The Lesser Friday Finds

We always have a little let down after the Mega Church Sale (see last week’s post).  I have no idea why, as there are still a few good weeks of summer.  To be honest, the sale was on Thursday, we still went out on Friday, and we still found some fun things, as well as some awful offerings.  I guess we are just spoiled by blogging, shopping and giggling all in one place!  All we ask is that you don’t mention that winter is coming, and we will once again be relegated to only thrift store shopping, with no garage sales to enliven the days.

We spotted this super-jazzy bike at a recent sale:

Bedazzled Bike 1We were pretty sure they bead-bombed it, as well as having at the Bedazzler:

Bedazzled Bike 2I guess that is a perfectly legitimate use for Mardi Gras beads, but you would have to flash a whole lot to get that many.  I am sure someone snapped this right up to ride in our local Tour De Fat.  Actually, the bike is a little tame; hope they have more plans for it!

It’s a really good thing that we don’t feel the need to gather orphan dolls to our bosoms, the way we do orphan linens, or this poor specimen would have had to come home with one of us:

Miss Silver Dollar CityWe have no idea where Silver Dollar City is, or why this blond “bombshell” won the beauty pagent, or even why she has been devalued, and is now only worth 25 cents.   Maybe she is just no longer a “10”.  **We’ve just been told that Silver Dollar City is now know as Dollywood, TN.  Our readers are so darn smart!**Okay, now we are told that there is a theme park near Branson MO that used to be named Silver Dollar City, so there were two places with that name.**

Oh, Pinterest, you have a lot to answer for.  We know there are sites out there just dedicated to Pinterest “Fails”, and I am sure they are hysterical, as there are some folks that just should never be allowed to hold a brush, or pick up the craft glue.  We have here what we think is a pretty prime example:

Jewelry or hat rackI am sure the pattern called for some snazzily dressed gal primping in the mirror while adjusting the stunning hand made jewelry she just picked up off the button encrusted pegs jauntily placed around said mirror.  Nope, didn’t work.  The jewelry hung in front of the mirror, the buttons fell off, and whose bedroom looks great with pink and brown?  A quick trip to the thrift store with it, and no one need ever know.

We actually loved this dainty little coffee set:

Coffee set and China trayIt was hand made, but very well done.  I have no idea where you could store that giant tray, and not have it fall out of the cupboard on your head, but we did enjoy it.  Sometimes we are so thankful for the blog, as we can admire something, take a photo, and move on!

A few weeks ago, we highlighted the inflatable cupcake carrier, imagine our surprise when we found another indispensable inflatable item:

Inflatable Sports BagSeriously, do they think their gym socks need padding?  Is it for an emergency canoeing accident?  You know, pull the cord, and it’s an instant life preserver?  I am pretty sure it doesn’t take up any less room than your average duffel bag, and it seems eminently less practical.  Never mind sealing your workout clothes in something air tight.  Ewwww.

Speaking of not practical:

Goose clockWe couldn’t decide whether she was embracing her goslings, or the weird apple tree clock. (Well, we were deducing those were apples, but if someone tells us different, we would be game!) The gingham ribbon was a feeble attempt to make the whole shebang much cheerier than it really was.  On its behalf, it might keep OK time, but we weren’t going to stick around and see.  [Deb here.  Beloved Husband has just pointed out that is is also an alarm clock.  Who the heck wants apple trees and geese in the bedrom?]

I am not sure why one of us did not succumb to this:

I see dumb peopleIt seems wildly useful, but maybe we still have a touch of class somewhere deep down inside?  Yeah, probably not.  If my husband were a coffee drinker, I would have snapped it up for him, as he can be that kind of passive aggressive grouch.  I suppose his boss wouldn’t have appreciated the sentiment.

We could save it for this week’s installment of the ARC mannequins:

ARC mannequinsDeb has a habit of snapping pix of these, as whoever dresses them must have a sense of humor.  In a pinch, I suppose I could get behind the bikini tops (certainly not IN the bikini tops), but what is up with the blue loin cloth?  An entire thrift store, bound to be teeming with cute skirts or shorts, and this is what they find?  The poor model is having to wear shades to conceal her identity.  Must have been too close to coffee break time, they might as well have handed the skinny thing a fig leaf and called it good.

This photo came out even funnier than we thought at the time:

Accidental funnyWe were giggling at the upended figure, who turned out to be an Urkel doll, by the way, but when editing the photo, we noticed the filter was a ” Clean Living” dust filter.  Apparently, it hasn’t worked for Steve Urkel, as he is face down, in a bin, under the beer cooler.  By the way, it was pretty amazing we got a clear shot at this photo, as most of the time when the Goodwill Fairies roll out one of these carts of bins, it is consumed by a fleet of what we call buzzards, trying to climb over one another to get the best bits of junk.  They must have come and gone, and left it to the lesser scavengers.

Guess I will leave you with one last “good thing”, as we try not to make it all hurt too much.  We were charmed by this sewing kit:

Antique Sewing Kit?All crocheted and ruffled: a pin cushion, a thimble holder (I kid you not, that purple one had a thimble down in there), and a tape measure.  Ready for the seamstress that has everything.  It was sweet, and we are sure someone worked very hard on it.  It was a good thing our hands were full at this sale, or we might have a ruffled purple thimble holder on our hands.

We hope your summer is winding down in the best way.  Stop in again next week for more.  I am sure we will be here.

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4 Responses to The Lesser Friday Finds

  1. MB Hubbard says:

    Silver Dollar City is the former name of Dollywood in Gatlinburg, TN 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    Silver Dollar City Theme Park is in Missouri, not far from Branson, Missouri. As usual I look forward to you blog every Friday.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Barbara! How strange that there were two Silver Dollar Cities that were theme/amusement parks. I’ve updated the post.

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