The Latest and Greatest

Fads have always fascinated me.  Everything from the Slinky to Pet Rocks made it into my hands as a child, and I am not sure today’s kiddos are any better off.  They may need an electric hamster, or the latest Lego set any minute.  I always find it amusing to see what everyone needs at Christmas, and no one can get.  It’s funny till you’re the one out scouring the shops for a Tickle Me Elmo!  Many of this week’s post items tried to be the latest and greatest, but I guess like all the rest, they now languish on the shelves of thrift shops, and forgotten tables at yard sales.

Imagine the delight of the man of the house when this baby came to roost in his garage:

Powered Lawn Mower2

Holy moly, that is one scary-looking contraption!  Somewhere, under that new-fangled gas engine, lurks a plain old rotatory push mower.  I am not sure that pushing around all that extra weight wasn’t more work that just pushing the old-fashioned one, but I bet he was the envy of the front porch crowd when he got to show it off.  I find it amazing that it is still hanging around.  I am sure it still runs like a top, but I would be terrified to face a lawn while manning the contraption.

On the other hand, just look what lengths marketers will go to convince women that housework can be glamorous:

Rubber gloves with flair

Yes, what woman should be without rhinestone-studded rubber gloves?  I’m going to have to admit that if you have to do the dishes anyway, this would probably at least make you smile while doing them.  Neither Deb nor I snapped these up, as we just dive in bare handed, and we have the dishwater hands to prove it. Where is Madge when you need her? Ouch, showing my age there.  I use rubber gloves to strip furniture, and I don’t think they would hold up to that!

For the crafty sort, we have the Ronco Flower Loom:

Ronco Flower Loom As seen on TV, rush right out and buy it, and you can make this:

Ronco Flower Loom back

I don’t know which project cracked us up more.  The flower covered bomb (that IS what it looks like) or the, oh so chic, bag and sweater.  This is clearly an example of a good idea gone too far.  The occasional scattered flower can dress up a bag or hat, just know when to say when.  Maybe they should make itty-bitty skeins of yarn, so you run out faster!

Somehow, both Deb and I missed this act:

First Family Record AlbumThis LP record made us do several minutes of WTFing (pretty sure that is not a word, but it works for the amount of head scratching we did over it).  They were obviously going for the Kennedys, but we have no idea whether if was complimentary (we doubt it) or what.  We weren’t brave enough to purchase it and find out.  If anyone has any info on the actual contents of the record, let us know and we will pass it along.  We thought the cover was at least good for a laugh.  [Deb here:  This album won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 1963.  Vaughn Meader was doing very well as a comedian and Kennedy impersonator right up to November 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated.]

The dainty art of quilling has come and gone more than once.  This example probably should have gone:

Quilling, Quilling

Actually, we originally thought they were shells, and seemed darn silly, like coiled paper makes any more sense.  Pink gingham says USA like nothing else.  Drat, now that I look closer at the picture, I am pretty sure it says Lisa, and that really does work with pink gingham.  OK, note to self, READ.  Now that we have established the Lisa thing, it was probably darn overpriced, as there are not that many Lisas around anymore, and who says Lisa is going to show up at your sale and buy her picture?

I am sure these next two purses were supposed to be uber fashionable.  Both failed.

This first one was cork:

Cork Purse

Not printed to look like cork, but real honest to goodness off a tree cork.  We were not sure how they got it sliced that thin, but it would make an awesome bar purse.  You know, bring your own coaster!!  Imagine how many beers could be at home on this baby.

The cork was better than the bowling bag purse:

Bowling Bag Purse

I have seen purses in this style that were cute.  This one wasn’t.  The picture actually makes it look better than it was.  It had a bit of everything on it, and it wasn’t even large enough to really hold a bowling ball, so what are you supposed to do with it?  Guess you could load it up with rolls of coins and use it as a weapon,` or just send it off to the thrift store.  Oh wait, that’s what they did.

We weren’t sure what was making this Toby Jug give the side eye, but he sure was:

Side Glance Japanese Toby Jug

There was nothing obvious beside him for him to steal sly glances at, but that didn’t stop him.  He has been hitting the booze pretty hard to judge by those rosy cheeks, and we have no idea what he is holding.  The lipstick to touch up those cupid bow lips?  He looks like his eyes were going to slide sideways right into his head, and the view from the side wasn’t much better:

Toby Jug

Hmmm.  Maybe with all that rope, he is going out hunting, but I just know I wouldn’t trust him one inch.  Dark alley or not.

We know that this was once one of the latest and greatest things too:

Barbwire Post

Barbed wire tamed the west.  There is even a museum devoted to it, but I don’t need it in my living room.  The museum is actually pretty interesting, been there, done that, wasn’t tempted to purchase a souvenir.  Do you think they worked for hours getting just the right amount of wire twirled around the post?  Yeah, probably not.

If you are not watching our Facebook page, make sure you do; there have been some really fun things on there the last few weeks.  We would love it if our readers could see their way to sharing our blog and Facebook posts, as we are trying really hard to get some new readers.  We love our faithful ones, but we just want to add to the flock.  Read it and pass it on!!  Thanks.

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10 Responses to The Latest and Greatest

  1. tkarengold says:

    The Vaughn Meader album was intended to be satire and it was very funny…until Kennedy was assassinated which brought an end to Meader’s comedic career.

    • kathy & deb says:

      It’s funny that I have never seen the album before, but I guess a lot of folks got rid of theirs after Kennedy was killed, so they never show up at garage sales. Supposedly, Meader had recorded a program for the Joey Bishop show that was scheduled to play the night after Kennedy’s death, and the network never showed it and actually burned the film.

      • Terri Gold says:

        It was a terrible time. I still remember every minute of that awful weekend.

      • kathy & deb says:

        I was 6 and at school. The Mother Superior made an announcement crying and we had to go to church and pray for the President and his children. I agree, it was a dreadful time!

  2. Monica says:

    My parents had the First Family album and I remember it. There was a report about the recording on NPR a couple of years ago that I was listening to with my husband and he was surprised I remembered the punchlines after all these years. They made a second album which I think the NPR report said was sent to distributors, but when the President died, the records were destroyed. A few of those remain and are valuable.

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    Oh, I would SO give that Lisa piece to my friend Lisa, who would love it for her office! You guys find so many things that I’d go for! :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      We should shop for the world. We are always getting email from folks who want to buy things that we make fun of. It makes for some awkward conversations. The Lisa picture doesn’t fall into that category; quilling is awesome!

  4. Vivianne says:

    Vaughn Meader’s The First Family can be heard in its entirety on YouTube.

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