Friday Fauna

It’s strange how we get in a groove where we keep seeing the same kinds of things.  Sometimes it’s bad lamps, clocks, or vacation tchotchkes; we write about them all the time and have the tag links to prove it!  If you’ve never looked at our tag cloud to the right of the post, you need to know that the size of the font indicates what we write about the most.  Well, the last couple of weeks it’s been animals of all shapes and sizes.  We wonder why can’t it be vintage Barbies, just once, and probably two of everything so we don’t squabble.

Pretty much the first garage sale we drove up to set the tone for the next couple of weeks:

Lion, and Tiger, and Bears

We called this picture: A Lion, a Tiger, and Bears, Oh My.  The ladies at this garage sale were having fun sitting in the driveway talking to the shoppers.  They asked us if we would help them with their laundry, which stymied us at first.  Then I remembered what my grandmother always said and told them, “God helps those that help themselves.”  That got a laugh, and we were able to sneak away without having to explain why we didn’t buy their nice things.  (We’re cheap!)

I bought this sweet little woodcut at an estate/garage sale:

Walking the dogs  Walking the dogs signature

The son told me that his mother had this woodcut for about 50 years.  I thought they were more recent and made with those laser cutters.  Imagine my surprise when I looked online and read about Marlow Woodcuts from Americus, KS.  It was started in 1932 by Margaret Lowe Burke whose father and grandfather were cabinet makers.  She used their scraps to make her woodcuts.  The company has been sold recently but is still going strong.  Of course, I bought this woodcut with the two happy dogs!

The thrift stores were also full of critters:

Wary Elk

This elk print was very nice, although it’s hard to tell from my picture.  If  elk act like mule deer, then they spend all their time eating, sleeping, and rubbing their antlers on poor little saplings that are JUST trying to get established!  Okay, I’m having trouble with mule deer killing trees and eating my green beans!  Honest to Pete, I live in the middle of town!  Deep breath, and back to the blog.  The frame was old and carved, altogether a very nice thing.  It was gone the next week, to the surprise of no one.

This is the most mysterious toucan ever:

Toucan mystery

What is it, why does it exist, who would want it, and what would they do with it?  It must have a purpose, ’cause it sure ain’t  decorative.  It, too, was gone shortly after this picture was taken.  Don’t you think it would be an awesome white elephant gift?

I know a shell isn’t technically an animal, but it was once part of one:

Shellapalooza   One of these things is good

This is so far over-the-top that you can’t even see the top in your rear view mirror.  I’m kind of surprised that there isn’t a saint or some other religious figure sitting on the pinnacle of shells.  We took the second picture because the yellow-sailed boat is about hundred times nicer than the shellapalooza boat.  We like the bamboo and glass frames with cool carved things inside–usually they’re birds.  A boat inside is pretty unusual, and the yellow sails are even more so.

I’m pretty sure these poor Chihuahuas have gone over to the dark side:

Diablo Chihuahuas

Let’s leave the glowing red eyes for later–can we just look at the paint job?  Why would anyone think blotchy brown with globules of green and red would make a pleasing finish for these hellish things?  Looking at them, all I can think is that they resemble the aftermath of a nasty case of food poisoning.  And, finally, there are those devil eyes, glowing and evil.  The owner did the right thing in getting these imps out of the house; now someone has to go the next step and introduce them to the dumpster.  Maybe, just maybe, they could be useful in the garden scaring birds away from your goodies.  Another positive is that crows would steal those eyes on the first day they were set out.

Things that are supposed to be cute, but aren’t, make us sad:

Raccoon Pair

This raccoon couple has had a very hard life.  He’s missing his eyes and most of his tail fur, and her tail has seen better days, too.  I wonder if this mold was supposed to represent several kinds of animals depending on the paint job.  Just imagine them without the masks and tell me if you see Siamese cats, Chihuahuas, or even squirrels?

We see bad chicken figurines all the time and just try to ignore them so they’ll go away.  There’s no ignoring this pair:

Keep the home fires burning  Keep the home fires burning2

It has a disturbing sexual vibe if you take in her crossed legs and open mouth.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how chickens “do it”.  The male is holding a bowl that has the words “Keep the home fires burning” written inside.  That’s a whole ‘nother kind of disturbing considering the fate of most chickens.  If the rooster really wants to make his hen happy, he’d better fill the bowl with mealworms!

Last, but not least, in terms of weirdness:

Shrimp and corn on the cob

At first we thought this was one of those traditional Asian woven hanging things that people pick up on vacations or use to decorate your favorite Asian restaurant.  We still think that’s what it is, but we’ve never seen one decorated with shrimp/fish?? and corn on the cob, of all things.  The googly eyes and antennae put it firmly on the strange side.  However, its maker did a great job making the corn look real–given the materials being used.

That’s it for another edition of Friday Finds.  If you were amused, why don’t you send a link to a friend who could use a good laugh?  The more, the merrier!

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4 Responses to Friday Fauna

  1. I’m digging the Friday Finds: Animal Edition! My pick: the raccoon couple, along with the little photo-bombing doll. Great shot! ~Theadora

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Theodora–so happy that you liked our critter corner! i didn’t even notice the photobombing doll until you pointed her out. :- )

  2. Those poor chihuahuas seems like they are boarding into hyena territory. Are they commercially produced or the product of of someone who went to a pottery painting store?

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’m ashamed to admit that we didn’t even touch them to find out if they came staight from hell, or to our plane via some insane ceramics person. Hyena is a apt comparison!

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