why, except that it was pretty, and I like things mocking me for not EVER getting around to finishing some brilliant idea that I had.  I think Deb might have gotten a beaded bag here [I didn’t], but I don’t remember for sure.  Oh well, we obviously had a good time.

Speaking of things in bags:

Clown TableclothSorry, I forgot to warn you, but it isn’t as hideous as most of them are.  We just wanted to know what sadistic company put out clown tablecloths for kids’ birthdays?  Were you trying to scar them for life?  You know what a slippery slope it was.  Clown table cover, clown plates, oh yeah, let’s hire a REAL clown.  Bam.  Kid needs therapy for the next twenty years.  At least this one was still sealed.  There is one parent off the hook.

Deb got quite a charge out of this:

Cigar box banjoEveryone needs a cigar box banjo.  There was an musician in our area named John Alex Mason that made his own guitars and banjos out of what ever was available:

JAMasonHere is an up close of his cigar box banjo:

JAM4Sadly, he passed away soon after these photos, but he left some awesome music.  If you like old-school blues, check out his stuff, and hear a real musician make music on a box!  Bet he could have made our example wail!

We hit up a sale a while back that was quite the time machine of stuff.  Here we have an item for the lady who loves to iron:

We love to IronShe looks way too happy for a woman with a laundry basket full of shirts that need pressed.  I don’t think there is anything in the world that would make you that cheerful about it, unless the gin and tonics were flowing awfully early in the morning.

But, maybe the smile was brought about by this bejeweled laundry clip:

Bedazzeled Laundry ClipWe couldn’t decide whether the lady of the house had embellished it, or if it was a Mother’s Day gift from some enterprising tot.  Still she saved it, and must have put it to use a time or two.

In another room in the home, we spotted these:

Hair netsLess amusing for what they are (hair nets and bobby pins) than for the graphics on the packages.  Bet you had to use that whole package of pins to get your hair to stay piled up that high!  It was amazing how beautiful you could become with just the simple addition of a hair net.  And here I always thought you just became the lunch lady.

To go with the above items, we have the kitchen embellishments that every home needed:

Plastic 70s Kitchen DecorOK, so these are a bit more ’60s than ’50s, but still hanging out in the Wayback Machine.  Sadly, these were plastic, so probably destined to live forever.  Sometimes, things should be MORE breakable.  Bet she had wallpaper and tea towels to match.

We also got a kick out of this rake:

Perhaps the biggest rake ever!Deb put an arrow showing a regular size rake.  Can you imagine the muscles the man of the house must have had to drag that puppy around the yard?  Better hope that you have tiny trees, because that baby full of cottonwood leaves would take Superman to drag across the yard.  Seriously, what would that be good for?  Guess it makes a nice sturdy thing to lean on while you talk to the neighbors over the fence.  Probably gives them rake envy.

At another sale that same day, or was it the same sale?  I don’t know, as this item was out of place at both of them:

Victorian SetteeeTalk about Victorian through and through.  I have never seen one of these in a situation where I could try it out, but I don’t think they would be that comfortable.  I know ladies were supposed to perch on the edge with their back ramrod straight, so it wasn’t supposed to matter what it felt like, but I am going to stick with my big old overstuffed couch and a stack of pillows, so I can lounge when I feel like it.

In fact, now that I am done writing, I may just go do that.  I’ll enjoy the little fall sprinkle of rain that is happening, and dream of garage sales next year, or maybe just a new purse.

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2 Responses to It’s in the Bag

  1. Andrea says:

    We have a rake about that size…I can’t use it. Hubby does, and yes, impressive arm flexing ensues.

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