Weekend Warriors

It’s hard to explain to folks that we have a NEED to go to garage sales EVERY week.  It’s a heck of a hobby: it’s mostly harmless, and sometimes it can be very worthwhile.  This past weekend, between Friday with Deb and Saturday with my hubby, we hit a bumper crop, so I thought I would share just the sort of things you can pick up in a weekend with some leg work and perseverance.  Of course, this tends to elicit comments about how they went to A single garage sale and didn’t find anything.  You’ve got to keep at it folks!!  We’ll make a believer of you yet!

So, the most fun we had on Friday was an estate sale.  This is one of our regular companys’ sales, and for some reason they decided not to send out notices of their sales, so it hit us as a complete surprise.  We were glad we went, as the house turned out to be a time capsule of our childhoods.  We had to laugh at how much stuff there was from both our homes growing up.   There were some pretty funny things too, like this:

So many nutcrackers, so few nutsSeriously, did they have an entire grove of nut trees, or did each individual need their own and refused to share?  OK, now that is the only thing I will share this week that I didn’t buy, so hang on to your hats!

Here is a quick selection of some fun stuff:

Estate sale 1Who could pass up that big-eyed kitty puzzle($1.00), or that fabulous printed tablecloth($5.00)?  My dad sells and services fire extinguishers, so a used one for fifty cents was a no-brainer.  He refurbishes them and sells them at a discount.  Children’s hankies are hard to find, so a pristine one for $2.00 was a deal.  The little yellow thing is a type of stand for a vintage Liddle Kiddle doll.  I told the lady at the sale that I was probably the only person there that knew what it was and she gave it to me.

Let’s look more closely at a couple of items:

Estate sale2This vintage made-in-Hawaii child’s vest ($1.00) is just about as cute as it comes.  They had it in the doll clothes, but I think it was originally kiddie clothes.

Now what, do you ask, are those other thingies?

What the heckI thought about just throwing this out there and seeing what kind of answers I got, but I was too curious to let it go.  These are sterling silver food pushers, c. 1921.  So for all those out there who have resorted to honey to keep the peas on your knife, here is the solution.  For some reason they had a small collection of these, but I only picked up the sterling ones at $2.00 each.

I tried mightily to resist this coffee server, but it came home with me anyway:

Estate sale3It was too mid-century modern for words, and Deb already had one. ($5.00)

I also picked up a Rembrandt.  Well, it is a print, but it was pulled from the original plates, probably in the 1920s:

Estate sale4As close as I will ever get.  Paid $5.00, and they sell for about $125.  Not a bad profit there.

I was also able to find the elusive hoe.  We only had a tiny hoe, and hubby wanted a nice full sized one to use around the house.  We have been looking for over six weeks.  Who knew that would be so hard to find?  I actually plunked down $5.00 for it, as we had been looking for so long.  Bet we will see about a dozen of them this week for fifty cents apiece!

Now, on to Saturday:

Time to GardenFirst up for the garden-a book about arbors ($1.00).  I was thinking of building one, so that will help.  I also got some plant fertilizer for a quarter.  I use this all the time for my amaryllis, so it will get used up, and I don’t have to pay full price.  And to top it off, a little bag of glass stones.  I have been gathering up stuff for mosaic projects at school, so anything that goes for free heads right to that pile.

Baubles and readsThe baubles section included a super sparkly peacock pin for $2.00, the lovely shell heishi and malachite bear necklace for $2.00 (at the same sale they threw in the necklace with heishi and animal fetishes for free, as it was broken).  I fix beads for pin money, so that was not a problem.  The lovely 1930s tree pin for $3.00 and the cook book (light reading!) and magnet for 50¢ each.

Found a sale that had the cardboard 1961 Barbie dream house for sale, and I talked to the lady, wondering if she still had the dolls, as I didn’t need another dream house.  Sure enough, she headed to the storage room and brought out these two.  They are in rough shape but for $5.00 each I can make them presentable again.  Also got a handful of nice hankies for $1.00.  Way cheaper than Kleenex!

Babes and blowsWe tripped over this sale, as it wasn’t on the list, and I dug these two out of some boxes:

Super bargainsMy mom collects carnival glass, and this was a lovely green Northwood piece.  Easy set aside for a Christmas present.  I couldn’t resist the paprika chicken.  Who puts paprika in a shaker?  On further inspection, I think he probably had friends and was part of a whole spice set.  Wish I had the rest of them.  These racked up a total of $1.00.  At the same sale we found a power washer:

Under PowerIt needs a couple of parts and some work, but it started right up, and the price was right (free!) Plus, we had been looking for one of these, and free beats a couple hundred.  You can buy a lot of parts for that price.

I am pretty sure I don’t even begin to have all this stuff in the right order, as after we picked up the power washer, we had to come home and empty the car!  This is pretty rare even for us, but here are a couple more things that came along somewhere in there!

A place for every thingI have no need for this little table, but it was so pretty, and looks to be a handmade piece.  I tried to resist, but for $3.00 how could I not give it a home—it was practically an orphan.

And here is the last group shot:

Getting crazyOops, the cookbook made it in again, I assure you, I only bought one of them.  The boat was just dolly size, and nicely made.  The lampshade is to go on a lamp I have that my grandfather made ages ago.  It had a fiberglass shade that bit the dust years ago.  It was turquoise and awesome, but the white one will probably fit my home better.  The hand-carved Tiki napkin holder was a direct outcome of seeing the crazy tiki stuff at Home Depot (see our Facebook page), and it was oh-so-much cuter.  Now all I need is a good tiki sign, and my bar will be open for business.  All this (minus the cookbook) for $5.00.

So for just a little over $50, we sure had a lot of fun.  We found fun and useful items, so next time we say, we NEED to go to garage sales, you know why.  Give it a try, and please report back.


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4 Responses to Weekend Warriors

  1. Barbara says:

    What great finds, I always go to garage sales. Like you, it’s a hobby. Even if I only have a quarter, I always find something to buy.

    • kathy & deb says:

      You’re our kind of person–it’s a pretty pitiful garage sale where neither of us buys anything!

  2. Carol says:

    We go every Saturday we possibly can from May through Oct. Almost always come home with at least one treasure. I suffer from withdrawal all winter.

    • kathy & deb says:

      That’s a good way to put it–garagse sale withdrawl. I love everything about the fall except the end of garage sales. Thank goodness for the occasional estate sales to tide us over!

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