Summertime And the Garage Saling is Easy

It’s summertime and we are going to a lot of garage sales on Fridays and Saturdays.  Truth to tell, we generally go to the most interesting ones first, and then others on our list, or ones that we drive by.  When it gets too hot, we head over to the air-conditioned Goodwill, abandoning the list—a girl’s got her priorities.  Lately, it’s getting too hot right around 10:15am.  We’re such wimps when it comes garage saling in 90ºF plus temperatures.

I wanted to start out with something that our neighbor tried to give me:

Blue Vintage Sink

Our neighborhood is made up of 1950s mid-century modern houses.  The neighbor recently remodeled his bathrooms and gave up this sink.  He thinks it was designed for families with small children, as it is long and shallow with the sprayer on the shallow end.  I didn’t take it because I don’t have blue bathrooms or children, and the sink is way too shallow for my laundry tub.  Not taking the sink made me a little sad–hopefully he can find it a good home.  It would make a good dog-bathing sink, but even I DO NOT have a bathroom just for my dogs.

We’ve also been going to a lot of estate/moving sales lately:

I think she liked fish estate sale

We think that this person must have really liked fish, as she had a lot of ocean-themed decorations:

Worried Turtle

That’s unusual for our neck of the woods where people seem to go more generic or cabin-in-the-woods decor.  I always wonder if people who have lots of beach stuff or lighthouses came from an ocean-front part of the world.

This metal bun warmer made us smile:

Keeping your buns warm

It’s obviously well-loved, but still fun.  It was made by West Bend, but isn’t electric; it must keep your buns warm the old-fashioned way with layers.  I ended up buying it for the Etsy shop; I haven’t gotten it listed yet mostly because I can’t get a good picture of it, even in a light tent!

This was an odd picture:

Strange old picture

We looked at it pretty closely and decided that the picture and text were married by someone, since they don’t seem too closely related.  We do like her demand of a “domestic” before marriage, but wonder exactly why said domestic must have new wood work.  Does anyone know what this refers to?  **We have been informed by two readers that a domestic is a sewing machine!  Thanks Terri and Steph for the knowledge.**  The article below the picture talks about German cologne, “the most Fragrant and Lasting of all perfumes.”  Silly me, I always thought the French made the best perfume.

I really like those ’50s TV tables with “atomic” decorations:

TV tables

These 1970s TV tables just don’t do it for me.  It’s not a great still life, but it’s hardly egregious either.  I’m not a hater of the colors brown, orange, yellow or copper so it’s not that.  Maybe when I’m an old, old lady, I’ll remember the ’70s nostalgically, but I doubt it.

Do we even have to say anything about these 3-D vacation plaques?

Vacation 3D plaques   vacation plaque

My one thought is that if you took a picture, on your digital camera, we might have another gallon of gasoline instead of these plaques that you didn’t even keep or unwrap!  Now that’s pitiful!

I think we took this angel picture just because it’s not white:

Yellow crochet angel

I wonder if she had a small ball of yellow yarn in her stash and decided to use it up this way.  Or maybe this was part of a rainbow angel display which must have been awesome!

You know, the arts are in enough financial trouble without this picture mucking up the works:

Don't hate the arts

It would be easier to say what’s right with this–I don’t hate the background pattern, and the frame is unexceptional.  That’s it for the faint praise.  It makes me shudder to look at the smiling/frowning masks.  What is the deal with the color schemes? They’re hardly P.C., but I suspect this metal foil picture would be hideous even without the paint!

We can’t stop finding bad kitties–first Little Kitty, and now this:

Forgotten Jellicle Cat--Leprosy CatI call her The Forgotten Jellicle Cat: Horrible Skin Condition Cat!  Not to make fun of any specific condition, but why would anyone make a cat candle that makes me think of something like leprosy or psoriasis?  I think that the chandler intended to make a candle with pretty flower petals just under the wax.  The kitty itself is cute, but the extra details make this a definite fail.

This hat made us laugh, and laugh:

Fred Flintstones Water Buffalo Lodge hatAre any of you old enough to remember Fred Flintstone’s Water Buffalo lodge?  That’s what I thought of when seeing this hat.  I must admit to a little confusion about whether it was Fred Flintstone or Ralph Kramden who belonged to the Water Buffaloes.  Thankfully the interweb put me straight!

I would wear the bison hat any day over this gator belt:

Gator beltWe think that it really was alligator leather, too, which makes it worse in my opinion.  It’s an ugly belt; you would do better to leave the skin on the alligator than to waste it this way.  I think gator hides are around now because people are eating farmed alligator a little more often.  I see it on the menu quite often in Florida and I’m sure that’s not the only place.

How about we end on a knock-your-eyeballs-out lamp?

Knock your eyeballs lamp

I personally loved it, but would totally understand if someone thought it was hideous.  This lamp was so big and bold—you might not even have to turn the light on because it’s so bright!  If the people having the garage sale weren’t so insane on their prices, I might have even brought it home.  I imagine B.H. is heaving a sigh or relief that I’m a cheapskate when you get right down to it.

Thanks for reading and we hope you’re having some summer fun, however you like it!

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6 Responses to Summertime And the Garage Saling is Easy

  1. I like the Little Forgotten Kitty, of course! 🙂

  2. Terri Gold says:

    After doing extensive research on Google for two minutes, I have come to find out that a domestic is a sewing machine. It has nothing to do with perfume unless she wants to smell good while sewing.
    Regarding that uber cool sink…you could use it in your yard as a planter. I still can’t get used to the fact that I don’t have 13 acres of land in the country any longer so anything that can hold a plant becomes a garden decoration. I did have an eclectic garden at one time – with a sink.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for the knowledge Terri–I did Google domestic with woodwork and it didn’t come up with anything much. I was wondering if it was an old-tyme vacuum cleaner.

      If I even had an outdoor kitchen or gardening shed I would keep the sink for that–it was hard to pass on it.

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    The Domestic was a sewing machine! :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Steph, what a weird name to call a sewing machine! Personally, I would rather have a human domestic!

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