Friday Finds, Critters and More

Ah, yes, another weekend of garage sale giddiness, and thrift store madness.  We both work really hard in the summer.  We have houses with large yards, and in my case one that was neglected for many years till my family took it over.  There is a lot of dirt moving, mowing, trimming planting, tilling etc, and this on top of all the mountains of laundry, cleaning and cooking that fall to our lots.  Not complaining, just pointing out why Fridays are necessary in our work-a-day lives.  We are so lucky to get to spend this time with each other, and to share it with our loyal readers!

This week, the animals were on parade.  To start off let’s take a gander at a pair-o-ducks:

Plastic canvas duck pictureGuess it never occurred to me to make scads of plastic canvas pieces and attach them to a framed background.  The scary thing about this one is that it was well covered in dust, so it had been hung on the wall at some point.  Either that or the basement was really dusty, but there were no cobwebs gracing the landscape, so I am betting on the wall.  We just hope no one took it home to hang up again.

I think there needs to be an anatomy lesson somewhere on this one:

wpid-20150622_130718.jpgSomeone decided they liked the Lone Wolf so much that they needed to paint their own version of it.  The only mistake here, is that they turned the dog into some sort of pig/dog hybrid.  I think they should have plunked down the money for a calendar, and got their own print.  It didn’t even have a nice frame.  Sigh.

While we are talking anatomy, what is up with this girl?

Baby's ALL back!Baby has some serious back here.  The poor girl can’t even stand up, although she has plenty of padding for sitting on that backside.  I guess I shouldn’t throw stones, there is a little extra cushion on my backside too, but honestly not this much.  You can hardly even see her face for the ruffles and stuff, which is probably not the best fashion choice either.  The only way it could be worse, is a large dose of horizontal stripes to emphasize the girth.

Going back to the wolf, maybe they could have used some reality checks from these:

wpid-20150622_130953.jpgThese were really odd.  They are molds for plaster casts.  You can pour them and paint them yourself.  Why anyone would want a snarling bear or a rabid wolf (just look at that tongue hanging out!) on their wall is beyond me.  Just imagine these craftily decorated by your average seven-year-old at summer camp.  Now, you have the makings of a nightmare for any mom forced to say how charming they are, and hang them up for all the world to see Junior’s accomplishments.  Luckily this pair was unused.  Hopefully the camp counselors opted for moccasins instead.

We almost had to buy the shoes:

cutest shoe box everIf this is not the cutest shoe box in the whole world, I don’t know what is.  Unfortunately, it had the ugliest pair of shoes in the world inside it, and they wanted $5.00.  I don’t know what I would have done with a kitty-covered shoe box, so we just took a photo of it and called it good.  How come the shoes weren’t as cute as the box?  That is just false advertising.

Since we are talking about almost buying—check out the close call Deb’s long-suffering hubby just had:

wpid-20150731_084726.jpgDeb is a big fan of mid-century modern and this modular unit just screams it.  We even liked the color!  Unfortunately, she couldn’t think of a spot to put it in their home, so there it stayed.  It was even a pretty reasonable price, so to make up for it, we found a lot of other cool stuff at this sale, and called it good.  Lucky Hubby.

I found this a while back, and it would have looked right at home on the above-mentioned divan:

wpid-20150704_100225.jpgWe’ve seen multiple variations of this pillow: round, square, tubular.  We’ve even found patterns for making them, but we have NEVER seen this butterfly one.  There were even a pair of them, although I tracked them down in different parts of the house at the estate sale, so didn’t get a photo of them together.  That is a whole lot of gingham stitching to come up with that one, and I guess all you say for it, is that it is a pink butterfly, and your face would look pretty silly after you woke up from your nap.

We are going to have to apologize to our Native American friends, yet again:

wpid-20150622_135501.jpgA teepee lamp?  Are you kidding me?   This had better be another camp project, but I doubt it.  We feel like we spend a lot of time saying sorry for bad imported (and American) native decor.  So, a collective “Sorry” once again.  At least they didn’t make an authentic camp fire in the middle of this; then again, it might have been an improvement.

We were on the fence about this plaque:

wpid-20150731_092710.jpgOn the one hand, it is a pretty crazy owl, but on the other, you gotta give kudos to the person who made it, as it is a very creative use of pine cones.  It came out pretty owl-like, and not too goofy.  The man at the sale told us his mother loved owls.  Most of hers were pretty bad, so this was probably the best of the lot.  She had good taste in other things, as we found some fun stuff at this sale too, which we will share later on.

Here’s hoping you all have a Friday-like outlet for yourselves.  Blow off some steam, have a good time, and if you find something bad, you know where to send the photos.


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